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Magnetic Base / Cosmic Force



  • This is really what Ed is trying the teach us , but he gives it a name, and show how to collect and use it
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    With all due respect, I don't think anyone can claim what Ed was teaching. One person may understand his writings at face value and take some knowledge from that. Another may over analyse to the point where they have gone so many steps beyond what they perceive as a clue that the result, had from of a multitude of variables, is one chosen from astronomical possibilities. I think any clues are so simple in nature and just below obvious that he might grin if someone is heading in the right direction. Perhaps I am naive... and assure you I am a virgin here, so I am not certain if any of my thoughts or ideas are novel or not. I think its fairly safe to say since no one has solved this within 60+ years, that my guess is as good as anybody's. An example of my reasoning is as follows:

    10 Cents

    "10" may be as simple as a homophone, or "tin"
    Cents is another term for copper coin, or "Copper"

    Tin and copper combined for the allow Bronze. Bronze is the predecessor to steel and bronze would be a more efficient tool in cutting limestone. The Egyptians had cooper and tin yet people are amazed that they cut the Pyramid stones with copper and stones. As a Geologist, I can assure you that they did not...but they may have used an alloy of which they had the ability to create. Bronze makes the finest resonance when it comes to bells.

    Are there any clues to date that are beyond refute?

  • Dont forget 10 cents as 1200 cents to an octave, or 12 semitones of 100 cents each...
    ADM is easily 144... a big part of jeremy stride's code...
    144 musically falls into the pythagorean scale when A is tuned to 432 hz... also I believe C can tune to 144 hz so maybe ed is telling us to make a fine adjustment to the chromatic scale, and rumor has it, greek, egyptian, and chinese musical instruments all used the same equal scale of 12 semitones in the pythagorean scale developed seperately...
    so there is another reference to 10 cents...
    Interesting about the bronze bells, I always thought silver made the nicest tones, but resonance is another beast....
    Ed was collecting silver for wire by using the dimes, quarters and silver/half dollars from his pamphlets and tours, and he makes many references to AG and 17... so it obviously was important to him.
    The 'ring bell' is also a double message about the squaring the circle constant 'Ring (circle) be LL (an L is a right angle, also an upside down 7 and L7 or LL is a square)'
    I tend to agree with bogtrottter as well... i have a hard time taking anyones ideas about 'how ed did it' and 'what ed is trying to teach us' and accepting them as the answer.... thats because i'm open minded, but also a skeptik... I also think that it goes beyond just lifting stones, its free energy, a unified field theory, the future, the past, the next dimension... I 'think' ed is trying to get us to find a door to a hall, and that hall has thousands of other doors... and they all go to what ed is trying to teach...
    I also kinda agree with ironshades... basically, I think he has a firm grasp on the basics that is the start of what ed is leading us to. Ironshades, your theories do fit into the type of teaching and science that I understand ed to be about... I think you'll find there is much more too...
    oh and BTW I tried that sungazing for a few minutes... it burned a green spot in my rods and cones for like 8 hours... I still see the spot... so I wouldnt reccomend doing that with your eyes open... ed says he closes his eyes... and with the blood vessles so close to the surface of my eyelids... I think it does a similar job.... but man my pupils are seriously dilated like 90% of the day... that shit hurt...
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    @poughkeepsieblue My friend please please, try gazing at Sun set or sun rise, and start out in 15 second shots for one week , then on the second week do 30 seconds, and on 3 rd week do a min. Yon can get to were you can do 10 to 15 mins, every day . One more thing Sun Gaze barefooted , not in the grass stand in dirt or on bare ground. You will if you try get up to 12 mins a day, after one month you cravings to eat will slow down, they may stop, on sunset or sun rise barefooted, connects you with the earth and the sun, Sorry I really thought you would have looked it up and read the how to's of gazing. There is a certain way to do it. It can be done in the middle of the day with your eyes closed, how ever just as the sun is coming up or going down , if you work your way into it . It will not hurt, and your feeding your mind in the most direct manner. We eat the Sun, losing most of it, through plants and animals, then us passing through all those other systems. Sun Gazing to me is , like sticking a syringe in the sun drawning some out and pumping it right in my neck. It's better than the powerful feeling you get after eating, in the morning, but this in mind and body., Thank you, I know there is more to what Ed did however , my focus is on Ed's actions, the how to,[what was done and why], and how simple it is, if I had more money I would show you.
  • @bogtrottter By keeping to what is taught in school about the bronze steel, copper thing. Thinking that the Egyptians , only used crappy hand tools, is one minded. The great Giza pyramid was a natural type Tesla coil, they had the wirless teck Tesla tried to give us. Fifty dollar words, are just fifty dollar words. Simply spoken words clearly explain, the difference between knowing and not knowing much. Einstein said "If a man can not explain a topic simply and clearly he does not know enough about said topic"

