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A Book in Every home - by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)



  • not stopping you
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    but you have to have your own
  • I'd appreciate feedback, both pictures need to be flipped to the right
    The "eye" staring back at you when you play with the interference pattern
    Second photo, is the mask (above the large white stone) this mask shows up in more than one of Eds overlays
    What does this mask mean to you?
    I'm familiar with steganography, and bending light to see hidden images, there must be an order to follow?

    I don't know what to think of the images portraying a lizard/dark face
    Or the narrow large headed being?
    Or the short stubby being with big ears and clenching teeth, pigmy?
    Or the puma face
    Or the dark little fella with a gun pointed at him ( in a previous post)


  • @dante Thoughts?---yeah , why are you looking for symbols etc?

  • @charlie
    Symbols are a language and a means of communication
    Intuition guides me, which leads me to these symbols, symbols are meant to be reflected on, meditate

    I'm asking specific questions in the hope that someone can relate, or offer an interpretation
  • @charlie
    I believe Ed was showing light, and light over darkness
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    @dante ---did you notice that only about 6 people are posting ---
  • @dante
    I believe Ed was showing light, and light over darkness
    ---yes , I think so too

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    Give me a bit more credit :-) I'm well aware, but I know there are more out there and perhaps they to will share their perspective.
    THEN I would adapt and hold them as truths, because -that- would mean a lot to me, Ed put everything there for a reason
    Please do - everything, I have an open mind and I've learned not to judge, every tidbit is important and can link up with other clues.
    Perhaps what didn't help you, could help me or others?

    A book I like
    Transcendental Universe by C.G. Harrison
    Topics include.. eighth sphere
    the garden of eden between the earth and the moon etc
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    about the book---not into masons - anyone can join with a membership fee

  • those hands are not normal
  • Didn't you long ago mention that he was missing his pinkies.
  • edited March 2016
    @Magnetic_Universe -- yes ,but also a huge hand for a little guy
  • Didn't you long ago mention that he was missing his pinkies.
    I can see at least one of them.

    The hands are normal, i'd say.
  • edited March 2016
    @charlie yes large hands with long fingers
    Thanks for the photo, that's the third one now of the same scenery, all showing different results
    It's interesting, but can't be ruled out
    I often wonder why Ed put them in his overlays
    Flip right
    I can't discern what's on its chest
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