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A Book in Every home - by Ed Leedskalnin (original book scan 1936)



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    @dante ----no , I am talking about those little "sticks" ,
  • @ charlie
    I knew what you meant(reeds), I was asking if you meant looking at the book in line with the reeds
    "Reeding the book "
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    @dante ---no ,I meant to hold the book front of your eyes horizontally
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    What do you think the trident represents?
    Behind the title, a circle with a cross, and the center a heart?
    Near "EV" top of a sphere or planet, with more ontop

    Thanks for explaining - shortening the reeds
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    @dante ---I hate to type
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    @dante ok , about the free software you can open more
  • @charlie I was going to change E as T, but I was hesitating to see what it will do first. I will switch the settings. I don't want to miss any possibilities

    The interference pattern is the backdoor? It shows letters, and an " eye "
    EDM references using a net instead of a line
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    ----also should explore that site ---lots of goodies for free---those guys are pro's---

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  • Yeah. like charlie said when he said the blank pages are girls, they are agnes, thats what senga meant by her white dress. Look at the cover, ed is dressed for a wedding. Ed built CC for her. So every step you take, you have to take one for her too. The currents run one against another...
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    @poughkeepsieblue -"notmyself2day" --said that--but it is ok.
  • The book is the puzzle
    The numbers in the photos can match up to a particular page number then, my initial thought was that they form a pattern when connected
    if that were the case " e as t " wouldn't work in a book in every home - It is a stand alone piece
    What number or letter combo would refer to the |Key hole
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    The book is the puzzle----yes

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    Ed seen movie stars using looking glass ,
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    Thanks for the program
    Here is a sample of hidden letters in the photo from other thread...............
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