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Silence DoGOOD



  • No one gives away their hard earned knowledge... except you and me. But to us the reward is the revelation, not the payday.
    I share freely.
    but "I share freely." Is a quote from you... I just quote it, a lot, because I believe it. You shared with me, I share as well. There's that circle again.
    dante, you share freely too, I can tell, you're like us in that manner. I met plenty of edl researchers, and yes, no one has spent the time Dave has doing this... maybe I'm catching up, but he has years ahead of me, I'll never beat him out. You want to learn about edl, he's the man to point out the stuff you maybe haven't seen yet. Count it a blessing to edl codebreakers he's here sharing, I do, and I'm no noob to this world of edl.

    I've discussed what I learned with people in my life. They listen, but are unable to listen/process Everyday people want results, or have short attention spans

    Yes, but it also comes down to the care and attention we put into what edl teaches, and how he left it for us. The difference between us, and them, is the amount of respect and care we have for ed. His life, his work, his mind, his methods. I do this to get closer to the man himself, not to find a reward. My reward is understanding ed, and why he did this for us. They just have better things to care about, like Game of Thrones or some trivial shit like that.

    That passing of lips is word of mouth, in Eds case from father to son, or the oral traditions of ancient masons.

    And if you're not a Mason? What? Left out in the cold? No soup for you? Fuck the Masons, and everything they stand for. Fuck secrecy. Fuck oaths. Secrecy and oaths are a self justifying method of lying, disinformation, and misinformation. Edl knew it, that's why he left all this for us to find. I don't think he liked secrecy, but saw its need in his age. I'm sorry, but that kind of thinking is skirting honesty. I don't subscribe to secrecy, unless lives are at risk. I don't risk lives learning about geometry and gematria, and therefore I don't understand the secrecy. But then again, I don't quite know where this road is going, and the end might justify the safety of secrecy... but I won't know till I get there. But then again, we look at ed like a knowledge 'father', so I can see what you mean... but I don't have to agree. I hate being left out of the loop. The only meaning of secrecy in my opinion, is holding power, and keeping others out. And the only reason, is because power is power.

    The pre-selected in my opinion is a state of mind.

    Aww, come on. You've been around... edl hasn't shown you he chose you? He chose me, I know it. I'm confident he chose Dave. EDM talks about edl having the secrets of space and time. If edl controlled gravity, he controlled space and time, if you believe Stephen Hawking. If I could control time, I would reach out into it. If edl did the same, he knows your thoughts on him, your respect for him, how much you care, and what about. It's all written right here. Perhaps every word you type, is one more word edl will see? Your thoughts don't transcend time, but the physical does, this does. If edl could look ahead, he could see what you would think of him, and preselect you.
    page 15 of edm's book "...tailored to the background and knowledge of the reader." Gematria for Dave here... enigma for me... you're a wizard with ed's pictures... somehow, all converging on this circle... Like edm's acrostic cipher in the hidden pages says... "SEE IT A RING ED M"
    Why this for you? That for me? To get our attention. Gematria is exciting and a passion for him, enigma is a thrill for me. Edl knew what he was doing, who he was luring, and what to use for bait.
    In my humble opinion, that's where this ends, with time and space, and that's why all the secrecy, and why Dave finds his posts disappearing from the internet. Cause that's some serious, deep shit, we might just be sharing freely, which might be a no no, but we don't know, cause we haven't reached the end yet, and no one has explained it to us yet that we should stop, cause of their 'oaths'...
    Does that sum it up?
  • Dante,
    About the 5th or 6th time I did a survey of Rock Gate for my CAD program.. a scale map of the place.. every inch. I lived in Daytona and drove with my friend in a van all night and arrived in Homestead about 3am. It was very foggy right near there. I showed my friend around the place as I got ready for the measuring in the morning..telling him what help I would need. He pointed something out to me.. he said.. "you see that?". I didn't know what he was talking about. He said.. look at the light above the tower. I did this picture that shows the lighting effect I saw:

    Ignore the other aspects.. I combined that real life experience with a dream/vision I had at Rock Gate..and that is the passage under the South Wall and the Mayan stone.

    But notice the needles of light from the 2 street lights were shining through the fog.. and they bent upwards.. around a pillar of anti-light or pure darkness...that centered on the tower. Both my friend and I witnessed it. It makes me think of what I've read about black holes made in the lab..and small ones on earth.

    I also heard some years back that Richard Hoagland did experiments with laser lights at Rock Gate and the light bent. It's a non-answer.. but I believe it's the camera.. special camera .. maybe polarized north/south pole magnets in a certain way.. perhaps overlapped... or perhaps he calculated the exact time the earth spun before a north and south pole magnet from a time in past.. each half of a photo is brought together in another dimension of sort..

