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A Book in Every home - by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)



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    I've seen a first edition ABIEH on ebay some 20 years ago --that would be better ---different cover and pics
    A first edition... what made you think it was a first edition. I have a few old ones myself.
    Can you describe this :)

    With the knowledge you have regarding Ed, have you put it to good use?

  • Flip right, corner
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    @dante it was in a glass case --the front cover was different -
  • @dante Flip right, corner ---I see several faces and your thumb
  • @charlie
    Seems odd, there have been a few scams online, that's why I hesitate of the floating pieces of information on the net. I've checked wayback machine, and done historical searches
    In 2012 there was a flood of false copies of Eds work on ebay
    There is one version I haven't seen yet, and I have a good idea of what would be in it

    don't need to build a castle or levitation
    Ed built a castle in part to be noticed, and to leave a "time capsule "
    Good use is spiritual strength, and self awareness, learning about the past and applying, silver/moon, ruby /forehead.
  • One of the faces is similar to the one found in a blank space
    The one I posted in blue
    In the blank /blue photo, it shows 8.M.0. Which I don't know what it means yet, the face ,and A frame.
    I think these faces represent elements
  • How does one know they are on the correct path with Eds photos?
    You will a smile
  • @charlie
    Man sphinx with 4
    4!!.png 24.9K
  • @dante --now we talking ---I see a child face , young man and few others about the same size and a half face with long hair twice as tall
  • @charlie
    All fake, except abieh

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    The the very bottom left of the cover of abieh, part of a disk?
    What's at Eds right foot
    Code in block? Flip right
  • edited March 2016
    can you see the face on the bottom right corner
  • edited March 2016
    I do see it. EDM states to put it on the keyhole, which I can see a few results, but don't understand completely
    It is a person
    -good quality
  • edited March 2016
    upside down the keyhole looks like
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