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The Proof is in the LEGO

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Hi everybody, The Proof is in the LEGO...

I'm the First person in the WORLD to build this 18V power supply in LEGO and I did it using the knowledge provided in MAGNETIC CURRENT. I showed this to the people on the Lego forums to see if anyone else would show me if this was made before or why it works. Most were happy to see that this worked and the first thing that was made with it was a attempt to make a Flying LEGO. Imagine being the first person doing that... Now common belief was that there is now way this could actually function with out destroying itself based on the 9v electrical limitation. Understand that LEGO PF system is a 9v electrical system and the electrical components are no way design to handle voltage up around 18V. There is no where on the internet that deals with electrical engineering that is going to show you how to build this kind of Dual power supply or even how it works on the component level because the engineering doesn't think like ED.L. See this LEGO Dual power supply absolutely destroys the electron theory because if there were 18V of electrons moving from the (-) negative to the (+) positive then the LEGO 9V electronics system would burn up. RIGHT!? With out a doubt this LEGO Dual power supply is absolute proof to the theories presented in Magnetic Current made by ED.L. I made this several years ago and keep it to myself because its made entirely with LEGO and If I can build it so can you... See I'm of the Mind that If I was to build and use modern equipment and prove Ed.L. Magnetic Current flow with both the cathode and anode then this old Cathode Ray Tube Experiment of 1897 is now obsolete which is only focus on the how the cathode part behaves electricaly. No wonder we think electrons are of negative charges, the cathode is the most negative part in the experiment and at the time that's all we put the focused on was looking at the cathode part hence the name Cathode Ray Tube Experiment.

Here is a picture on how it works. I get the 18V of Magnetic Current by the difference between the -9v and the +9v.

Also this is the most purist way to demonstrate the Voltage difference equation.image

PS. Message to the Magnetic Current Posers and the Fake Tesla Researchers out there that want to pretend like everything they make is of their invention, Before you try to build this and pretend to claim these ideas as your own. You need to know what it is your trying to prove first. If it is some antigravty levitation or free energy wonder then this is not for you. All this is, is using two 9 volt batteries like you never seen before. :)


  • Now there are certain factors I want to present you with electrical videos that others have made that present notions about electricity that will make you think this kind of dual battery connection should not even work. The Voltage differential equations says it should but there are certain factors that can make it not, take how the crystal radio works, Ed certainly understood this device well.

    Here In this video about the crystal radio he clearly says that the net voltages cancel out and equal zero around at 9:56 to 10:16.

    But that not the only one here, now watch this video about the basic tutorial on LC resonance circuits where also the net voltages is describe to cancel out around at 2:35.

    I could go on with this but now lets look for the opposite and see how many videos out there are made towards explaining why this battery connection works.....

    Now I want you to understand one thing here is that don't get this confuse with Kirchhoff's Voltage Law. That is dealing with the voltage in complete circuits. It could be used to explain this but it doesn't describe what is actually going on. The Kirchhoff voltage law could be used in a manner to falsely explain why this dual battery connection could theoretically provide a net voltage of zero too with out ever building a real world model.
  • Congratulations boxerlego!

    I am pleased to have made your acquaintance! I know you have a lot more to give. What I love though is the connection to Lego in preparing young engineers to manage the future innovations which are hard pressed upon us!

    Now if you could make a Lego ABHA coil I would be even more impressed than I am already!
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    Some things to check Boxerlego.

    Is the motor an induction type or a commutator type?

    The speed increase. Is it there from the get go or only after running the one battery test first.? And vice versa.

    Can you measure back MMF in the circuit when the motor is running? If so how much ? Does it vary as you change between the 2 set ups?
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    Thanks Jehovajah, There is tons of information to share about this dual battery connection. I've done bunch of test with this 9v battery box and one important thing to know about it is that there is a built-in current liming fuse in there so in the event of to much current being pulled from the batteries the fuse disconnects power to the PF receiver and that's not the only safety feature Lego has here, there in the motor and receiver too. This dual battery connection is in done series so the current will be the same across the entire battery load. I've been thinking on how to show with out a shadow of doubt that this is in fact working as Ed describes in his book Magnetic Current, to build it and attribute to Ed works just because it working with voltages that would appear to high for functioning operation is one thing but to really shows and present it in a manner that will down right understandable and indisputable is another hurdler I'm working on. Now to answer your question, The Lego motors is a commutator type all Lego motors are. Here is some pictures of it down below.

    The increase in speed is there from the start. One things to know is that both 9v motor driver circuits need to be turned on at the same time for this to function with 18v.

