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Water and air behavior

This discussion was created from comments split from: Egyptian Hieroglyphics as Advanced Technological Schematics.


  • If air travels up in water, why does air travel down in my fountain? My guess is the weight of the water in the line is greater above the water line, giving push to the air sucked into the line. Input to the bucket has to be less than the output.

    Notice how much water surface tension my water fall has.

    First water pours into a bottle till it reaches the bottle neck pointing up. Then the water gets stretched to the inside of a bottle top then reduced back to the size of the bottle neck. Does this 4 times. If I blow smoke in the first chamber, the smoke will start traveling down to the lower chambers.

    The aqualungs...

    Notice the bottle looks like a mirror when filled with air under the water. The input needs to be more than the output. Otherwise the aqualungs don't build up air pressure. If I displace a gallon of water with air I have about 8 pounds of air pressure. The blow horn needs around ten to sound. So my guess is I need to displace about 2 gallons of water before opening the air dump valve to the blow horn and it should sound till water fills a gallon of the space.

    Bubble fountain...

    When the air pressure is great enough, this line pumps air down into the water under the bottle. The air collects under the funnel until air fills the bottle to the point it can escape from the bottom of the funnel. Added a little soap so seeing the bubble eruption's is easier to see. Funny the hotter the outside temp the less bubbles I have in the funnel.

    Water is a good servant, but a poor master.
    Fire is a good servant, but a poor master.

    Try this at home. Take a long pipe 30 feet, pointing the ends east and west. Now lift one end higher by five degree's. Does the water travel in the pipe at the same speed if it goes down east and west. Or does one direction travel faster?
    North to south verses south to north?

    How are the Lillie's in your pond doing?
    Notice how algae likes to grow in some spots better than others? I noticed my clear lines aren't so clear anymore.

    Later mods to my waterfall setup will be painting the bottles black.I have to seal the chambers so there is bigger air pockets between the chambers. Black heats up the air inside and water tries to cool the air. A lot of water surface area after 4 chambers. And a lot of air surface area inside as well.

    Left side of image points up. Left the caps on so you could see which way the bottles connect.

    Then cut a second one like this.

    Third cut is the bottom on this line.

    FYI it makes a great filter. With a sock stretched across a bottle top cut smaller than the inside of the bottle. A little charcoal in the sock and my water went from pea soup to crystal clear. As the pores plug in the sock, the water increases in volume stretching the sock allowing more water to flow thru the pores of the weave.
    Last sock cleaning, that sock was full of biofuel.
    Just milk the sock like the utter on a cow with the water pump off, and when you squeeze that sock after a few days it will be full of algae. Still amazes me how much grows in the line from the water pump to the input of the waterfall. And why a short section out of the filter has none at all growing.

    Just above my finger very little growing but below it starts growing again.

    This is what I have been tinkering with lately @dante ...

  • Found this funny

  • I did not write it. Just posted it for later.

    Mainly like the images on that link.

    Why is the clock backwards?
  • In the image it was backwards now it got flipped.

  • Why is the clock backwards?

    Because you moved past their zenith. Or crossed from north to south.
    Just like the moon is flipped above and beyond equator.
  • That made no sense what you said.

    First it shows the image one way, posts the other way. But only flips left with right and right with left.

    Starting to hate these digital delusion devices.

  • But this is a good example of how things should work.

    Since so many of you can't seem to figure out how to piece the parts together.

    Take empty paint buckets one gallon size. Using a pinch roller pump.

    Roller pumps are self-priming, positive displacement pumps, and a variety of models is available. Maximum outputs range from 2 to 75 gpm, and pressures range up to 300 psi. ... Rubber rollers are preferred when the pump is used only for water solutions and wettable powder slurries at pressures less than 100 psi.

    I remember the vampires using them to pump body guilds back in after sucking them out then separating in a centrifuge.

    I think I need to build this driver.

  • Gravity feeds the flexible tubing. Where the glass bottle is where the crescent moon goes below and the wheel with flat rollers pushes water thru the tube.

    Just some ideas to kick around.
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