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Magnetic current symbol and Mozart



  • Wait, I forgot to ask about that symbol, on the Mozart album, do you have any idea what the name and origin of that symbol is? I know it's on Ed's book and what it symbolizes but I've never known, and wondered for a long time if it has a, if it's a normal symbol used with magnetic current or maybe electricity.
  • Yes Ed and all is work is truly fascinating. I've also been magnet addict for years. Especially when the guy found the new discovery with the inverter magnet, it made me realize we have no idea about magnets and what they can do. But so far I haven't come across anything with the magnetic current symbol... On the movie though she plays Piano Sonata No.11, that may help finding the record... Il have to do more research. Also I have made a HUGE discovery on those random numbers he had carved into a stone... I mean HUGE. Il have to find what I used many years ago to solve that.. Hopefully I can to have some proof. Il have to read that article when I get out of work though. I browsed through it and it seems really interesting.
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    Also what the hell is that!?

  • Good eye! That's Ed's moon dial. Not sure how accurate it is because most people don't even know it's there. You have to climb on the rocks to even see it...which I did. The employee said "you're not supposed to be up there" and I said ok, and stayed up there looking at it, like she never said anything to me LOL. Anyway, it has a piece of steel protruding out of one side, much like the sun dial and faint writing etched inside. I since read how difficult it is to track the moon...but we're talking about Ed!
    I'll try to get pics inside when I go...better ones than I took before...I rushed the job because I thought I was gonna be ousted.

    I really can't help thinking that the symbol might be half an analemma (the figure eights in the sundial and also the symbol on the entrance door. If so, perhaps the Sun's path is directly related to the who process. I mean, it's key to manipulating or understanding magnetic current according to Ed. It would certainly make sense regarding the older cultures seeming obsession with tracking the solstices.
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    Ohhh ok thanks for the info! And I agree there has to be something with the solstices. It's documented all over the place in ancient times.. Also I remember telsa talking about 3,6,9, and those are months of solstices as well... But look what I found... Do you see what I see???

  • Do you mean to see the "half symbol"?
  • Gardener I'm not sure if you're asking me but yes, I think the etching on the CC and on his compass, both represent the solstice but I also think that the symbol on the book Magnetic Current represents the same symbol (mirrored). That's why I was curious as to the origin of he symbol. Did Ed create it (to represent magnetic current-I know that similar things are in artwork everywhere) or was it associated with magnetic current before Ed?

  • I think he was talking about the photo of the flywheel I posted yesterday, flem. But yes one tool up above is the same type of shape as the magnetic current symbol.
  • I was talking about the metal part hanging on the wall, which looks just like half of the symbol ;)
  • Yup, maybe that symbol is actually a tool he used...
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    On the way back from 4 hrs at CC. Lots to think about. A lot of the angles I was expecting were on the mark. I've got compass screenshots and notes to cross reference when I get back but in the mean time, Allseeingjoey, this is NOT a "moon dial" as I had been toldimage
    The etching was almost indecipherable just like when I previously there but I went back to have one more look and I guess the sun worked in my favor. It's a sundial as you can see the analemma figure eights here


    Shit, phone's almost dead...
  • Great findings my friend!
  • Thanks! Now the question is why he had two? I think I've heard of something/ someone referring to two Suns. Or maybe this one was a trial...or inconvenient since you have to climb on stones to look at it...?
  • I like the picture taken from above, and the numbers ontop
    It is unusual to see what looks to be an " eye " at the bottom, looks too clean
    Perhaps Ed did have two, and was tracking the star and crescent, near the (7)Pleiades
    It could be linked to his " Crescent of the East " written in the statistical page
    Im still researching it.
  • Dante, I'm 99% sure it's a sundial. Even thought the analemma markings were not clear by any means, enough of them were present to see what they were. Also, they were faded out in the middle however, I did compare the relative position of the shadow cast inside and it matched Ed's sundial position.
    What is/are the Pleiades?
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