    The only things I have measured on this, is the volts, amps, and the RPM. I've did a simple load test with a 7 1/2 pound weight, nothing really special just to prove that the 9v Lego motor driver circuits wouldn't burn up with the 18v overvoltage on it.
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    Now when I first made this dual 18v battery box I didn't have a good electrical understanding of how/why it should work with out the 18v destroying it and that is one of the things I set out and try to figure out. In Magnetic Current Ed just describes his view of two individual N/S currents streams and I went purely off of that but this wasn't good enough for me, I had to also understand why this works in the modern sense too. Now science has already setup explanations to describe this with the electron theory. To see and understanding this we got to look the basic building block known as the diode first and then build up to understand the transistor because that is basically made up of two diodes working together to amplify electronic signals or switch electrical power in this case switch electrical power.

    Basically how the diode works is that it is made up of two regions. One side P junction with a excess of Holes that are the positive charge carriers and the other side N junction with excess of Electrons are the negative charge carriers. The holes and electrons are able to diffuse over to the other side creating a region that acts as a barrier through the electric field preventing low charge movement. Only when you can over come the electric field barrier 0.7v will there be any significant electron charge movement. Another is interesting fact that is pointed out in the video above is that solar panels are also diodes as well.

    Now on how the transistor works. Now this wont be this in depth explanation on how the transistor works. Transistor has many modes of operation. The focus here is about presenting the basics through this video and presenting a notion in the model as to why the dual 18v battery power supply shouldn't function either...

    Here in this video about transistors, I find this statement very interesting when it is describe that in a pnp transistor, the current is carried by the holes inside the transistor and the electrons in the external circuit but, in a npn transistor, the current is carried by the electrons both in the external circuit and the inside the transistor. What this is basically describing to me is that holes are pulling the electrons forward in a pnp transistor and in a npn transistor electrons are being propelled forward by other electrons, simply put opposites attract and likes repel. Now if this was the case then and holes are only acting inside the transistor then why hasn't the 18v of electrons ruined my Lego pf receiver then.?
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    I know you will have to go through the mill of trying to convince the settled science that it is wrong, until you realise that it is not about truth, but power and resources.

    The fact that 2 opposing currents run around a wire and through it as a wave has been known and rejected a long time ago. Even Nikola Tesla could not revert the subversion. However, he saw into the future that guys like you would see this truth and just start building working systems.

    Ed is a folk hero, but not a mystical seer. He simply in his Latvian English put down the results of hundreds of years of searching and thinking since Gilbert. He could see that scientists and Einstein were playing the milk "the stupid cow " game because they needed money so they could spend time just thinking!

    Ed needed money too but he worked the American dream to get his. He applied the techniques of stone masons and the understanding of crystals and magnetic philosophy, plus timber logging techniques to build in Florida a Disney world resort. A kind of " if you build it they will come " moment.

    When Lodge and Bose worked on the radio and electromagnetic wave experiments they used iron filing and magnetism to get the diode effect. Research by them showed the junction of materials was significant, allowing current to flow only one way . Current was clearly magnetic in their eyes. It only flowed in that direction if the magnetism compressed the filings into a conducting path. Soon it was found certain crystals had the same property as well as piezzo magnetic effects, misnamed piezzo electric, and the crystal radio was born.

    It took time to develop a theory of transistors, and the effect of Volta, where at least 2 differing substances in a circuit with a third" moist" one generated a taste able effect which was called electric magnetism. The theory only works if you accept holes as well as electrons. Why holes not positrons? Scientists would not allow it! But engineers had to to make the damn thing work!

    There are 2 opposing currents or streams or fluids or transverse waves that propagate around and throughout a wire or a circuit. They flow into and out of the circuit in a way that transforms cosmic force/ Energy into useable attraction / contraction and or repulsion/ expansion. Whether we call that effect magnetism, heat sound or electricity it is best founded on the general principles worked out centuries ago, before the electron.

    The polarisation of electric rays by Bose is the most significant demonstration of the 2 streams in a magnetic current. The effect was discovered earlier with light by Malus and remained a mysterious phenomenon until " electric rays" were posited and "Coherers" to detect them invented by Hertz and then Bose and Lodge, Tesla and others.
    Electric rays, radiation, electromagnetism all meant a dynamic form of magnetism. Today we have separated this dynamic magnetism from its roots by inter posing the electron, rather than a magnetic plasma as Ed envisioned it. Both Cathode and Anode Plasmas or rays exist at the same time. Ed refers to the experiment that " cheats" or hides this fact. That ed used individual as an adjective is a sign of his Latvian English. The word individual means a single entity .Thus since magnets are commonly called dipoles he simply wanted to refer to each single element of that dipole. That dipole exists everywhere in electric theory and description, but by fiat it is sundered into electron and proton. Well there is more justification for sundering the magnetic particles than for separating out an electric charge as a unique physical entity. If we adopt the view of those of Eds time and as expressed by Ed we no longer hide magnetism behind an electric screen, because we do not need the word electric for what is a different material based magnetism.

