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Egyptian Hieroglyphics as Advanced Technological Schematics



  • @dante
    About baptismal structures: yes I did, and it seems that all the rituals, from any religion, boil down to cosmological stuff. When water is involved it seems that the ritual is made to let the person be "magnetized" by the planetary energies.

    About water: it doesn't splash. I'll post a video if my intuition is right.

    About the pipe: what pipe? I remember an old discussion about pipes running into the ground of Coral Castle (I think flem was in on it?) but I don't remember their layout or whether it has reached any conclusion?
  • The healing properties of water.
    If an individual is magnetized with water this could act as a lens or a sensitivity to cosmic forces. I haven't experimented with that either.
    In ancient times people would journey (pilgrimage) on certain days along "ley" lines to destinations in order to achieve purification or holiness.

    No conclusion was ever made, below the flywheel..

  • @dante I deleted the previous post temporarily (I wanna be sure of what I'm saying). I can't see very well in this picture. Is there a pipe that goes from the NW log to the ...SW, underneath the flywheel? Where does it end up?

    If yes, it is probably representing the water well and might confirm my hypothesis: the magnets run underneath the flywheel from E to W (like the Sun obviously). In the flywheel E/W correspond to NW/SW...I'll explain why later later (it's the tropics, Cancer & Capricorn...compass & square)...if you can confirm.

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