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Magnetic current symbol and Mozart

I have made a discovery the other day while watching the incredibles. The babysitter on the movie holds up a record of Mozart when I noticed the same symbol on EDs magnetic current booklet. This is proof sound was made with his anti gravity device. But what tones? Can they be heard in this record? Does anyone know what record this is from Mozart? Don't forget they herd him whistling while he was working. Could have been a tone used... Attached is the photo of this connection..


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    Not sure if the photo uploaded.. Here it is again..

  • Intriguing Allseeingjoey. I just did some searching and came up empty but since it's artwork, I have to wonder if it was the artist's conception for the album image or was it copied from the real thing?
  • Yes I have searched record covers as well and could not find anything. Just seems like to much of a coincidence to not be connected.
  • I agree. It's pretty freaky. I've also been toying with the idea that those symbols are not just magnetic current but also half and analemma pulled apart or two of the images on the steel door. Yeah, I know they are one and the same. Plus, it is on Ed's compass as well as carved into the 30 ton block. I have to wonder (especially since all the ancient cultures seem to be obsessed with the solstices) if magnetic current isn't directly related.
  • That was a good catch, Mozart is connected with freemasonry, my favorite is The Magic Flute, interesting symbolism
    In a few of Eds pictures you can see quavers in the backround
    I often wonder if Ed would sing or owned any instruments

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    Wow I didn't know it was on his compass and carved into a block.. Do you have pictures or links of this? The solstices are definitely a big part of something... I'm not sure what though.. What's the magic flute Dante?
  • Here's eds compass. What he personally wrote was darkened for clarity...can't remember off hand who darkened it

    Here is a pic of it on the west side of the thirty ton block. It's on the pic in the upper right
    My daughter and I have been toying with overlaying his compass drawing onto or within the coral castle but the problem is we don't have measurements of the castle grounds to make it proportionally accurate. We're going down next week to get accurate GPS measurements and other things we're working on.

    From a guesstimate and using the sundial as the sun as the center point, the solstice roughly points at the large moon carving on the east wall. Along this same thought process, we're interested in the 3 ton gate for several reasons. 1) unless it directly impacts something, it's just a spinning novelty... And this is Ed, so it's not 2) it's not really a "gate" at all 3) theres a past tour guide named Ray Ramirez who aimed the block to cause those in its line to gain strength AND when I was there about a year ago, I asked about these demos and the current guide was quick to state that it no longer works like that "because of people stuffing trash in the hole on top" BUT, I also noted that the steel door, which used to be directly behind it was removed ( I was told this was done for "handicap access")

    I will confirm a hunch while there, that the moon fountain is involved in all of this, as it appears to be in line with he 3 ton gate pointing towards the same large moon on the east wall...we'll see! Plus, if you didn't catch my post below, I found photographic evidence of the moon fountain having been changed in direction. I Became interested in the fountain due to all of this and am pretty consumed by it having a raised, comma like edge on one side (3 ton gate side coincidently) and the figure/star around the water has sixteen points (sweet 16?). Oh, and that chair mounted on top of the sundial, it also faces this north east direction.
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    Man, there's so much... I have been studying
    His writings for about two years now and understand a lot that he's trying to say. I haven't visited coral castle but this year, that is my goal and I tend to document all of it via video. Ed is a brilliant guy and the things he does make me say "fucking ed man!" Lol. He's a trickster.. But when you say the star figure around the water has sixteen points, I remember him stating " I have been staring at this pond for 16 years".. Another connection... Eds writings are bible.
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    I'd say at least once a week I hear something or learn something in school that ed talks about. I also had a dream I was at coral and I was in his room looking for clues when I looked up and saw a skylight with rug type material on it so I was feeling around and found a opening and I noticed a guy was starring at me but in that opening was a note and I took it and secretly put it in my pocket knowing I was being watched.. Then I woke up... I need to go there.
  • I'm glad to see another Ed-obsessed individual. I agree that there's "so much"! I've read and read and read his stuff, done some of his experiments and then one day it dawned on me that he did a lot of what he did in Florida City, before his famous machine and that why I've been studying things in a different direction...about direction and placement.
  • @flem we are all "Ed-obsessed individuals" :D :D :D welcome in club ;)
  • Gardener, glad to be here!
    Allseeingjoey, you're dream is interesting. You are aware there is a "skylight" in Ed's living quarters right? It's in the southwest corner and has crosshairs in it like the Polaris telescope....if you didn't...your mind is now BLOWN!

    Also, someone suggested the possibility of there having once been something large and metallic on the roof...I'll put up a pic later, I'm on my phone. Or Google old CC aerial photo. It definitely looks like something rusty.
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    Yup, I'm mind blown! That's crazy dude... I'm glad I said that on here or else I wouldn't have known this! Thank you! I just looked up the aerial view.. It does look like something really rusty... I have done a lot of research in the past and I have never seen anyone talk about this figure I circled. And eds words " you can send the magnets in straight level streams". I think at first he used a car battery for his operations then used his generator so he did not have to keep producing that flash of light with the car battery manually.
  • Could also be the same object you are talking about
  • That's the top of another tripod. Someone (on this forum or maybe over at Overunity), had run A Book In Every Home through a code breaker and one thing of interest came up (can't remember the exact phrase just now) but it was along the lines of Steel Above Home Key. That's actually when the removal of the steel door peaked my interest.

    Here's an article I was reading this past weekend. Pretty interesting, especially with regards with "the magnets running in streams"

    I started this journey fascinated by magnets, the flywheel, etc but the more I think about Ed, the more I understand that that is just a piece of something extraordinary...cured himself of advanced TB, repaired his watch (something the watch guy said "maybe four people on earth could do), the giant blocks, his simple life, watching algae grow, every word in his Magnetic Current book, his sun dial, etc, etc..and recently, someone did some math.

    They figured this: over about a 30 year period, Ed built approximately 200 tons of the CC at Florida City then, AFTER moving his tools (according to Ed's friend who helped him), he moved the stones (yeah, without his tools!!!) THEN, in just two years, from age 50-52, he cut and placed the rest...which is approximately 900 tons of blocks!
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