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Copyright, 1936, by Ed L



  • Tau, ed uses it lots. If we think ed was a mason, than the triple tau is a knights templar symbol...

    Royal Arch

    Interesting because on page 10 of MC, ed uses triple T's or tau's, to start the three paragraphs.

    Ed does this, as we both agree, GME is an example, and I believe I mentioned YHWH, err YIWI, on the back cover of MVAL, but for good measure.

    Edm does it all through his chapter 8, starting with SW S SILHOUETTES HI
    and Chapter 9, LIT I SHY o
    SW, or mirrored of the mason's NE, ed's tower's cornerstone
    S or 19, Tau is 19th greek letter, which I showed could be 3, and the masons triple tau is in an equilateral triangle. There's more to this, hebrew actually, but I still dont follow it well, so I'll say that prime numbers go with hebrew here too.
    Silhouettes seems to go back to the pics in ABIEH, as they are all silhouetted, but there is that triangle with the 4 in it on the cover that seems to be HI, and silhouetted... doesn't all tie together exactly, but worth giving a think.
    Speaking of edm, ever notice his self publishing title
    Passels Information Network
    Easy to miss it...
    Pass Els Information Net Work
    When edm says net... he says it a few times, in his intro, and on his last page of his hidden pages. Edl mentions 'net' too usually as mag-
    but it's there, he also mentions spider webs, and spiders are the eternal weavers, and net makers that inspired us... since we are still on greek, maybe more can be found in the story of Athena and Arachne? But I like to think edl and edm are trying to get us to see more along the infinite, such as in Indra's Net.
    Not sure, food for thought.
  • Was thumbing edm today, the triple tau can also be found at the bottom of his page 19, can't miss it, "So much Greek!"
  • "Well it all looks Greek..." But Indra's Net seems right.

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    Pg. 66 he EDM poses the question, "You can't catch a light beam and hold it in a can, can you?" Well it turns out you sort of can.

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    The alpha and omega
    The Greek alpha corresponds to Hebrew aleph
    The Greek omega(last letter of the alphabet) corresponds to the Tav (last letter of Hebrew alphabet) in English A - T in his " AT WORK " picture.. several layers of meaning. Truth in being/ truth of knowing

    Passels - Els Pass? Is EDM giving a pass for access? Passels being a large group or net.. grouping.. of numbers, letters? perhaps hinting at a large numerical els technique


