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The Proof is in the LEGO




    Benjamin Franklin Basic Concepts Of Electricity

    The save draft is not working for me so I'm going to leave this here for now. I will add more to the post later.
  • Well now the Edit post is not working but good news is the save draft is working now. Anyways I will continue the post here. I will start off with the first quote from Eds pamphlet about Electrons.
    Millions of people all over the world are being fooled by non-existing electrons.
    [Eds pamphlet about Electrons]
    It is a shocking and bold introduction for his pamphlet about Electrons but what is clever here is that he is clearly states non-existing electrons. So why are people all over the world are being fooled by non-existing electrons, Ed gave us his view why in his pamphlet about Electrons with the discover of the electron Thomson and how other physicists have adopted it. Here I'm going to start the discussion about Benjamin Franklin and how his concepts of electricity is correct but is flawed due to incorrect explanation on how terms are defined like Positive and Negative.
    This is why electrons are said to have a negative charge: because Franklin assumed electric charge moved in the opposite direction that it actually does, and so objects he called “negative” (representing a deficiency of charge) actually have a surplus of electrons.[1]
    By the time the true direction of electron flow was discovered, the nomenclature of “positive” and “negative” had already been so well established in the scientific community that no effort was made to change it.[2]
    Understand that due to Benjamin Franklin's incorrect "notions" of electricity had given a false confidence to the physicists when they started to see how the cathode ray tube work and the based their ideas around that just like how Ed describes in his pamphlet about Electrons.
    This direct method is more reliable than the tricky method in the vacuum tube. The trouble with physicists is they use indirect and ultra-indirect methods to come up with their conclusions.
    [Eds pamphlet about Electrons]
    What is amazing here is how I Easily built the most direct method to prove 100% that Ed is Right and that is done by how I powered the LEGO DC Motor in the first post. This Method involves using two batteries like you never seen before. The Physicist tell you there is two ways to connect multiple batteries together and that is in sires and in parallel but the way I connected the two 9 volt LEGO Battery packs together to get 18 volts is in a Dynamic Center tapped switching battery circuit so I can apply either -9 volts or +9 volts on one wire end along with a corresponding opposed voltage of +9 volts or -9 volts on the other wire end to safely make 18 volts to power the DC motor in either direction off of two 9 volt AA battery pack instead of connecting a entire pack of batteries in series for a total of 18 volts to drive the motor of that.
    The Physicist will say to me that I'm wrong and that all the electrons are begin emitted from the (-) negative terminal of the battery side and flowing to the (+) positive end of the battery and therefor there is no +9 volts and -9 volts begin applied to make 18 volts and thus my explanation about how this works is wrong. Then I will say to the Physicist your explanation sounds correct based on your thoughts and ideas but in reality you the Benjamin Franklin of our time believing in 's incorrect "notions" of electricity giving you a false confidence to further expand on non-existing things like electrons because on the Physical level the motor driver datasheet suggest that if the motor drivers were to ever handle the entire 18 volts it would have surly been damage quickly because the rated maximum voltage for the component is 11 volts. Now don't forget that this is a children toy and was never designed for the motor driver to handle the 18 volts as your modern day electrical theory explanation suggest, after all the whole system is designed for 9 volts primarily. The Physicist is shocked that I was not only able to explain why the modern day electrical theory is wrong but I was able to build and prove it as well with a toy that is made for kids ages 9-16. The Physicist contemplating ask me "Do you even know how a battery works?" Before I can say "Yes!' the Physicist is already answering the question saying "An electric battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices. A battery has a positive(+) terminal, or anode, and a negative(-) terminal, or cathode. The terminal marked positive(+) is at a higher electrical potential energy than is the terminal marked negative(-). The terminal marked negative(-) is the source of electrons that when connected to an external circuit will flow and deliver energy to an external device. So in other words a battery only supplies electrons from the negative(-) terminal you possibly cannot make a battery emit electrons from the positive(+) terminal so how are you able to have positive(+)9 volt terminal and negative(-)9 volt terminal for a combined total of 18 volts. Just not possible according to my years long worth of education experience so nice try kid take your toys somewhere else." I wanted to say to the Physicists "You would think the Physicists are so smart to understand how the basic building blocks of electrical circuits should work that they could teach a kid with especially when the electrical circuits are design for a kid to use." But knowing how the Physicists was going to respond to that I instead pulled another Ed quote and said "Well, Looking from a neutral standpoint they cancel each other, so we have no electricity, but we have something. If we do not know how to handle the thing that comes through a wire from a generator or a battery, we will get badly shocked. Read the booklet "Magnetic Current" then you will know what the thing is, and the way it runs through a wire."

    That is it for now. I will tell you that there is a lot of things to break down and concentrate on to write about but right now I'm going to post this and gather more information.
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    ...and that's all there is to it... :)
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    word has been said and cannot be taken back.... you snooze u lose
    Gardener said:

    ...and that's all there is to it... :)

    yeah , great .... what all this got to do with LEGO ?