    This is what I mean. If light has been bouncing around down here on the spinning earth's atmosphere throughout time.. then it's just split up in north and south pole signatures. If they overlap each other at certain times and places... and if you took a time delayed photo one instant.. then knew exactly when and where to take the photo for the other half of the light memory image.. and snapped the photo the 2nd time.. then you would have a complete image of things around us in encoded or embedded in the light but we can't see with our eyeballs. Perhaps he learned that he could take 1/2 of hte photo.. and copy/mirror/or copy/rotate..and get the full image of what was missing. If that was true.. he wouldn't even need to match the time and place for the 2nd half of the photo.. right? This could be involved with your interference pattern maybe?
  • Constition
    YES, you can SEE the images from the stationary V
    Bells on pharaoh, greys leaving on rocket ship
    Pyramid with ring atop

    I have almost all of the post cards, but haven't touched them further
    The "V" works for the images, the interference pattern is capable of moving the grey, white and black round and round to make things line up

    All of the images were found the old fashioned way with a black kind white photo and a clear sheet

    The weave is to be drawn by you from scratch
    I have a few books on the types of weaving

    The pattern isn't stationary, you have to move it, control it
  • Dante and Blue,
    Yes, the weave sparked another Coral Castle experience fact I'll share. I'm not sure if you are familiar with Latvian woven belts. Years ago when I had an EDL based website a man from Latvia asked me to meet him and his wife at Coral Castle. He gave me a book on Latvian Belt weaving and a book about how it's done. I still have them and they are special to me. But your interference weave pattern reminds me much of those patterns as well.

    Now that you mentioned the "father to son" thing.. and now that Jason sparked that comment.. I put two and two together and.. I think I might see what you're getting at. Yes, that is how generations passed their knowledge of sacred geometry down to next generations.
  • Dante,
    I saw someone on another thread here briefly with a video about that mathematical weave and how it works. Was very fascinating to me. .. as I had pondered that for years. Blew my mind actually trying to comprehend it.

    About the Garden of Eden and that V picture of West Gate or Iron Door.. I just remembered that "EVE" and "ADAM" were also on there somehow along with "CAIN" and "ABEL".. obviously "EVE" in "EVERY". Can't remember how ADAM came into it. That too goes right along with that "GARDEN OF EDEN" advertisement and the other findings with EDL and EDM.
  • Yeah, that bouncing of light around the earth, like you said, that circle, that ring. Dave, I always thought maybe the light became radio waves over time, as light is high frequency, but radio is lower, perhaps degraded light over time. EDM shows how light is wrapped in magnets. But edl's sound base/magnetic base seems to say he was listening in on things. His crystal radio, homemade, is on display. Playing with a dollar bill in MC, like edm shows in his book, leads to the message "get two radio blue" or "get to radio blue", since I found the dollar tricks, I always thought maybe ed left that message for me to find, as I always go by PKB on the net since I met ed. It might sound self fulfilling, but you pointed out yourself, there is a poughkeepsie address for EDM, and I tend to feel that's less of a coincidence than I thought, the more I think if edl knew me from the net, he would know me first and most as poughkeepsieblue. By the way, I've driven by the place, it's a 20 story project building, but I've never gone up to the doors. Probably not someone related to our edm anyway, but I guess I'm still honestly scared to buzz the apartment and ask.
  • It seems I can't type fast enough here..
    The unseen parts of light yes. My theory is that it has to do with standing waves in light.
    Finding the "twilight zone"

    Yes you are right, regarding the overlapping of light, and yes you're right we can't see it with our eyeballs

  • Dave, I don't contend 'oaths' are at play here. Here's an example of the oath reference, coupled with my dollar bill/100 cent reference.
    Go to page 100 of edm. Yes, 100 as in 100 cents, one dollar. He shows how to make a golden triangle. Now, back over to page 50, like 50 cents... follow, edm shows to use golden triangles on edl...and he says "IM A V"
    AND he shows edl's yin yang, and we both know the triangles are not golden, but they make a square in height and width, and are split, like you are going to make a golden rectangle... you know, half a square, bisected diagonally... anyway, take a look what happens if you do this to edm's cover...

    bam, all seeing eye... like on the dollar... or oath taking clubs sport...
    and edm shows it the other way, so you have to try it like that too, and oh look it goes to the period in ED . L . and cuts the 16 pointed star in half