    AT is aleph and Tav in Hebrew, I'm not experienced enough yet but these two together are important in older.hebrew writings
  • Perhaps @RebuildTheWorld could shed some light. I believe he has some expertise in this area.
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    Time is precious. Edm says it several times.
    He also says edl's messages are tailored to the background and knowledge of the reader. How is that? It's on page 15, can't miss it.
    Edm says, How would you pre-select into who's hand it would be placed?
    According to my friend Stephen Hawking, time and space are measured in light and gravity. If edl could manipulate gravity, could he manipulate time? The bible starts with Light, and edl's MC ends with Light. Edm makes the point to show us light is electromagnetic. Radio waves are made from EM fields, and radio waves, especially short wave, travel FAAAARRRR... like I could get russian short wave from New York, with the right antenna, right?
    Net could be any number of things, ed was a Mason, so he was schooled in double/triple meanings. sengA talked about 153 lots, the number of fish in the net, Vulcan's net, internet. World wide web, spiders web, web of deceit. How could George Orwell have such an intimate knowledge of things happening today, on an exaggerated scale of course, I mean exaggerated now... compared to the actual 1984, where iphones, and 2 way monitoring devices in your breast pocket was still a fantasy dream, Imagine how close his novel will seem in another 20 years, at the pace of our privacy slowly disappearing.
    But back to the net, it isn't going away. Internet I mean. Every time we post something, it's leaving a semi-permanent trail right here in the electric aether. In 50 more years, will this post still be findable? Will poughkeepsieblue be dead and gone, but my time spent posting and speculating on edl live on forever? Is the internet the only legacy we will leave behind, after books are banned as a waste of trees and paper, all that will be left are these ever changable electronic 1's and 0's stored on chips and boards and transistors. Is the only thing the future will know of me a stack of silicon a few microns thick?
    If time is just gravity and light, what makes right now different from 50 years ago? Is it the way the waves of light and gravity change wavelength and frequency over time? Wavelength is measured in time, but actually isn't time measured by wavelength? Ed is standing next to a giant wavelength lambda in his at work picture. Why is it upside down? Again, I won't even try to understand anymore than this, yet, I'm no expert on EM and the like, just trying to understand. But like charlie said, kids learn fast, cause it's easy to fill an empty head. My head is pretty empty the more I look around it.
    I guess the point I'm making, is that; is it easier to ponder how ed knew about, us, and how he knew about a WW2 enigma machine, at a time when only nazis knew about it, and how he seemed so advanced in his simple ways, or is the simplest explanation that he was getting his knowledge from the future? Did he figure out how to manipulate his radio to pick up our future left over em signatures? Or when edm says that edl's sign says edl is 'older', did ed live the earlier part of his life before 1887? Or after 2016? Or perhaps, if he was spending time in other times, those days, weeks, even months would add up to more physical age in ed's body, but not passing time in his 'reality'. If i figured out how to go back and visit ed in 1936, and spend a year with him before returning to right now because I have work tomorrow, I would be a year older, but no time would have passed here, here I would be the same age, but my body would have been one year older. How do you keep track of your age that way?
    Of course, I'm violating occam's razor, because the simplest explanation is time travel, but the most complicated explanation is explaining time travel. But, if the so called greatest minds of science; Hawking, Einstein, Sagan, all put serious time and thought into the possibility of time travel, why shouldn't we consider it? Especially because, theoretically, it's been postulated as possible.
    More food for thought, edm seems to make it a point to keep you guessing, for example on page 18 of edm's book he says 'At least there isn't a CC here. One could get quite suspicious if you would se e=mc^2, wouldn't you?'
    I think edm is calling attention to the fact that edl may have known his place would someday be called Coral Castle, as opposed to his Rock Gate. That would explain the discrepancies between his statistics page, and the legend that the next owner renamed the place Coral Castle, was the statistics page added after the new owners? No, because it's rife with code, so did ed name CC, Coral Castle? Or did the second owners? That's an open question, because there seems to be some debate on it. I propose ed wrote the statistics page, and therefore he was quoting the future, or he made up the name. What do you think?
    Since I'm on page 18, anyone here have any musical background, especially piano, can figure out the right song at the top of the page? Been working on it all week. On page 17 he mentions, 'one more thing of note', and he also mentions the 'comma'. Does it mean anything?
    Google 'comma, music'. The link to the right wiki isn't working, so you're on your own here.
    But, it sure does, it's a minute (my-nute) interval between notes, sorta like drop below 10 cents. Ever see my first 1984 video? I go over minute (as 60 seconds) and minute (my-nute) as 'less than' in that video because Orwell uses the wordplay in his code too, when he says 'Two minutes hate' which turns s or 19 into 17, by making it minute by 2. Thus, with the title 'nineteen eighty-four' becomes 'seventeen eighty-four', and 1780-4=1776, the birth of a nation...
    But minute is not important here, just making mention.
    And the list of numbers at the top of the page
    translates to notes in the musical scale
    I had a friend look at it, and I have a guitar tablature for the basic tune, but I believe ed is talking violins and pianos as 'my vio' can be found in the title of ABIEH, and the 10 C in the ADM sign indicates middle C on a piano, as the cents mark is also a center line in building. On a piano, it sounds like the Bridal March from Richard Wagner's 'Lohengrin'. Which would be very relevant to ed and agnes, but the beginning eaaeaa also matches the very famous opening to the Flying Dutchman Overture, also by Richard Wagner. Shit, I just realized both were Richard Wagner written... Must be about Wagner.
    Disregard that, I may have just figured it out... Wagner.
    Edm was right, they may just come to you, the answers that is... I'll get back to the copyright soon, keep that dime handy...
  • This may help conceptually.

  • Pretty sure I'm not sure I get it, like I said, lots of space to fill... I do like Hank though, he comes up on my tube a lot.
    As for Richard Wagner, I am pretty sure I'm getting closer there.
    Richard Wagner, wrote 'The Ring Cycle.' A 4 night opera event.
    What's interesting about The Ring Cycle you say? Well, it happens to be about the Norse legends, Odin, Thor, etc... The Ring of the Nibelung. hart72294 looking in your direction more now, as the connection with the eye is perfect to the yin yang the more I find out about it. Mimir owes odin an eye, and Mimir is said to drink from the well from the Gjallarhorn. But the Gjallarhorn is better associated with Heimdallr, who is an interesting cat as I read more. The loud horn, and the water of the well of knowledge, deep stuff. Heimdallr is also called Rig, I remember reading, and craig, if you're out there, I'm looking in your direction now, rig
    'thor's pref' and 'odin i o u' on the author's preface? interesting as the 'Ring' reference. Edl says to 'fasten a ring on top' of your electric magnet. Edm mentions a ring a few times, he draws extra attention to the 'camera stand' as a 'ring within a ring'. Or an o within an O. He also mentions on level 3 of the hidden pages, there's a first letter of every paragraph cipher in the last section about 'The Tree'. It says SEE IT A RING EDM
    He also ends it with
    that's the kicker that ties the ring message here into the notes on page 18
    and then the same excerpt from edl he ends with on page 18 of edm's book.
    He discusses tree rings heavily in these paragraphs of the hidden pages as well.
    The Tree, the rings, the reeds, the seed, all goes along with the copyright subject, and the ADM sign, both at the 'beginning' of ed's works, his writings and park, if you're watching along. The tree also fits good with the world tree Yggdrasil, edl mentions trees doesn't he? It will go along even more after we bring in the dime, as the dime is a ring, and it's edges have 'reeds' I promise there's more to the dime, so much, i have no time yet, but i will, there's so much.
    So anyway, that's the thinking of it as I see it, this week.
  • Thanks for mentioning me, PKB!