    The electron has given billions of dollars, and other monies to a few power hungry egos who used it to make a bomb that has kept governments enthralled for decades.
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    @Jehovajah Wow, Excellent post Jehovajah! Sorry for such a time lengthy reply. Your post is a very great explanation of what the problem is. I want to add that Tesla is right that the power companies have no idea how big of a drain it is on everyone's resources and money not to mention time to implement and expand the existing power infrastructure that is the 19th century power pole. Tesla wireless power system is the true next step up point for man. But think about this with every new invention does comes with it effects and with Tesla wireless power system one could be able to weaponize electricity against those that do not have access to it. Think of it like a cattle prod that if discharge on something whatever would be vaporized by the electric blast and this could potentially be the power that was welded over man long ago and can also be describe as the power of the Gods or even Zeus Thunderbolt.

    Now that is a very intriguing video about the solar panel pulse motor. Thanks for posting it.
    ---------------------------------------------------------End of message----------------------------------------------------

    Here is a growing collection to some interesting electrical threads from that deals with topics that will be of some relevance to the understanding of what is going on here. I will try and make others and expand the information about it.
    Here is a LEGO(2010) discussion topics about the Max Voltage for LEGO Power Function along with the Electrical data sheet for the LB1836 Motor Driver.

    Max Voltage for Power Functions
    LB1836 Data Sheet
    Wikipedia page about Electrical polarity.
  • Been awhile since been on this topic. I found great video by Eric Dollard on J.J. Thomson so I'm leaving this here for further discussion.

    I'm also adding how a battery works according to current understandings. Which just furthers prove my point even more that my LEGO device absolutely destroys the electron theory because if my LEGO device worked according to this Wiki article about voltage then it would BE EASY to acknowledge that if there were 18V of electrons moving from the (-) negative to the (+) positive then the LEGO 9V electronics system would burn up.
    For example, inside a battery, chemical reactions provide the energy needed for current to flow from the negative to the positive terminal.
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    hard to kill a low voltage motor

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    I've been doing some more researching on the Dual power supply I made, so I've added some more links to learn from. Now what gets me is the absent of information out there about "how and why" this Dual power supply should work. You would figure by now that we would understand everything about the H-bridge works and made some chapters in a electrical book about it. That is why I find this Quote below (from the Basic Circuit Building Blocks) interesting because it basically says that an H bridge is an electronic circuit that causes current to flow in one direction or the other. Its interesting because hear me out in order for the Dual Power Supply to work Current must be able to flow in both directions Negative and Positive because after all if it worked how the experts describe then no way I would been able to do what I did with my configuration of the Two H-bridge Circuits. For me Its no wonder why I can seem to find anything relating to what I built because the settled science has already determined that what I built should not function and it is my goal to find someone suggesting the sort.
    Basic Circuit Building Blocks
    An H bridge is an electronic circuit that causes current to flow in one direction or the other ( from a singel ended power supply ). Often used for motor control motor driver. It is an electronic double pole double throw switch.
    Now One of the main goals for this thread/discussion is to prove with out a shadow of doubt that the way this Dual power supply works goes against the establish notion of modern electrical understanding.
  • hard to kill a low voltage motor
    That got pretty intense. What do you think went first - bearings?
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    @Magnetic_Universe --not sure ---
  • Boxerlego to be sure you shoul look if there are Zener diodes in the electronics of your lego. If there are Zener diodes, than it is higly posiible, that that electronics work without any problem. The Zener diodes sink voltage. For example 5.6v Zener diode sinks voltage from 12v to 5.6v.
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    @Kubeq_sq There no diode sinking any voltage coming from the electronics. The highest voltage I was able to get out 1 Lego PF electrical system was 10.6 volt. I have never gone above 10 volts for 1 receiver because the of the built in limitation.

    -Edit post- The Mods finally approved my previous post I made two days ago.
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    @boxerlego Sorry, your post was catched by antispam filter. Probably because of those 3 urls right at the beginning. Normally there's no notification for catched spam, i just found it in the logs.

    Should that happen to anyone here again, please message me and i'll approve it.
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