    Dante, you said about that V...
    V rit

    More half a
    c the lies bro

    it just keeps getting better... check my math if you like
  • Perhaps this is why EDM references Mythology
    Castor and Pollux
    The "ladder" always ascends into Gemini
    These are represented on the front of the Magnetic Current booklet.
    If we have a hard time seeing this mathematically, an ancient story can give one a better sense
  • maybe that should say 'odin'... like it does in the preface of ABIEH, odin had one eye too. One wise old eye.
  • Good catch poughkeepsieblue
    It looks like a genuine isosceles, I see the eye
    Half way in the book

    The Gemini are the Greek Discouri
    The electric principle we see in the horns of Moses at the Vatican. Astarte, Ammon, the special ox all have the same meaning . The electric / magnetic principles
    We can see their symbols in the volutes of the Ionic columns
  • -State of Mind

    There are a number of secret societies or groups. I've studied them, each have there variants
    I'm by no means an expert. I speak for myself

    I have no doubt it is possible to meet Ed if we work towards it, or ally ourselves with those who are experienced.
    Each time I progress in research I have to reflect, and gain a new perspective. I can't plow through research as it will not bear fruit. What's the point of doing all this research of we can't apply it?
    I wouldn't attack every Masonic lodge or society, what would be the point? Most lodges as we know them today have fallen apart. Granted society as we know is also on a downfall, but we have the power to do good or better within our communities, if we are able to see good, we can apply it.

    The church took away the keys to access god, and said we can still find it, but within ourselves instead. Masonry has adopted that, the system used to be about balance, now in my opinion it is about rebirth, and spiritual Masters of self.

    A few older interests of mine are located in Samothrace, and a group which used to exist called Nabatheans

  • I don't have to attack them, but I won't hesitate to share my feelings about them. They can't offer me anything without initiated devotion, and that's a cult.
    There is no point to attack them, you couldn't win. But be weary of them.
    I have no doubt masons have come in and out of my life since I started with ed. They randomly email me asking questions about ed. Or, a mason will show up on my crew for 6 months, and be gone to another job as fast as they came. PC's been compromised. And shady folks, sending emails in broken english, in order to disguise their writing style, and try to get you to click some shady link, in order to hack you. Obviously someone I've dealt with in the past, if they had to go to all the trouble to hide their writing style so I wouldn't recognize it. Be weary.
    I've said too much now. It's getting time to purge my PC and run it through recovery mode, reset my IP... etc etc. Will do.
    Only saving grace for my work is, ed's books are physical media, and most of the tools required I have here, and can't be compromised electronically. Try as someone might, they couldn't learn anything or stop me from furthering by hacking me. Not to say it hasn't been done.
    Be weary. Be aware, Trust no one who keeps open secrets.
  • I will weigh in on Freemasonry topic and other Secret Societies. Personally, after I've thought long and hard for quite a few years now about it.. and asked quite a few people....and studied much on internet. I've come to see them like the floor of the Masonic Temples. It's checkered with good and evil intentions... good and evil goals.. good and evil people.

    Quite a few years ago I played poker sitting at the table next to an African American gentleman, while at Daytona Speedway dogtrack. He had a HUGE compass and square gold chain hanging around his neck rapper style. He had a HUGE compass and square ring. He had a HUGE compass and square t-shirt on. I started seeing many like this making the rounds of the South as I moved about. Since I had the opportunity, I told him I was trying to determine if Freemasons were good or evil. He told me "OH, they are definitely good!". I was shocked he said that and I asked him why. He told me a story how he had recently been arrested 3 times in the last couple months for possession and distribution of narcotics.

    He said that he went before a judge, flashed some hand signals, and was allowed to leave with no punishment. I swear this is truly what I heard. I was quite shocked to hear this. This man's "GOOD" was exactly the sort of thing I had become aware of ..and why I was wondering if it was "EVIL". I had read about the involvement with the Mormon founders and freemasonry and anti-masonry both. It made my head spin trying to figure it out.. having grown up a Mormon myself.

    I'm afraid some of my experiences I shared with Jason have influenced him and he's had his own. Matter of fact, I thought for awhile back there he was or was thinking about joining after dealing with a coworker. Now, he is quite a bit harsher in his viewpoint on the subject. But that will likely take the path of waves over the years, like my viewpoint has. In my years of experience, I have a love deep in my heart for some things such as the Rosy Cross.. and even learned a respect for what is encoded on the front of the Satanic Bible by Anton LeVey. So, my heart and mind is also much like the floor of the Masonic are my actions and thoughts.
  • Oh, I'm an asshole, and I'm harsh.
    I have a soft spot in My heart for Aleister Crowley, and his begs to be decoded "Book of the Law". Thelema.
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