    On the subject of trees, he also mentions lightning.

    "Lightning strikes the tallest tree..." The tallest tree would definitely be the world's tree.

    Lightning, we all know who is famous for that. Thor. Another Thor reference. I got in to Norse M after I saw the first Thor movie. They leave a lot of things out, but thats the Marvel Comics adaptation.

    Dimes: One of the older dimes is called a "Mercury Dime." Not to be confused with the messenger god, according to Wiki.

    It actually represents the goddess Liberty.
  • Yess, good point, I will have to revisit that, it's not fresh on my mind.
    That's funny, my wife got into Norse M after seeing the film Thor as well, and after watching the 'Vikings' series. She seemed to enjoy the movie more than me... and she's always giddy when Vikings is on, hmm...
    Anyhow, now I'm into it, seeing the tie ins to the bible, and ed, and the symbolism. Interesting Nibelung, Nephilim, hmm... There is a lot I could go about, like Thor's death in Ragnarok, against a serpent, or coil, taking 9 steps, and falling to the earth. Yeah, that's interesting.
    I have some silver, a few dimes, but they're the same size as today's dime, which matters most you know. I can't keep up exactly with the chronology of the silver coinage of the US at the time, but I will find out soon enough, I know some serious collectors. They know better than me, and who better to learn from.
    Liberty was the half dollar I believe, and it was designed by the same fella who designed the dime, If I'm correct. Dollar was the peace dollar, but that wasn't made after 1935 or something like that, because there were so many, and the US was changing the currency all the time due to war and economy and trying to get gold and silver out of the public's hands. They succeeded in 65, and got rid of silver at last, but it's still out here, I get it sometimes.
    Size matters. No matter what you hear.
  • That's interesting, both got into it by the same reason. Also, Thor: Ragnarok comes out next year, can't wait to see it.

    Interesting you mention Heimdallr; in the mythology and movies, he is the one who opens the rainbow bridge to Midgard (Earth) and the other realms. In the movies, any one from Asgard is referred to as an Asgardian.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Ed was able to communicate with the Norse gods and goddesses, or even visited Asgard. The thought of that gives me shivers, but its just a thought. Or is it?

    If I can recall correctly, there are 9 realms in Norse M.

