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Egyptian Hieroglyphics as Advanced Technological Schematics

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It's interesting how a lot of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs look like a form of technology.

I found this diagram on Google Images of the more common Heiroglyphics.

A: A lot of the Hieroglyphs show various species of birds. Each and every bird has its own call, which is a chirp, which is really a frequency. So it's more than likely the birds represent different ranges of frequencies.

B1: I theorize that this could be a symbol for some kind of directional alignment. The cupping motion of the hand could be part of a parabolic dip in a certain wave form, or a parabolic shape to amplify a straight-aligned wave form.

B2: A symbol representing 90 degree alignments.

C: Looks like some sort of grounding device.

D: A hand shaped in a clapping motion. The clap would generate a short sound wave.

E: Showing the structure of what looks like a feather. It has been found on certain feathers that they reflect incoming light to produce a certain color.

F: A slug; perhaps a very slow wave form.

G: Looks like some kind of rocking table that when rocking, generates a frequency based on the amount of rocks from the chair.

H1: Almost replicating the structure of the element Bismuth.

H2: An electronic coil, in a spiral form.

I: Diagnol, parallel alingment.

J: A snake; showing a dip with it's tail. Possibly representing a certain waveform with a dramatic change in it's key.

K and X: Respectively the same thing. Possibly showing a bowl that has a strong resonance when hit, and can restructure water.

L: A lion; most likely representing the energy from the constellation Leo.

M: An owl. Again, different birds mean different frequency ranges based on their chirps.

N1: This symbol, in music, means vibrato.

N2: Possibly showing the energy emanation off all forms of matter. The spiral being the path of the energy.

O: A frequency wave form creating the geometry of a knot.

P: Possibly two coils, in a circuit of some kind.

Q: A rise in a waveform.

R: A dimensional opening.

S: S could have multiple meanings. One being two ring magnets forced together on a shaft, or it could be perfect balance.

T1: A parabolic wave guide.

T2: A tuning fork

U: A fibonacci spiral or the treble clef in music.

V and W: A chick, so a small, high-pitched frequency.

Y: Two of the same microstructures on possible feathers, maybe showing a better coherence.

Z: The formation of lips from human DNA.

Let me know what you guys think.



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    Interesting indeed.

    The Ankh shown above is known as the Faience amulet.

    Said to be from Gebel Barkal, Egypt 25th Dynasty to Late Period, about 700-500 BC

    The Tesla invention: a photograph of a type of transformer in every respect similar to the one illustrated in the May, 1919, issue of the Electrical Experimenter to which reference has already been made. It contains the identical essential parts, disposed in like manner, but was specially designed for use on supply circuits of higher tension, from 220 to 500 volts or more. The usual adjustments are made in setting the contact spring and shifting the iron core within the inductance coil up and down by means of two screws. In order to prevent injury through a short-circuit, fuses are inserted in the lines. The instrument was photographed in action, generating undamped oscillations from a 220 volt lighting circuit.

    And then you have the Djed Pillars, supposed symbol for 'stability', and the Was Scepter ("power", "dominion"). Both could have an alternate meaning. The pillar perhaps some sort of Tesla Tower, the forked ended scepter, perhaps a control device of sorts.

    The pillar, scepter, and ankh. The three symbols the Egyptian God Ptah (God of craftsmen and architects) was generally representing.
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    Hi Everybody,

    A long story short massive breakthroughs have been made in the true decipherment of the hieroglyphs. I have revealed them at the domain . If you like this subject then make sure you take a look!

    I have also ordered Leedskalnin books on magnetism as I believe the hieroglyphs describe magnetism as peaks and troughs of a mountain, a similar analogy to Leedskalnin description.

    Leedskalnin must have known the secret to creating the negative charge unipole, that is explained by the hieroglyphs for Heqet and the diamagnetic nature of the frog.

  • Hi @GodElectric this is very interesting indeed! Many thanxs...
    I never thought of the hieroglyphs in that way. This bring it in totally different light.
    I'd need to study your website more....

  • I have a passing interest in this topic.
    One of the great 18th century mysteries was the decipher meant of the Egyptian hieroglyphs. This fascination continues but has its origins in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic expeditions.

    While the hieroglyphs are undoubtedly a code, they are not to be pressed beyond their human origin, which is in scribal and religious traditions.

    Much work in deciphering them has been done over the centuries with the impetus of finding out the secrets of the universe! The ancient wisdom they are supposed to conceal is in fact not concealed but encoded. Many of the insightscarevavailable in Coptic texts, in Arabic translations , Greek, even Akkadian/ Sumerian ostraca etc.

    What we western scholars suffer from is a cultural arrogance and ignorance. We believe our scientists and trchnologists have advanced beyond our forefathers! We have not !
    But they did not have computers, literally stones that speak to us and reveal information we could get nowhere else!
    True, but ot important.

