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Magnetic Base / Cosmic Force



  • Orolo. Do you think that man was incapable of writing error free. to correct those "errors" would be to dilute the intended message. No?
  • Agreed with bogtrottter, ed was a perfectionist... any errors in his work are purely intentional
  • bogtrotter, PKB,

    I agree with you guys. Any errors in his works are intentional. What I am getting at is how did the various owners of Coral Castle know this? Maybe they know more than they let on? I wonder if Ed left any instructions when he died about keeping the format the same for his writings.
  • Rumor has it, coral castle isnt even sure the manner in which or by what standards the books are printed.
    Quick story... management has recently changed, not owners, but company or people who are hired to run the place... with it has come some stricter rules, which I have second hand info that the reason is because of people using and making money off coral castle without getting permission.
    Anyway, before the management change, the last manager was much more easygoing, willing to ship internationally if you called and arranged to pay the difference, offered info, etc... again, I have second hand info that she didnt even know where and how the books were printed, she ordered more from the printer, and they arrived...
    Thats the prevailing 'rumor' I call a rumor because that work was conducted by a friend I trust, but again, secondhand. If anyone has any better info, please...
    Other theories I've heard secondhand, are that the books are printed by a freemason run publisher, therefore the original tradition in which ed intended is followed. I do believe ed was a freemason, he left too many clues that he was, and Carroll Lake says in his book, ed claimed to be a shriner.
    If thats true, that leaves questions that contradict... if ed was a mason, and he was sharing their secrets... why would they continue to print the books in a manner in which they can be decoded?
    and if masons are hiding secrets, thats not exactly good practice...
    Yes, it leaves alot of unanswered questions... if you really want a challenge, try to find out why there seems to be no interest in an english translation of Korralu Pils, the latvian book about ed by Andris Stavro, That trail also goes cold fast, where of course, who wouldnt want to see an english version of it... then again, the internet is a great tool too.
  • He may have been a Freemason but he is not revealing any secrets. His type of personality and his obvious penchant for secrets does not lend to leaking. Don't know what other have concluded about "A book in every home" Back in Ed's day, the book in every home was a Bible, thus Bible is the law and the law in "home" (Ohm) would seem to me to refer to Ohms Law. So, whatever the hell that is, it must be an extremely significant clue. I saw on one page here where someone had transcribed the reverse of several pages. One would got batshit crazy trying to play crossword puzzle. Given the number of variables needed solved, I would think it all in vain if someone was caused to run the risk of getting even one variable wrong. There is only one correct manner of accomplishing what he (and others) and an infinite number of incorrect solutions. Incorrect variables would be a good start on that way to infinity. What fun is there for the riddler in having no one ever getting the answer. Whether be alive or dead. An impossible riddle would never be concocted while alive knowing it would never be solved while the riddler is alive or dead. I wish I had more time... and I hope not to sound too arrogant, but this stuff is way to easy. As he had implied. Over thinking has gotten no one anywhere thus far. The man was no Einstein or Tessla, he just applied simple concepts and in simple ways. Think along those lines and you will get further, faster.
  • BTW do you know what happens if one was to make a 3 dimensional version of those by gluing the peaks together and considered it to be a magnet. Pretty screwy trying to determine where its neutral (oh yeah, now tip it on its side and tell me again) Not my point however. Now assume a duplicate of that. Ed liked inversions. Considering the vortex effect within the first, and then (if you could in theory) push one inside the other to create a tetrahedron, a merkaba if you will. there would be a critical point of those attracting (or repelling) forces to which a horizontal and circular field would be created. It would be in the center. Kinda like that stone thing in his photos that look like the horizontal mid slice of a six pointed star. > <. Are you with me?
  • Yes, I am with you there... in fact, the > < you drew is on the right track... in his book MBSB, where he says 'the above reading, the magnetic current, the animal, mineral and vege- TABLE life, they all go together'
    Where ed mentions TABLE, he's refering to his heart shaped table... and the magnetic force in a v magnet
    or... E><3
    my daughter pointed this out to me when she mentioned that a heart was an 'M' over a 'V'... the A underneath is the inverse of the V... and if you draw it out by hand, you can see how it fits the merkaba or star of David shape.
    Yeah, ABIEH, definitely the bible... but I dont agree with your comment about ed not being Einstein or Tesla... he was smarter than both of them.
    Most people dont discuss it because they dont understand it, I barely do, but ed was fairly good with hebrew, and gematria... and therin lies the real code of the bible... ed knew all about it, and uses a similar method, also clues in all his books refer to gematria numbers in the bible, word counts, line counts, capital letter shifts...
    I usually just discuss the stuff I know and follow easy enough... but theres a whole other five or six layers of code that most people just overlook, enigma, gematria, at least another code book I'm aware of, morse code... ed knew it all, and used it all to his advantage. Again, another reason ed says you have to eat for yourself is because he used so many different methods to code, you'll either have to agree with your friend and hope they see it too, or persue it on your own and eat the info for yourself... ed was counting on people seeing different codes and messages, and then arguing over them 'I found it first' etc etc... I dont like to bash anyone, but there is a certain ed researcher who's very popular, but most of his work is almost disregardable except for a few things, anyway, he has a rep as an old ed expert, but on the guys youtube channel, apparently someone went out of the way to make a video stating that '7129/6105195 is not the code' and says they are 'just immigration numbers'....
    well they may have been his immigration numbers, but ed either got those numbers cause he wanted them or exploited them to his advantage... either way, they are part of the code, and anyone who makes a video JUST to discredit and put down other peoples work, work that is actually very good, is an asshole.