  • PKB Beer came out my nose reading yours. Ouch! I agree Ironshades, I am the last person to believe copper chisels and stone mallets were the main tools of the trade. I don't however, find a strong correlation between what you quote as Einstein, and by reason of an advanced vocabulary to support your argument regarding understanding or comprehension of a given topic. Contrary really

    I don't know if either of you are familiar with Keith Hunter's work. I'm sure you will find him quite brilliant. I would think if he were to ever get on this trail, his reason and logic for his conclusions would be startling. He has a website (link below) and several lectures on You Tube (also below as Lightdescent).

    Ever since I saw the 144, I keep going back to a connection which that same cannon is the result of the size and placement of the Great Pyramids as found in his work. I guarantee you will be impressed and will also find much of his work employs the fundamental principles Ed L. used.
  • @bogtrottter Thank you Lightdescent is wise, wonderfully to listen to. Listening to him does make me think of Ed's numbers[keys to the universe]are 2 cycle numbers, were there are aliments with the Earth different planets the moon or the Sun. [ conjunction cycle]. I don't my base is magnets, nature and history
  • eddy currents at right angles
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    "...the original ADVERTISEMENT contains ELECTRONS in a very tiny font to get it to fit on the page, with no room COSMIC FORCE. It was published, February 3rd 1946. Type pg 18 into the box:

    He adds COSMIC FORCE to the ADVERTISEMENT when shipping his pamphlets with the same font, which makes the ad then fit perfectly on both sides of one standard size piece of paper. MAGNETIC BASE and SOUND BASE are included with his shipment in a separate document directly under a heading that I believe is another ADVERTISEMENT. This document is dated 5-20-46 and I call it, THE ABOVE READING. Despite an exhausting search I have yet to find this smaller AD.

    It could be in the realm of feasibility that Ed had yet to write SOUND BASE and had at one time combined MAGNETIC BASE with COSMIC FORCE, but highly doubtful -- the decorative stenciling is not his style, the copy of A BOOK IN EVERY HOME is very low quality and distorted, and there's a low quality copy of his citizenship paper, etc.

    If you are interested in searching for the other ad it should be found between February 3rd 1946 and May 20th, 1946."

    It's interesting to go back through and read some of the old threads on this site. The link above is now broken, but is hopefully still available via Google Newspapers as it looks like this is the only portion I have saved.

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    The link above to google's newspaper archive featuring Ed's Advertisement no longer works. Regrettably it looks like the google archive no longer includes the Miami Daily News....
  • Matt,
    I'm confused about the "Magnetic Base / Cosmic Force" that you sell. Is it the same or different than the "Magnetic Base / Sound Base" that I got for many years through Coral Castle itself and the old CC forum? Did you find that pic on cover with EDL's half-analama or did you have it produced? It intrigues me if authentic because of EDM's overlay of the "twins" covers. Now there would be "triplets" right? The round objects on the West Iron door and the West edge of the King's stones and the compass... iron door definitely associates the circles with Earth.... the compass with Saturn perhaps because of the rings drawn around the circle... the stone carving too hard to tell either way with wear.

    Btw, have you ever looked at Rock Gate from above and taken EDL's west iron door drawing and associated 1-the west gate, 2-the sundial, 3-Saturn stone on east wall? If you really took the time to analyze the geometry on his door.. it's not symmetrical. I'd be curious to see if your drawing is on "Magnetic Base, Cosmic Force".

    I also determined from years of investigation that the half-analama on the west iron gate is mirrored to the path of the sun throughout the year. And the analama itself is also not symmetrical.. in other words.. the sun is not in the center of the earth's orbit.

    Another interesting fact is if you open that west Iron gate until it is aligned west/east rather than shut being north / south.. then if you measure distance from that door to the south edge of the POlaris Telescope eyepiece stone.. which is roughly aligned center to the analama carving on west edge of King's stone.. you get distance "X". Then if you measure from that carving to the the center of the open iron door.. where the sun is located... you get the same distance I believe. At time I discovered it, the new management was watching me like a hawk and had rules to take no pictures, videos, or measurements. So, I walked it off with my roughly 12" foot... in both directions and I got a match. This means that the 2 halves of the analama which look nearly identical... are on opposite diagonal corners of a square. I've never heard anyone else comment on this fact, but it has to be significant.

