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Silence DoGOOD



  • PK,
    I thought of the irony of you despising secrets and secret societies.. yet have a warm place for Aleister Crowley in your heart. LOL.. He was the consumate insider. He started some of these societies...and was a member of many others.
  • I know, I have a hard time admitting to my blatant hypocrisy. But I'm not perfect, like I said, a soft spot, although I agree with you completely, and despise myself for it.
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    I'm intrigued @poughkeepsieblue could you elaborate on what it was about Aleister Crowley that you would develop a fondness for in your heart?
  • Nothing particular, although he has a modern mythos that intrigues me. He used to own an island close to where I live, and travel to a mountain in my backyard. Crowley enjoyed mountain climbing. And he did some in my area, and lived here for several years. My friend Erik told me about how Crowley would ascend Mt Beacon, and do rituals on the top, summoning the power of demons to bless the mountain. Erik introduced me to the occult, and 'The Book of the Law', and Anton LaVey. I've also spent countless nights and days on that mountain, and find it has a feel like no other place, especially at night. That's probably just my preconceived thoughts getting the better of me. But it always fascinated me, and thus so did Crowley.
    Over 20 more years, I've grown a contempt for 'magic.' Especially the dark, ununderstood parts. I've found that darkness is just the absence of light. I could go on, but I'm not the same person, and don't exactly have the respect for the occult that I used to.
    But those stories about Crowley, and that mountain, still raise the hair on my arms. I always felt there was something more I couldn't grasp yet.
  • ....and Ozzy wrote a great song about him!
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    J.S.C. Schweigger - His Romanticism and His Crystal Electrical Theory of Matter
  • Sehr Interessant!
  • 3 types of magik. "White" aka "good". " black" aka "bad". And " grey" aka "neutral". The Grey is considered the most powerful as it uses both white and black magic. " witch burning" is a reason sum keep their mouths rob zombies "creature in the wheel"....have a good day.
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