    Thats my opinion though...
    And yeah, ed was brilliant...
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  • @bogtrottter , Brother...The PMH, is meant to be a magnetriciy, holder, as most people call a electromagnet holder. What you have called neutral, is 0 and it is within the pinched part of the V. The flywheel makes the Equal Forced ... Magnetic Current, Ed has wrote about His motor is a reversed magneto. By simply gaining the understanding's that if balance is present ,one pole could in fact be within the other, then reversed. Then seeing the reasons of Saturn the Crescent moon and the Sun. The moon shows on it's crescent when the Suns push force is the weakest. You then realize its all magnetic. You wake up! you see NOW HOW Saturn PULLS . Ed said it was simple. We made electricity wrong, were using magnets to make electromagnets. Electromagnets at there center is a figure 8. Knocking the poles out of balance. 2 Equal poles, not one, cut into 2 parts
  • Magnets are magnets meaning tests with magnets can be scalded up or down. Redo Ed's magnet experiments. Think about Ed's writings again. Think on the big scale. These tests show how the universe works on a small scale. The Earth is a magnet we live within it's flux. It.s simple. Realize your not fighting your self. Your fighting only what has been told.
  • The numbers are brilliant because they say so much...
    ed's immigration numbers....
    ed uses them in the enigma...
    7129/6105195=.0011 the difference between the english and pyramid inch...
    they are a mathematical reference to the flywheel, and pyramid math, Jeremy Stride has done extensive work with them there...
    7129 genomes possible in the body as charlie pointed out...
    7129 as letters is GABI... which is the first step to understanding what it is...
    6 and 10 is f and j, which is clue to uncovering the mysterious hook in edm...
    the list goes on...
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    Hopefully someday my brilliant friend someone will find out we are both right. That the truth in your discoveries of the numbers, and math, place more prof in my understandings. Maybe some day we be able to build our own working models of Ed's flywheel. Have 2 PMH's , one 9 foot long tuning fork, and one big assed tripod, Then we can make our own Equal Forced Magnetic Current. Connect a coral stone cut with the tuning fork, to one of the PMH's, [like a electromagnet], but with our = n/0/s current , but only on a crescent moon apon saturns crossing. Then your math will prove why it all works
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    "Sunlight and gravity can be considered opposites in the sense that sunlight is a pushing/repelling force because it's most direct effects on the earth are from the outside in, (See Leedskalnin's experiments with radioactive materials and sections on JJ Tompson's invention of the electron for a better understanding). Gravity is a pulling/attractive force with it's effects on the earth being from the inside out (See Leedskalnin's experiments using rubber and glass for better understanding). Sunlight carries mass and gravity creates a void. " Said Ed Leedskalnin. Maybe this will help you understand why I have said Ed used the PMH to give, the coral new poles inside and out, and Ed then clearly in his experiments, shows how to flip the poles of a charged PMH. I'm hoping one of you guys will discover in the codes hidden in Ed's writings the crescent moon, the Sun and Saturns roles in the lifting of the coral. Matt pointed out I am guessing there roles, however my guesses are educated. We have all been told time and time again about the pulling force Saturn and Jupiter have. Ed has clearly explained that the Sun is push . Ed said " it's most direct effects on the earth are from outside to in"
    When you apply some basic magnetics you can see clearly how this works both ways.
  • 7+1+2+9 = 19 6+1+0+5+1+9+5 =27 19 squared = 38 27 squared = 54
    A sq + B sq = C sq 38+54=92
    From his certificate the number 7129 to his receipt date forms a right triangle. A triangle which would occur as a hypotenuse between the two places he marked the same set of numbers on different sides of an entrance door. 92 is the Atomic Number for Uranium. Didn't I see where he discussed uranium??
  • The HIGGS particle, Is the balance, it's 0-point, The place between NORTH and SOUTH. The Higgs Theory may never see it's full glory[it's base is the modern electron theory] Ed leedskalnin may never be seen as the true Genius , greater than Enistein or than Tesla. Ed leedskalnin , has placed the keys to the universe , right before our eyes within his words, and works. Ed gave it a simple name magnetic current, he even said to people " really it's not hard". Ed tells us all clearly, BATTREIES are not balanced. We have the PMH, the flywheel , Ed explains to us how magnets from the air love to collect on mass. See the magnetic lines move away from the pole bending back towards it's opposite. [ the power of space trapped in the metal constantly flowing]. The space between you and me compressed and . trapped in the metal. See the magnetic lines , look closer see some magnets getting away, but notice THE SAME amount are being drawn in from the air , around the magnet this is natural. Realize because this is some thing the Magnet does naturally, and magnets work the same no matter the scale. Know how magneto's stay charged. Imagine Leedskalnin motor if it was even bigger. Stop fighting . The key is the magnets . It is the shape of the magnet. The Earth the Sun, Saturn mars Venus all the comets and meteors, all magnets. Magnets are in the air you, me , in space, they are the building blocks of every thing and nothing
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