    Also, in regards to the King's Stone. I also determined it is roughly 124" square...though it wavers as a bit of a rough, non-linear cut. The southwest by the visitor's center is a standing alone column.. then the opening viewing the quarry, then the south edge of what I call the wing wall that protrudes south of the tower and part of the West wall. That quarry gap or space is 124". In other words, the King's stone would also fit in that gap pretty well.

    Another thing.. count the stones starting at the standing column by the Visitor's Center.
    1 column stone
    2 stones gap at quarry
    3 stones in wing wall
    4 stones in West wall of Tower
    5 stones along the tower staircase up to the West Gate

    Isn't that some sort of a pattern? Then why the missing 2? It's a common theme I find over time. Could all of Rock Gate be mirrored or rotated so that the King's Stone aligns with that gap? I also believe that this stone fits between the two large stones of the west portion of the North wall.

    Why do I care about this? It's the 2 Edens that I posted in another thread here about mathematics and Hebrew gematria. Prime Eden and Index Eden. Isn't 2 the only non-odd prime? Doesn't the south wall have 22 stones.. if you consider the 22nd turned sideways and part of the west wall. And that dimension of the King's stone square.. 124 English inches. 124 is EDEN. It is also 7 egyptian cubits or 6 Royal Cubits.

    I know it sounds like a ramble.. and it is.. but there is much more to that analama of EDLs.. so I would be curious to see if it is reflected in that pic I haven't come across before in that context.
  • Matt,
    I'm confused about the "Magnetic Base / Cosmic Force" that you sell. Is it the same or different than the "Magnetic Base / Sound Base" that I got for many years through Coral Castle itself and the old CC forum? Did you find that pic on cover with EDL's half-analama or did you have it produced?

    They are the same one's that CC sells, but they are not identical to each other in reality. When creating the link icons I only had a picture of one so I modified it to look like the other.
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    Bohrs magnetron was the prime candidate or the basis of quantum theory. Prior to this, the only serious modification to the chemical atomic and molecular theory of Mrndeleyev and Dalton ( combined) was JJ Thompsons application of Faraday tubes to materiality.
    Maxwell theory , though important , was too mechanical to be easily understood, something Faraday pointed out to him in no uncertain terms. It was also highly mathematical in its depiction a further obscurantist predilection of his time.

    JJ Thompson contributed o the redaction of the Corpuscular theory of his time, an alchemical treatise on atomistic theory.

    JJ Thomson chose electrostatic tubes of force for good Alchemical reasons, namely electrolysis, but in fact he could equally well have chosen tubes of magnetic force.

    It is this version of explaining materiality that both Rutherford and Bohr rejected for an angular momentum or solar system rotational model. To do so, they had to have the oncot of an electron as proposed by Leibniz reified. The only experimental quantity that fifth bill was JJ Thompsons ratio between electomoive force and mass!

    Rutherford preferred electric while Bohr preferred magnetic depiction of this ratio. The electric version won out through its greater affinity to the chemistry especially electrolytical chemistry of the time.

    Bohrs magnetron was erroneously said to have no physical basis because no single atomic particle with the required polarity excess could be identified , whereas chlorine could readily be produced as having an excess negative polarity. Electrons as particles of excess negative polarity were thus philosophically preferred.

    Magnetrons were based on physical spin orientation or gyres and it is theoretically imposible to separate spin orientation in an individual spinning object .

    However, polarity is not based on a single spinning object but on the relative portions of materiality that spin in opposing directions. Thus domains not molecules were the default size of a potential magnetron.

    It was not until the late 1930s that the neutron was demonstrated to have a magnetic moment that the magnetron became a viable reality. Of course by then no one wanted to give up the electron as the prime fundamental particle in classical physics.

    There is a deeper issue. particle physics and wave explanations seemed at odds. The issue is resolved not by particles or waves but by fluctuations in density which is a pressure vector. In its rest state it is curvilineally circular, but in a more dynamic state it fluctuates between explosive expansion and implosive contraction, by curvilineal force vectors.

    I have elaborated on this concept in another thread.
    Magnetic patterning by such magnetrons is a sounder basis on which to build an explanation of physical materiality and is demonstrably a cosmic , universal power, whereas gravity, a local effect of this power is demonstrably not universal.

    JJ Thompsons use of Faraday Tubes is still more fundamental than the particle description either as electron or magnetron, because action at a distance is conceptually odd, but accepted by theoretical philosophers in lieu of a fluid dynamical explanation by vortices.
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