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There is not and never has been a plaque that stated, "The Secret of the Universe is 7129/6105195"



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    ---@poughkeepsieblue --- I like it too
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    @poughkeepsieblue 'Jest for fun-----
  • I meant "boss" ---- not allowed to edit yet,---must be on probation for awhile.
  • I still remember, seek to be humble.
    Humble is key.
    I will practice humility as best I can. noted
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    0---@poughkeepsieblue----humble means to be nice '
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    @Gardener ---- I've seen better , but it is ok for a rookie.
  • I meant "boss" ---- not allowed to edit yet,---must be on probation for awhile.
    you should be able to since yesterday. try logging out and back in.
  • I can do nice, thats easy.
    I love iEDucated, truly i do, but perhaps he has a bitter moment here and there...
    youve been pretty nice to me, except back on 144 when you kinda intellectually bitch slapped me, but I suppose I deserved it back then or something.
    Hey I wont judge you, hehe, out in the open in a way no one will understand... I certainly dont think youre joking about that.
    But seriously, the enigma, I would value your opinion on it, in a more straightforward way.
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    To make a ciphertext ,not just a few words,that is still readable is not easy ,
  • i guess enigma is imagine, our imagination playing tricks perhaps :) I remember someone on the forum mentioned 2 7 11, anyone care to explain & to go deeper into subject, that would be nice
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    @poughkeepsieblue --- we are trying to solve a 70/80 years old puzzle .
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    @boznerol ----do not inbox me anymore ,Yes?

  • "do not inbox me anymore ,Yes?"
    why is that charlie? don't understand what did i do wrong? sorry anyway, won't inbox you if you so wish
  • @boznerol sorry , but I don't know you that well.You'll ve posted on this forum just a few times.
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    Is it the hole you to me to drill in the PMH or the wire you suggested I stick in it?
    ----- yes, kind of-----

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