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Silence DoGOOD

When someone presents another with information
and that "another" returns silence......rather than reciprocating thoughts..
then what "volumes" is that "silence" "speaking"?

I come up with these general reasons:
1. non-interest in topic and don't want to reveal non-interest
2. ignorance on topic and don't want to reveal ignorance
3. contempt for the topic and ideas presented and don't want to reveal contempt
4. moral superiority and don't want to reveal the haughtiness
5. silence treatment to get in another's head or for political social reasons to make the presenter a social pariah

6. too busy to even bother a reply

Is there others that I am missing?


  • Could number 7 be:
    the person/s receiving the thoughts on the topic at hand swore allegiance to another/s not to talk about said subject with others than themself/ves?

  • I missed you so much.
  • #8 I think is me. Learning. Still taking it all in. Tying it with what I already know. Especially where hebrew is concerned, I don't exactly grasp it yet. I'll jump in more soon. I haven't had any good revelations lately, but since you've been back I've had some good leads I need to follow on. I won't let you do this alone. Be patient with me, but I'm on your side. I will reciprocate, you know I'm good for it.
  • Jason,
    I appreciate the thoughts and comments.
    I didn't think about #8. Maybe a good point and maybe not.
    Depends on how you learn and if you're using the people that already spent countless hours learning something to help yourself learn I guess. Charlie said last year on this forum that NO ONE just gives away their hard earned knowledge.
    I am willing and do, as you know. Can't control much if seeds sprout or not I guess. Not even sure what seeds I want to sprout, if any at all. Just try to figure out mysteries I notice and share what I see in hopes others have ideas to help me further understand the mystery.
  • EDL didn't give away his hard earned knowledge either and he didn't want money for it. What did he want?
    EDM makes it logical in his preface

  • Dante,
    I realize what you say.. to an extent. Don't understand your point about not wanting money for it. I've been sharing my findings of EDL's works for 14 years to whomever is interested and never made a dime. So, not sure if you had an insinuation there or not, but if so, it's way off mark with me. I also don't want accolades or a pat on the back. I want answers and synergy.

    Course, EDL did charge for his written works. I do not. I also understand what you refer to in EDM's preface and I've spent about 12 years contemplating those words. "in the twinkle of an eye". Well.. 12 years is one long twinkle. Humble? That's full of degrees.... and some would say because I share my findings that I'm not humble simply because I shared them. I say only God can judge that. He knows my heart and true intentions.

    And I've seen you posting all sorts of similar things as I Dante on many forums.

    Plus, as I said.. I'm not pre-selected. Fine. So be it. Maybe I can show a few others a path that might get them close to that path? I don't know. I'm just following my gut and heart here. Spent 12 years in fear and thought about EDM's preface. I start to see it akin to the Scary ghosts in Scooby-Doo cartoons now. Always a bald old guy behind the emerald curtain trying to scare the crap out of poor little Dorothy following that yellow brick path. Those parts right before "the beginning of the end" and the "preface" I've spent countless hours pondering. Quite frankly, I think I'm at the point where I want to see the wizard behind the curtain, whether it be Satan dragging me to hell, or little green men taking my hand to OZ.. I'd rather have ANYthing happen than nothing happen. So, I'm not scared of sharing... least that's SOMEthing.
  • ..and Dante.. I've taken no oaths NOT to share my "hard-earned findings". Did EDM or EDL? Did you? Could any of you/us share our "hard-earned findings" if NO MONEY is involved? Is that the test? What happens if you don't share something because you took an oath that someone shared with you.. so you hid it in plain sight.. then I found it and understood it.. and I shared it? Am I now breaking "HIS WILL"?.. pitting my will against his/hers? Is that what you're saying? I could say.. maybe you shouldn't have hidden it in plain sight. Or maybe God shouldn't have given me the ability to understand it. Or maybe none of it matters who shares what with whom.. because maybe ONLY the pre-selected give a damn about any of it anyway. Everyone else can't understand it.. and don't care if they did. So, they are the filter.. and with a tool such as the internet.. you can share to those who do in the "twinkle of a mouse".

    I've heard that either Socrates or Aristotle refused to swear an oath and join the Elusinian Mysteries, but I've seen others say otherwise.. so who knows the truth?
    I imagine this is what you refer to in part right?... ONLY those who can keep a secret.

    As with Socrates, we do not know of the time and place of Plato's initiation. All we know is that Plato's favorite student, Aristotle, later wrote that Plato had an "unwritten doctrine" that was communicated to students only after they had been initiated. Aristotle, in his work known as the Metaphysics, confirms that this doctrine was that of the Mysteries.