    The technology of today relies on so many ancient wisdoms and practices coming together that we are often shocked to see counterparts in the everyday lives of our forefathers because we are so switched off by the complex intermingling of these principles. Every computational device is a manufactured model of a biological equivalent or analogue. Thus for all their wonder, we still strive to encapsulate the processor into a robotic humanoid form!

    By this we should realise that a human being is capable of performing what we currently delegate to machinery!

    All societies have a shamanistic culture, those devoted to spiritual and energetic gifts from this universe. Whether we call it spirit, energy or aether, this power is obvious to us all, but only tappable by a gifted few! That has not changed.

    What has changed is how those few are rewarded in societies. The French revolution opened up the meritorious republic! Inventors and gifted people could now access a mass market! Before, war lords kings and priests controlled access to the wealth of a nation. Now capitalism, adventurous exploits , compounding interest and fabulous booty drove the industrial and commercial revolution in the west . Secrets that belonged to the kings and sages of other nations were harvested by western Europeans, and concentrated into industrial processes for profit.

    The Luddites of all ages would act to prevent this happening, but war, greed and self interest of the wealthy as well,as political and geopolitical advantage ensured they would fail!

    The Illuminati and other secret societies based on this greed and power idea worked in the background to foment this change. Today we can identify banking families who have played this long game and are currently reaping their reward. However, all such societies come to nought to be replaced by others of the same ilk. But I digress.

    The hieroglyphs were thought to encode some bounteous secrets like eternal life elixirs etc. we now know they do not represent such a mystery school teaching. What hey do encode is the language, culture and wisdoms of societies not to dissimilar from our own modern ones, with a differing hierarchical structure. So yes ancient technologies beliefs and practices are recorded,some are even encoded, but they are no more or less advanced than those we hold distributed in our societies around this globe.

    Without the hieroglyphs it is safe to say tha the combinatorial theories and insights that led to Turins master work in universal machine language would not have been written and we would not have progressed to electronic devices to carry out these processes. However we would always have the human equivalent available to do these tasks. The amazing speed at who h a processor now works is a wonder, but we are required to believe that it is truly performing these tasks, and accurately completing them. We all wish this to be true,but we know computational devices let us down time and time again!

    There are man more combinatorial uses to these pictographs, as precursors to the alphabets, and as soudor phonetic systems that is syllabaries. Each of these uses engenders an opportunity to encode so many other things that we would never find out what a secret society migh be using them for without a key. Nevertheless, the straight forward ue of thee encoding systems in the design ocomputtional languages computer code, represents a te hoological high point in the history of coding and code breaking .

    Like the Yi Ching any system of combinatorial symbols can form an Algebra to express and encode thought patterns within our minds, thus concretely representing ephemeral notions. Thus any established language takes on this role, and in particular dictionaries provide a means of standardisation as well as inculcating grammars of the language or algebra.

    Without a doubt, many secrets and technologies are encoded in our everyday language in explicit detail, but hidden away from public view, and indeed locked away from the illiterate!

    Once we understand the language that the hieroglyphs beautifully encode especially from the Coptic versions, then we can look for those nuances that may reflect special or secret encodings. After all,Newtons Alchemy derived from his reading in the classical languages. From these he learned what his masters told him; they had encoded alchemical truisms in the symbology only for their acolytes or apprentices!
    Believing them led to him becoming th Foremost Alchemist in Western Europe! This knowledge he eventually put to use in the Royal Mint.
  • The proper definitive interpretation of hieroglyphic symbols is much simpler than you may think. However, unless there is a way to download the schematics that they represent to this site, there is no way to properly explain how the System of Hermes works. The best explanation that I can convey in this tiny little box is that they can be compared to the compression function in a computer program that once expanded build into apparatus that are electronic and/or architectural (actually they cover all disciplines) all of which are of a space opera technology. The information I would like to share here is very tangible and methodical but unless someone can show me how this site can be better utilized ..... Oh well!
  • @PHunter
    Welcome to Magnetic Universe!

    BTW, that "tiny litle box" where you type in your post, can be expanded to full screen by a single mouse click. in the top right corner of the comment box, you can see two opposing, diagonal arrows, right? Just try clicking that...
    If 8000 characters are not enough for you, go ahead, start a new topic and make nicely structured and methodical with multiple posts, within your own thread/topic.
    PHunter said:

    ...but unless someone can show me how this site can be better utilized ..... Oh well!

