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Magnetic current symbol and Mozart



  • Have you seen the lines of shadow on the wall on the picture from above? thick thin thick thin thick thin ?? when Ed was so obsessed with sun, maybe we shuld look at coral park at a play of light and shadow??
    These theory of two sun is very interesting. I have read a book 'forbidden science' and there was wrote, that almoust every star have a sibling and 80% from star arrangments are tandems. I have also read in internet, that Saturn with his hexagonal storm on the pole is very unusual and that could be the twin from sun, that has no fuel more....
  • Came across this when reading about Mozart. It isn't the exact album displayed in the first post, but similar. It is the only one I have found to date. I was researching Chaldean music and the instruments.
  • Nice find Dante. I don't know anything about music and so I wonder what those two parallel lines that cross on an angle represent.
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