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There is not and never has been a plaque that stated, "The Secret of the Universe is 7129/6105195"


There is not and never has been a plaque that stated, "The Secret of the Universe is 7129/6105195". This phrase actually started in jest amongst the members of the old Coral Castle forum.

As you can see above the numbers are etched into the doorjamb of Ed's living quarters. It was often the practice for immigrants of the time to display their naturalization numbers in this fashion, especially around WWII when the patriotism of immigrants from certain regions was in question, to put it lightly.


  • So many people come to me and ask about it. It's the number that was on his citizenship papers and keep having to explain this to people. Although I would like to think some of these other people were actually correct :P Would make everything even more interesting.
  • When was this rumor started? Does anyone from the old CC forum remember the year?
    I ask because Edward Marlinski, the author of 'How To Read His Writings, the unauthorized guide to Decoding Edward Leedskalnin's Works' states within the 'Hidden Pages'
    "On a small plaque that he kept, Edward Leedskalnin posted the following statement:"
    "The Secret of the Universe is 7129/6105195"

    Marlinski's book was copyrighted in August 2000, according to the publisher's page...
    Does the rumor predate 2000?
    Or does EdM know something that others latched onto which is now believed to be a rumor?

    Do the facts that 7129 divided by 6105195 = .0011; which is the difference of the pyramid inch to the english inch, or the fact that if you convert 6105195 into FAXEAIE, and then enter it into a virgin enigma M3 machine, you get the result EDRWOLK, eerily similar to ed's 'At Work' picture... Do these facts mean nothing? Simply coincidence?
    Surely a rumor is just a rumor... but hard facts need a little more explaining, rather than it being just a rumor.
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  • Hi, I just found this forum and am glad to have done so. My thoughts on this subject are

    a) he had some sort of epiphany when he carved these numbers in the door frame from his certificate of citizenship, as was mentioned earlier to be customary during those times, which lead him to make the discovery that he made (you never know, things tend to work out like that). Does anyone know when Ed got the certificate in relation to the time he built his Coral Castle?

    b) if he got the certificate afterwards, he may have been able to pull some strings or systematically wait to be sure to get the number he got just for the sake of mystery and demonstration of power over what seems like random circumstance. I like that he put in in the door way twice: one at the top of one, and one in the opposite place at the bottom of the other one, forming an angle of some kind. Has anyone measured it? It looks like the same angle as the one in this image:

    I just checked and he got it in 1944, so that means he had already known the secrets:

    c) The guy who wrote the unofficial guide to reading Ed's writings is pretty much throwing people off more than anything else, though I didn't read the whole thing.

    On another note, did anyone notice from his certificate that the man was 120 lbs???
  • I read ED.M. book and honestly I cant follow him. He seems to have random thoughts and ideas and skips around with no rhyme or reason for how he comes to his conclusions. I think you could take the bible and do the same thing. Find hidden words and meaning by skipping around how ever you want, I bet you could find anything you wanted to find. I just don't get it.

    There is meaning to Eds works, but the hidden things people are finding have yet to paint a picture of what Ed is trying to tell us. Is it that we are diving to deep or is it something simple that we just cant see? From what Im reading from others, it would have taken him a life time to write this secret story. Why the secrecy? Why not just write what he meant? Tesla didn't tell his secret either. Why is the knowledge bad? What reason is there for not sharing it with the world? MONEY? POWER? not all people want that. Some just want to help people. Im a nurse by trade so maybe my intent is in a different place. Sorry for my babble.
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    @Zondilee---Why the secrecy ? --
  • @poughkeepsieblue

    It would have been around the year 2001. Charlie may remember the context, but I recall one of the regular posters boasting that the alleged rumor of the plaque as well as others having been started on that forum. Yet something has always been amiss with these numbers. The document could have been faked to hide their importance or it could have been something along the lines of coincidence.
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    Yes,I remember ---
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    I didn't know about Ed until over eighteen months ago
    Here is what I found going back
    August 26th 2001 on the Coral Castle forum - earliest post found regarding the " plaque "

    Internet archive search*/
    You will have to navigate to 2001, and click on forums

    Someone mentioned on that forum that a paper was discovered after Ed died with those numbers on it

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    Thanks Dante........I posted the "way back machine " link here a couple of years ago.
  • Been thinking about it for a few days, and I agree with charlie the more I ponder it.
    Why is there no copy of this naturalization cert. in the National Archives? Different system or not, all ed's other documents are there; his draft card, and his application for naturalization. And those are legal documents, with his numbers on them. And those have a good pic of ed. Ed wasn't much of a smiley fella, but his hair is perfect in that pic, and its a clear picture. I wholly agree that ed would never pose for an important photo like that, looking so disheveled. He waited a long time to become a citizen, and it was important to him. Err, getting the forms and the numbers was important to him. Ed liked things that would last a long time, like stone, and government records.
    Of course, ed's papers in the archives go together, ed meant it that way. And he left the numbers, thinking anyone who found them, and his forms, might put 2 and 2 together, err, over each other.

    Charlie, did you find the doubled up words in slater's? Did you follow the numbers and find the meridian line? iEDucated showed it to me... one of those things he learned on tips from you... templar perhaps? And just curious, what do you think of edm? You must know he knows, he lays bare so much of ed's machines. Have you read it? Do you know about the 19mm? the 9 mm? The yin yang's eye and Mars? Or the grail curves and jupiter? The silver jupiter, not the paper one. So many machines...
    I'd like to pick your brain, but i've been warned the closer I get, the farther they will try to lead me astray.
    That's how you preselect, right?
  • Hi @charlie, what is the purpose for deleting (almost) all of your posts and replacing them with dot?

    This breaks the conversation actually.
    If you wanna talk in private with somebody, then just do so via private messages.

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    @Gardener ;'Jest because
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    @poughkeepsieblue ---start to read about alchemy---
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