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There is not and never has been a plaque that stated, "The Secret of the Universe is 7129/6105195"



  • Haven't vested much time in slaters, but it's on the shelf, for when I get it.
    Sounds like good reading, I'll get to it for sure. Alchemy, water, not all fools... got it.
    And thanks, I already know I have what it takes, but youre right, the road is too long. ed already knows me, he shows me all the time that I'm doing just fine.
    But thanks for the advice. And mind is open, ed's showing me whats possible, slowly.
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    @poughkeepsieblue you are smart ,
  • I'm not sure what you mean by this...
    i follow jesus' rule
    and the only oath I took was to my wife
    so if theres something I need to know that 'u' whoever 'you' are, havent told me, than I'm not aware of it
    im still a free man, so to say
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    @poughkeepsieblue are you freaking out already?---
  • Actually, yeah, past freaking out, starting to accept so I can understand.
    That helps. I noticed, I'm on my own, and thats ok, at least im the only one who has to think im a crackpot. Thats why they dont talk, no one listens, I noticed that. eating for myself now.
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    @poughkeepsieblue Just keep it straight ,
  • @charlie I saved one of your posts from a few days back I'm still looking into much as I want to say I understand how you took Eds place and translated it into the crypt .. I'm still at a loss.. I understand E as T, from there... I keep on an open mind, and it's in my nature to be curious Have you read fulcanelli? Or any of his works? Relating to alchemy
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    @dante --- for reasons unknown
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    ps ---yes I did read about Fulcanelli----natures prime numbers----
  • @charlie
    Banned would be unwise, I understand the principle
    Initial thoughts. Light, water, Sirius, close?
    Location was key from the ground, meeting to the sky
    I feel that I make sense, I don't wish to miss the point
    7129 genes relates to natures prime

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    @dante ----seriously just take a break,
  • @charlie
    To give up on a mysterious puzzle would go against human nature :)
    -all saved, thanks
    Free energy.. the light that passes through everything
  • @dante---don't mention it. I'll find you ,if want to.
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    Gardener, I would ask Matt about charlie if I were you...
    I have no beef with charlie, I actually like the guy so far, but a friend of mine went insane (almost) following charlie's clues and riddles.
    He goes back to the old CC forum.
    Rumor has it, he built it, and controlled it at will, and he's connected with CC's owners somehow.
    So anyway, perhaps you should ask matt, I don't know how far you go back on forums.
  • Is it the hole you to me to drill in the PMH or the wire you suggested I stick in it?
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