    So, the non-pre-selected, such as myself are to have the "clues" such as EDM and EDL left and study them.. and the ONLY test is whether I feel inclined to share what I find with others and try to gain their insight.. at a place such as this forum... and if I do.. then obviously this shows why I was not pre-selected?.. and if I keep them to myself and humbly keep studying.. as I have for years.. then I have the hopes of one day something/one coming to me in the twinkle of an "eye" or "i"? And then when that happens.. I can shake my head at others that took the path I have now chosen to share what they have discovered?.. and seemingly in fear that I will once again become one of ME.. and despised by the other "insiders".. and I can do as EDM and EDL.. publish pamphlets and books or build sculptures that utilize what I learn.. and pass it on that way? Is that the "way"? Is that the way of the "lips"?

    Doesn't it resemble in the very least #4 and #7 listed at beginning of this thread?

    I, myself, pre-selected myself to keep following and learning on my own intuition and share freely as my heart feels inclined.. and hope for a return that can help me on that path. Has that happened in the last 14 years? It's spotty results. But much better results than waiting for that "twinkle".
  • Constitition

    I was insinuating that EDL was noble and wasn't a sellout. He didn't share or encode his knowledge for greedy money. There was no intention to post you into that fact

    My intentions in decoding EDL was to understand his healing methods. Which I understand now, but didn't discover that through his hidden texts or images - however easier said than done
    I have yet to find someone who can help me with Eds interference pattern.

    When I started researching EDL I had two books on my shelf, now I have 300+ only a handful are helpful.
    The wizard behind the curtain would imply deception

  • ..anyone ever notice how ALL gangs and the mafia also have the "way of the lips"?
  • I've discussed what I learned with people in my life. They listen, but are unable to listen/process Everyday people want results, or have short attention spans

    That passing of lips is word of mouth, in Eds case from father to son, or the oral traditions of ancient masons.

    The pre-selected in my opinion is a state of mind.

  • The twinkling of an eye could reference biblical passages.. EDM has choice words
    IAO is also hinted at by EDM, which is the creative principle, something from nothing?
  • I have yet to find someone who can help me with Eds interference pattern.

    Give me your best shot what you're looking for and I'll tell you if any of it rings true to me. If it does, I will freely share. It will be hard to find someone who has spent more time on the works of ED Leedskalnin than myself. Not bragadosia.. just a fact.
  • How well are you with Eds overlays?
    Have you discovered beings, aliens, or a spirit of an planet in its mythological sense?
    The passage of time and handing down of knowledge of the sacred tetrahedron net

    These I've posted before under the thread "last page of abieh "

    The interference pattern is generated when you slide the overlay overtop of the photograph, it moves opposite of your direction.

    It deals with how Ed made his photographs, in which pattern was it?

  • It's the 'weave' edm talks about in the last of the hidden pages. The back door he calls it. I haven't had any new thoughts on it. Originally I thought it was a twill weave edm was referring to. It looked like the pattern on my denim when I first saw it, but changes as you re orient the transparencies. It was very vague for me to ever place. Dave, remember the burlap bag story? Ed's burlap bag? Latvian weaving? We have definitely discussed this before, I still have a copy of the Latvian weaving book you sent.
  • Oh.. that .. the pictures V'ed. Yes, I spent much time on it years ago when I first read Marlinski's book. I did some form of every picture or photograph available to me at that time. I mainly used Photoshop. I also played with reversing negative of one and overlaying. I found many things. Mostly what I found was what I refer to as a "totem pole".. one shape of one face or being is on top of another.. and another.. I wondered if that's where totem poles came from. .. the idea.

    I had my best luck with what I now know is a postcard put out by EDL. The one "See" Rock Gate.. that I found Caesar Cipher in caps. In that mirroring.. I used my intuition and followed the clues he gave with the vertical lines and the black/white boundaries.. to mirror.. and I found 2 bells.. on Egyptian Pharoah crowns. One on the Moon Fountain is what I think is Solomon or David.. as above it says "DVD"..and this is dual meaning in Roman Numerals for 1005 .. which Solomon had 1005 songs. His eyes are shut with an Egyptian head dress and Uraeus. He has a bell above his head. Another is the Saturn Obelisk becomes the ears of a dog/cat...which I think of as Anubus.. Jackal headed god..with a cat type face over a tinkly bell on his forehead and pharoah crown...which stripes like King Tut's sarcophagos are the stairs on the east wall.. and there is 2 holes with beings walking out.. and little grey aliens, etc.

    I also found Cain and Abel on a photo of the West Gate by aligning a photo of front cover of ABIEH.. where the book EDL is holding becomes the knife shape between his legs.. and one twin ED is white and one black with the negativity used.. and the words "ring bell twice" .. shows "abel" and the "AIN" becomes "CAIN" on cover of ABIEH. And the triangle on the foot of EDL's foot aligns like a registration mark with the triangular rust spot on the West Gate photo... which is really odd.

    I did a bit of research into the tintype patterns you allude to. To me it became obvious he is playing with the unseen parts of light.. all around us. I saw Mayans with head dress... and many things.

    THis is long so I'll post a personal experience at Rock Gate that might explain your interference pattern maybe.
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