  • Now back to Benjamin Franklin and the Electric domino effect.
    By now we can clearly see that Because Benjamin Franklin Incorrect Notions Of Electricity was to well engraved in the majority of the educated minds in the early day pioneers of electrical study it became the only way people were able to understand/communicate about and this became the base concept for the Modern Day Electrical Theory to build upon. Terms like Positive and Negative which Ben Franklin establish had only "sensual meaning" which according to Ed's Observations contains only the present and little future only and that is exactly the path Modern Day Electrical Theory went down is Proof due to the Fact in the Quote [1] below.
    Franklin’s nomenclature of electric charge was too well established to be easily changed, and so it remains to this day. [1]
    Now nothing wrong The Fact that the Modern Day Electrical Theory has failed to correct Benjamin Franklin Incorrect Notions Of Electricity but what is wrong is to not Overcome Sensual Concepts of Electricity and correct this. So you can see Ed Is correct about these Sensual Concepts of Electricity because after all little has been done for the future of Electricity to correct its shortcomings.

    Now If Ben Franklin had established a "Sentimental Meaning" for the Concepts of Electricity the Conclusion we would have today about an Electrical Theory would be very different to the one we have now, which according to Ed "the Sentimental love has the present, past and future, so it more desirable. It will be slower but will last longer." Understand that Benjamin Franklin jumped to quickly at electricity and trying to figure out/describe what electricity is. He came to conclusions about electricity that only pleased the senses which lead to unnatural desires in defining electricity that had nothing to do with electricity. Proof of this here is within the Notions of Electrical Fluid Theory
    Benjamin Franklin, came to the conclusion that there was only one fluid exchanged between rubbed objects, and that the two different “charges” were nothing more than either an excess or a deficiency of that one fluid. [2]
    Benjamin Franklin's conclusion about how charge is exchange between two objects became biggest problem for the rest of the Electrical promise to progress upon.
    By the time the true nature of electric “fluid” was discovered, Franklin’s nomenclature of electric charge was too well established to be easily changed, and so it remains to this day. [3]
    That is the Sad realization about this quote above.

    I got writer's block for now, I'm going to post this part and continue to gather up information.
    Check out the Information in this link above about the Basic Concepts of electricity.

    Now Ed is correct that the Discovery of the Electron is truly where the problem begins because it used the scientific method to shift the notion that contradict the balanced understanding about Electricity and created a imbalance view towards the Negative part of electricity "Electrons" is necessary for doing all the work while the Positive end "Protons" is just conceptualized as having a shortage of electrons around. The main problem behind the scientific buildup for the Electron is that too much focus is on the Electrons and has made Electrons the center focus for electricity. Ed says Electrons are none existing particles and has nothing to do with the nature at which electricity is created and here's the Proof The Physicist that insisted the Cathode ray particles that was emitted from the negative side of the vacuum tube was Electrons. Now remember that Ed states "Millions of people all over the world are begin fooled by none-existing electrons" and this is how everyone is being fooled. Do You know the Old saying "To see is to believe" Well that is what got everyone fooled Especially the Physicist. Understand that Physicist thought they were seeing Electricity and it properties by generating Cathode Rays in a vacuum tube and because Rays were being emitted from the negative end and moving to the positive end is all they wanted to see to believe that some how this Cathode Ray somehow constitute of same electricity being emitted out the battery also. This "Factual Error" ultimately redefine the views on how a Battery works as well. This "Factual Error" is what make the Dual LEGO 9V Battery Box very important because it not supposed to work under the Electron theory on how Batteries Should Work but it Does tho. The fact that I'm using positive and negative (-9V,+9v) voltage to generate a larger voltage goes against Establish Electron Theory due to the simple fact that I'm using both the Negative & Positive individual potential end on the dual battery power supply to have a "combined Voltage of 18 volts and this is where Electron theory crumbles because if the Negative side was providing all the potential Electrons to operate with, then the Electrical system would certainly not have been able to handle the combined 18 volt power from the dual 9 volt power supply. Now because the dual 9 volt power supply does work that leaves me with the simple fact that the positive end must play an equally important part for electricity just as the negative end and thus "To see is to believe".
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    Lots of people all over the world are taught that Voltage is simply the difference in charge between point A and B in a circuit in which current always flows from the large potential to the low potential. While Electrical Current is the flow of electrical charge carriers. Those charge carriers are considered electrons and the strength of the electric current is measured in amperage and resistance is the force fighting the flow of those electrons.

