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A Book in Every home - by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)



  • @dante --what is it ?
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    The result is good, yes

    For something hidden, but in plain sight. It is a step in the right direction
    It is a statement, an obvious one, but a verified clue
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    Good---be patient--there are billions of keys--
  • I understand, It will be my work, but now I can expand yes.
    Yes billions of keys
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    @dante --For something hidden, but in plain sight
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  • Was looking for it again, but must have got lost in an editing bug... no matter, it's funny you mentioned the thin little book, I found it today.
    But of course you knew that when I mentioned the eye huh? Now I get the door with the 2 side windows... somewhat.
    I found all the greek in that section, and the seed, and the square and the reeds, and the arc that makes the rectangle.I've been going over it for about 2 weeks now as its been coming to me. The refs to corinthians and macedonia, and the eye in the book of Corinthians 1 and 2 helped. Also the ref to apollo, which goes with mercury on the dime and the caduceus linked them nicely, esp. with MC.
    So after I got into the greek geometry, I noticed the tau, that went nicely with pi, and then I thought other greek letters, and edm was right, gamma.
    Hey thanks for the confirmation.
    I really mean that, youve actually been alot of help this week to me, and that positive was a good feeling one. You are alright in my book charlie, one hundred per cent.
    I'm still tying it together, but im glad to be there... second time ive gone in ed's gates now, I entered the rotating gate through the enigma, but this was nice, i'm sure the eye is the rung bell, twice, so I think I just passed the 3 ton gate too... any thoughts?
    I love this so much. Wish I could tell ed myself. Pass the message if you can.
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    @poughkeepsieblue ---Thanks,---

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    @dante ok , about the free software you can open more ,than one. -or you can stop etc. In the tools section , if you just give one letter as a clue for key ,--will be much faster. How about E as T ?---have to change at the start or stop and restart.---other wise it will go trough millions of possible keys.
    This might speed it up...


  • Ed seen movie stars using looking glass , their gums were showing ,while smiling and posing

    I've solved that problem more than 40 years ago , as a young lad , by " Brute Force" ---first time just by peeling of a few stickers and putting them in the right place.---- second time took it apart and just snap it back together [plastic]--- then a friend shown me the easy way , just by following a few steps.
    exactly.. solving the rubik's cube you need to learn few (maybe 5 or so) steps only. Then they just repeat as needed.

  • Was looking for it again, but must have got lost in an editing bug...
    Do we still have the editing bug?
    Damn, i have to finish the new software quickly...
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    yes ,
  • hmm.. thanx.. not really, unless you'd like to test the new site.
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  • @charlie Top secret.. ;) it must be a funny movie... Need to watch that in its entirety.

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