  • Happy 7/29 Everyone!
    It's ed's prime day! Almost over for me, but not yet...
    7/29, or 7129 is ed's first 'immigration' number. It's a magic number with lots of different meanings.
    Let's look at some.
    7129 is GABI
    add 7+1+2+9=19, 19 is the 8th prime number
    29 is the 10th prime number
    one of ed's birthdays is 8/10
    71 is a prime number, the 20th prime
    71 +29=100, and ed wants 'one hundred per cent good'
    so, 7/29
    July 29 is the 210th day of the year, or 211 on a leap year
    211 is the 47th prime number
    210 is a triangular number, the 20th triangular number
    3 more than ed's 17th triangular number, or the magic 153
    17 the 7th prime
    back to 210 though, it's an even more fun number because it's the product of the first 4 prime numbers
    add the first 4 prime numbers you get 2+3+5+7=17, there's 17 again
    whether or not it's a leap year, there's 155 days of the year left.
    1+5+5=11, the 6th prime
    155 is 31x 5, or the 11th prime x the 3rd prime, which would give magic 33 if you wanna see it that way.
    366 days on a leap year divided by 211 = 1.734, which is interestingly close to the sqrt3
    there's interesting play in these numbers, rearrange 211, and you get 1 12, ed's other birthday, or 121, which is 11^2
    but let's start thinking in primes and gematria
    prime sequencing is the mathematical key to the torah, and ed's number references are always somehow linked to gematria
    get yourself a 'Strong's', or use 'bible wheel', it works good
    210 is 'ayin, or eye in hebrew, makes it's first appearance in Genesis 3:6
    "And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.'
    'ayin in hebrew normally, not as it's printed in gen 3:6, is valued at 130, or 13 normally.
    The first greek appearance is in Matthew 5:41, as 'milion', or 'mile'
    " And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain."
    What's interesting about milion, strong's defines it as;
    " a mile, among the Romans the distance of a thousand paces or eight stadia"
    when I read 1000 and 8, I thought of ed's '8000 word booklet'
    but what about 155??
    this gets better
    155 in hebrew, makes it's first appearance as 'yacaph' or 'more', in Genesis 8:12
    "And he stayed yet other seven days; and sent forth the dove; which returned not again unto him any more." in this case the offending phrase is "not again", but synonyms for yacaph include 'again', 'add', 'henceforth', 'continued', so let's just see what the next 155 is
    It's in Genesis 13:14, and it's 'qedem' or 'east'
    U read it, 21 look east
    qedem is usually valued at 144, or 12^2, or ADD, or ADM, or ADV
    the verse reads
    "And the LORD said unto Abram, after that Lot was separated from him, Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward"
    in greek, it's 'pous' (soup?) or 'foot', first found in Matthew 4:6
    "And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone."
    East is very important, it makes it's first appearance in Gen 2:8, when describing Eden, right before it goes into describing the 4 rivers of eden
    as a heads up, some of the best math is found in the parts about the rivers of eden
    just as a tidbit, because I have to mention it
    4^3, 4 cubed is 64, the age ed died, and 64 makes it's first appearance in Gen 2:11 as Havilah
    "The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold"
    'Gold' has a value of 19, again 19 is the 8th prime, and 8^2 is 64
    The gold is the numbers I believe.
    Enjoy 7/29 everyone.
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    Ayin , Ain, is important in Eds cover

    " your eyes will be opened " referring to knowledge, good and evil
    - I will do a quick post under symbols and numbers

    Fascinating about rivers in Eden
    The gold is numbers and phonetics
    Gold is OR in french, in Hebrew "Ohr" is Light
    Alchemy - transmutation into gold, or the light

  • Doing a little reading, and got thinking about sign language.
    I know a little about the sign language alphabet, American sign language that is. Ed does appear to be making masonic gestures, none of them ever seemed to be sign language to me, but I never investigated it either. I thought about modern sign language, but ed never did much 'modern' anything, he likes references to 'classic' works, I noticed. So I used my quick google education to learn some more about the history of sign language. Thank god it's not 1936, and I actually had to go to the library or something. Unfortunately, the internet isn't a 'valid' place to 'learn' anything, so I didn't actually get any smarter after reading anything...
    But before I forget where I found the info, thought I would point this out.
    The 'modern' history of sign language begins about 1620, in a book by Juan Pablo Bonet; "Reducción de las letras y arte para enseñar a hablar a los mudos," ("Summary of the letters and the art of teaching speech to the mute".) Allegedly the first recorded modern use of sign language to teach speech to the mute, as stated. In his book, it contained a sign alphabet, the basics of which were adapted to modern use in Spanish, French and American Sign language.
    Bonet's name interested me, because of the 'net' in his name. In MC ed ends and starts many sentences with 'mag-' and 'net', respectively. I felt like I saw it before, but not in MC, it was in ABIEH, page 2. If 'you read ititit' and you 'look east', you will see 'Bonet', kind of, and a reference to 'hand' and 'body.'

    Ed's pictures are in ABIEH, so I looked closer at ed's cover.

    You can see ed standing on 'ED' under his feet, which I call the 'seed'. Look at his hands, they look a little, uh, a little, contorted(?) perhaps. Contrived you might say. But let's look at Bonet's sign alphabet.

    That is not in order I'm sure you can tell.
    It's similar to the ASL alphabet I know, but not the same. For starters, it has 22 letters, like Hebrew has. Ed was very into hebrew.
    Looking at Bonet's 'E' and his 'D', I would dare to say ed is making the sign for 'ED'. His left hand as 'E', his right as 'D'. You can sign with either hand, depending on which hand dominant you are, so either hand is correct.
    Poking around, ed doesn't seem to have much of his hands showing, but in his generator pic he's making the beginnings of the 'Devil horns' hand gesture, as I know it (KISS ARMY for life). Which is a mason's gesture, allegedly.

    Well, the devil horns are Bonet's 'Q'.
    AG make EZ.
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