    Just like any other site. Learning by doing is your friend...
  • Thank you I will explore the possibilities. A little later. Such possibilities!!!
  • In the next while I will be down loading information that will explain in a more definitive way how to interpret hieroglyphic symbols properly. I will be choosing certain set of symbols that when "expanded" build into electronic apparatus. I have a limited understanding of the electro magnetic field or the frequency of the light spectrum. I see the geometries and how they connect with one another and how they relate to the phenomena of Leys and realize that they relate to controlled resonant frequency. What I am hoping for is to find someone in these advanced educational fields to help me to properly build the apparatus I have been working on (for ever) so I may supply electrical energy to my remote home (and more of course). At the heart of this understanding of hieroglyphic is the application of Zero Gravity. Gravity is an aspect of the physical dimension. When an element is brought to the point of zero gravity it then slips into the dimension nearest the physical. All the constants on these various dimension remain but the variables are different. For example; light speed on the physical is 186000 miles per second; on the next dimension the speed of light is somewhat different. For those of you who are aware of "soul travel" the concept of space, time, distance and how it works will not be difficult to comprehend. For the time being I just want to have unlimited electricity by building this particular apparatus properly and I could use professional help. P. Hunter.
  • All systems have a primmer and the System of Hermes is no different. Tomorrow I will show you just how simple hieroglyphic symbols are to decipher .... if I can figure out how this program works. LOL I think using the word simple is an over statement. Tomorrow then.
  • I don't think this site is suitable to display my hieroglyphic information. We are talking the expanding of hieroglyphic symbols and book form would be the better way. sorry ... good journey!
  • PHunter said:

    I don't think this site is suitable to display my hieroglyphic information. We are talking the expanding of hieroglyphic symbols and book form would be the better way. sorry ... good journey!

    @PHunter - bye bye...

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    There is indeed some significance which refers to magnetic current in egyptian hieroglyphs and I was able to spot a few instances of these.

    In one of them “Hapi” an alleged "Nile god" – according to the Wikipedia page – is depicted in the act of symbolically tying together upper and lower egypt. When you look at the image pay attention to the number of flowers at the base, the number of flowers on Hapi's head, their shape, and also the fact that the stem points straight up from Hapi's hands.

    Here below is another similar image. Hapi is seen doing the same thing (that is, tying together upper & lower egypt) in a way where the flower stem is bent in his hands (looks a bit like he's bending a garden hose?), and the flowers on one side connect with the flowers on the opposite side through the knot in the middle. It's also interesting to note that in the following image there are 6 flowers at the base, and only one (the outermost on each side) is bent down, while in the image above there are 7 flowers and the 2 outermost ones on each side of the base are bent down. The flowers that are coming out of Hapi's head this time are also different.

    In the photo below, instead, Hapi leaves 3 flowers on each side hanging down.

    It is interesting to note that the same symbol looking like a circuit of interconnected flowers appears in this wall painting in the temple at Abydos at the base of the chair of Horus:

    And here:

    Now, it would be nice to consult egyptologists on the meaning of those symbols in relation to "tying upper and lower egypt together" to see what kind of explanation they could come up with.

    In the meantime I'm more incline to believe that the strings that Hapi is tying together represent positive and negative currents, identified by the two different types of flowers (pointy/open flower, round/closed flower -- the same two types of flowers are also present in Etruscan and Greek art & architecture, along with the usual Acanthus leaves and the same "S" shapes that are on the cover of magnetic current and that are present virtually everywhere in (masonic / religious) art and architecture of all ages.

    Now, considering that Oahspe (like EDL) says that magnetism and light are manifestations of the same type of energy (namely “vortexian energy”) it is perhaps reasonable to assume that within magnetism there are several (perhaps 6 or 7 ?) individual currents each having its own shape & rhythm, just like light is split in 7 colors by a prism each having its own sound/frequency (see my post about Oahspe in this forum). Of these currents, perhaps, 2 (which is essentially one current) which locate at the extremities of the axis of rotation of the vortex, while the remaining 5 produce shapes in nature.
    An example could be the 7 chakras in the human body - 2 at the extremities of the axis of rotation of the vortex (the spine), and 5 other located along the spine which produce different types/shapes of organs and bones. (Tip: to know the direction of flow or rotation of the currents just look at the hair on your fingers, if you have any. Tip n.2: follow the right-angles along your joints).

    There are many other occurrences of hieroglyphs and artifacts looking like technological/circuitry schematics, like this one for example, found in Abydos:

    It seems that the bird is holding some sort of coil which is brought near an Ankh and two jackal-headed sticks grouped in a sort of pan. The pan could represent a form of energy that has 1 part positive/rotational (the Ankh) and 2 parts negative/straight (the jackal-headed Anubis' sceptres) -- or possibly the opposite.

    It is my understanding that the artifacts of the Egyptians describe or celebrate the making and conversion between 2 different forms of energy, one that proceeds in a straight line, and one that is rotational or spiralling, represented by two animals: the bird, and the serpent.

  • This is off-topic as it belongs to Mesoamerican art but, seriously folks... doesn't really get any clearer than this.



  • @royalblue Hahaha... ;) funny description they have at that website:
    "Ometecutli and Omeciuatl place the human soul into a still lifeless skull"
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