    In my last post I left a link to a wiki book about the Basic Concepts of Electronics and below is a quote about How Electronics is the study of flow of electrons simply but that is just the beginning of the quote. While the rest of the quote deals with the flow of electrons in the past to today. Realize that Today Electronics mainly deals with the flow of electrons in semiconductors and this is the Big Theme behind this Discussion thread title The Proof is in the LEGO because after all semiconductor technology is how I drive the motor.
    Electronics is the study of flow of electrons in various materials or space subjected to various conditions. In the past, electronics dealt with the study of Vacuum Tubes or Thermionic valves, today it mainly deals with flow of electrons in semiconductors. [1]
    The Big debate I'm bringing up here is about the concept of negative voltage being only a mathematical one. The main proponent behind the concept of negative voltage being only a mathematical one is the developed understanding about electrons. That why it is important to declare very early what Ed states in his pamphlet about electrons in that everyone is being Fooled by non-existing electrons because it is a fact. The main counter argument for them is to deny Ed's statement and declare that Electrons cant be non-existing particles after all there have been experiments devised by Physicists for the discovery and understanding of the electron and its properties. To start dispelling this counter argument all you got to do is pull out another Ed statement from his pamphlet about non-existing electrons and add some more truth to it and say that "The invention of the electron came by a tricky method using electricity in a vacuum tube." The opposition argument for them is to continue and try to deny Ed's statement and declare that Electrons are somehow real. Now the major objective here is to explain how everyone is being fooled by this belief in the non-existing electrons. Majority of people will think you're completely out of your mind and have no credible ground to stand on and explain how the electron was "discovered"/named and why & how this electron particle fooled us into think about electricity the way we do today simple enough. Now to begin Its important and critical in understanding to know that early day Physicists needed to devise a way to not only to see electricity but to measure these "Electric" particles and understand its properties as well so it will be of potential use to guide us on in which direction we can developed our future Electrical understanding and How Physicists did this is what fooled everyone because it was visual representation at best. See everyone already knows that In the past, experiments devised by Physicists dealt with the study of flow of electrons in Vacuum Tubes which was seen as a Ray or Beam that started from point A and went to point B but today it mainly deals with flow of electrons in Semiconductors. Now since this was the a new beginning in the research for electricity at the time, they developed a desire to study electricity in conditions they did not know much about and that was the study on how electricity could be studied in the absence of matter. Now this new found desire to understand how electricity could be studied in the absence of matter brought about the creation of the vacuum tube and it with in this device here is how everyone got fooled. Understand that when electricity was applied to the vacuum tube a ray could be seen and it is with that very fact that ray that was produced in the vacuum tube is all we needed to see so we can let our senses deceive ourselves to the true nature of electricity. That ray at the time was called a Cathode Ray because of its origins at the cathode and it moved to the anode and due this property behind this ray here formed in the vacuum tube that became the accepted idea for how all this electricity worked in everything else at the time like batteries and lightning. Then once Cathode ray particles was later named Electrons it became recognized as one of the key experiments that model of the atom, But the overwhelming fact is this, just because the Physicists devised Experiments that satisfied the scientific method in their discovery of the Electron in the past does not mean the Electron is the end all be all for electricity today or in the future in that regard after all it was only "Basic" research into the nature of electricity that led to the discovery of the electron. Ed states is quite clear, "That is the trouble with the Physicists is they use indirect and ultra-indirect methods to come to their conclusions. If electricity is made with north and south pole magnets and the electric motor is turned around on it axis by north and south pole magnets as is the fact, then this will bring up a question, where are all those Thomson electrons. They are not around the electric motor. The plain answer is they are non-existing. In case the inventor had used normally direct methods to find out what the electricity was he would have found out that the positive and negative electricity is equal in strength and are running positive electricity against the negative electricity."
  • Now for this post I'm going to keep it simple the best I can along with proving "Why" Connecting Two LEGO 9 Volt IR receivers together for a "Combined Voltage" that Exceeds the Product designed Voltage Limitation is proof toward Ed's "Conclusions" in his book Magnetic Current. I know it seems a bit of a step for some and can be complicated to grasp all the Electrical stuff in why this prove ED's Conclusions in his Book but remember that this is Lego and it was made for kids to use so there is safety built in mind. :) Now the fact is this, the Lego Product is designed for 9 Volt use ideally so pushing the voltage beyond this will trigger the safety fuse and shutdown the device. Another fact with the safety system is when you try powering larger motors from the battery it pulls to much current and also shutdown the device. So as you can see from Voltage to Current Lego has built in safety features that regulate its operations so if in a event of a Lego Jam the motor will not burn up in a stall condition. Ok now that we got some of the basics down about some of the safety features I'm going to put this Idea out there "You think with all these safety features built inside that one of these safety features would have went off and stop the combined voltage being applied some how but it don't." Now its no mystery that when you apply 18 volts to a 9 volt device it's not going to work but when you can apply 18 volts from two 9 volt devices that are not designed for dealing with 18 volts is a mystery to some but not for Edward Leedskalnin. Right there on Page 11 we have this which certainly explains why this is possible.
    ( Have in mind that always there are two currents, one current alone cannot run. To run they have to run one against the other.) Page 11
    Now with Ed's understanding we can conclude that its perfectly fine to have two devices applying two opposing fashions of electricity, positive and negative as we say but its important to recognize that Ed refers to it by individual North and South Magnets and there is a reason behind this because he him self refers to the place of origin for the individual magnet as the positive and negative terminals.
    Now you can understand that by having two 9 volt devices connected together for 18 volt your actually using the two opposing currents of "electricity" to its most potential due to the inherent function of the device and that is conclusive proof to why the ability for Lego Power Functions electrical system to prove Ed's understanding from his Experiments.

    Now I've built my own DC Motor Driver with voltage booster so I've some built up experience and knowledge about how to build these devices and how they operate according to "Classical Modern" understanding.

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