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Egyptian Hieroglyphics as Advanced Technological Schematics



  • @dante
    About baptismal structures: yes I did, and it seems that all the rituals, from any religion, boil down to cosmological stuff. When water is involved it seems that the ritual is made to let the person be "magnetized" by the planetary energies.

    About water: it doesn't splash. I'll post a video if my intuition is right.

    About the pipe: what pipe? I remember an old discussion about pipes running into the ground of Coral Castle (I think flem was in on it?) but I don't remember their layout or whether it has reached any conclusion?
  • The healing properties of water.
    If an individual is magnetized with water this could act as a lens or a sensitivity to cosmic forces. I haven't experimented with that either.
    In ancient times people would journey (pilgrimage) on certain days along "ley" lines to destinations in order to achieve purification or holiness.

    No conclusion was ever made, below the flywheel..

  • @dante I deleted the previous post temporarily (I wanna be sure of what I'm saying). I can't see very well in this picture. Is there a pipe that goes from the NW log to the ...SW, underneath the flywheel? Where does it end up?

    If yes, it is probably representing the water well and might confirm my hypothesis: the magnets run underneath the flywheel from E to W (like the Sun obviously). In the flywheel E/W correspond to NW/SW...I'll explain why later later (it's the tropics, Cancer & Capricorn...compass & square)...if you can confirm.

  • granum fundi, centrum mundi

    after the zodiac a little ..."religion", lol. As usual, nobody is bringing progress to the table except me :D

  • dum de be do be dooo...
  • royalblue said:

    dum de be do be dooo...

    Why Moses is always pictured with horns?
  • I don't know @Gardener but you should notice that they're at an angle. They relate to the Sun and the Moon.
    The angle appears also between the feet of "Masonic Man" (another picture I've attached before), and between the stones located at the sides of the gate that @dante was discussing in another thread, which I'll call "Capricorn Gate".

    Osiris has horns in this bas-relief (from Dendera, 12 dynasty I believe, but then again these egyptologists are all charlatans) and sometimes it has a goat face, and between the horns a solar disc...then they changed his image at some point. As I told you before, I suspect it has to do with splitting the magnetic energy that flows East<->West.

    The pole with the flowers wrapped around it (which I already discussed earlier in this thread) is a diagram of a magnetic circuit. The myth of the Virgin (Mary) came about as a play on the word "verge" corrupted as "vierge" according to Nicholas Flamel. That is, the Virgin Mary is a pole stuck in the ground.

    The hiding goes back a long time.
  • @Gardener

    The horns represent a magnetic or electrical phenomena
    The ancient name classified it as twin-fires, hermaphrodite fire.
    Volutes of Ionic Columns also represent the magnetic/electrical phenomena
    If we wanted to stick a relationship between these two fires, they would place a symbol or an icon of Aphrodite
    What's interesting.. what we call "Capricorn Gate" wasn't classified as such by Plato , he called them Entrances (Capricorn and Cancer). Ed followed the same idea!

  • @dante all obvious :wink:
  • Oh good, stating the obvious
  • @dante come on don't get touchy, you mentioned very general & obvious things. To expand a little on what you said...

    1) About the volutes on the Ionic capitals: I've made a long study on squares in art and architecture that has led me to conclude that the volutes represent four magnetic winds that keep the earth afloat on top of a column of energy (the tree of life, which sits in the middle of heaven). Those four winds are NOT those that "power" the four seasons.

    2) I disagree about Aphrodite signifying the relationship the two. Aphrodite is related to only one side of the Hermaphrodite ("Hermaphrodite" is "Hermes + Aphrodite", aka the "Rebis", aka "Prakriti & Purusha" or the "Red & Blue" of Walter Russell). Aphrodite is related to weak/blue pole, it represents Venus (the blue planet), aka the "morning star" with its name coming from "Afer" (near) and "Dita" (morning or dawn) in ancient Pelasgian language which evolved into actual Albanian. In understanding the composition of the Hermaphrodite it's important to notice that Hermes was not a strongly masculine figure in Greek mythology.

    3) About Cancer & Capricorn and Plato: in Plato's cosmology the "Entrances" are two lines that converge towards the center of the celestial sphere (where earth is located) forming a V-shape that has its vertex in the center of the sphere (half of which is filled with water). In Mithraic rituals the soul is said to go "up" in Capricorn and "down" in Cancer (descending into the underworld) so if we see the earth as a bowl full of water Capricorn would definitely sit at its bottom (the square supports the eye, even in anatomy). Now notice how the wall outside the Capricorn gate is concave so as to contain water (as in Christian Orthodox iconography) and notice how if you let two imaginary lines pass through the two holes they'll converge into the gate: I suspect that feeding the flywheel with individual N/S magnets 'locked' at angle and then separating this flux (with two rods at a certain angle) does liberate a third, swirling, magnetic flux which should be directed into the middle of a PMH (used as a transformer). I suspect that this "locking at an angle" of the individual N/S magnets happens in the water.

    Question for the real scientists out there (@Jeovajah, @g11 ): how would passing an A/C current through water alter the geometry of its magnetic field (not so much its waveform)? Is there a way to verify this?

  • @royalblue even though i’m not a scientist :) i find your points 1, 2 and 3 excellent.
    The third one i need to digest a little bit and understand better though.
  • I believe I have identified the flywheel in Egyptian Hieroglyphs at the end of a long study: it's the table that is seen in the pictures attached here.

    I can't write a lengthy explanation now about why I think that's the flywheel, but it seems to me that the items on top of the table (especially fruits, like the "Dendera Light Bulb" is a zucchini) could be representative of certain energy patterns (just slice some zucchini and see the triune Sun). It's also interesting to note that the table appears nearly all the time with "vases" at its base (sporting different patterns too).

    I think that the connectors that are placed on the wood logs that Ed put at the sides of the Flywheel are meant to be grounded into the water (and to excite the water in that way, which should then be connected to the Verge/Virgin in a particular way...).

  • edited June 2019

    Anyways a bottle cap does more than hold the contents in.
  • Apparently RL Poole's work is being featured on TV.
    I guess now we know for sure it's bullshit. Lol.

    "Spica" doesn't refer to the star in Virgo but to the alchemical motto "granum fundi, centrum mundi", by the way.

    Oh well.
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