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Copyright, 1936, by Ed L



  • I did not know that, about how he lost the eye. Interesting parallels indeed. My wife knows more about Norse myth than me, but I will be picking up her books on it soon. Oh yeah, the yin yang can be an eye too, and it relates better to the Norse find now.
    Back to the copyright, since i have barely scratched at it.
    Forgoing the math (for now) and into ABIEH.
    page 3
    "The schools and the churches are cheapening the girls!"
    I have been talking about the bible, and money, and if you want to get stereotypical, ed says cheapening, and it is a Jewish bible... we all joke here, we joke...
    "-are coupling up the girls with the fresh boys-"
    We will do some coupling up of our own.
    notice ed says "first degree"
    "first de-
    "second de-
    and below that
    "by and by"
    by de- i mean ed
    how about "start it in" and "start in" as in, the start of the book...
    How about the exclamation point? Seems out of place right? In math ! is a notation for factorial ex., n! It's used for permutations and combinations. Ed's factorial is surrounded by 3 n's in a triangle... well, 2 n's and a u, which is n upside down. That's not what's interesting though. Look at 'churches and cheapening'. Now go google factorial, I mean it. Although the notation n! wasn't standardized until 1808 in notation, it's been used to calculate the permutations of 'change ringing' of church bells. Change? not coins this time... Bells again? Yup, permutations using factorials go back to the 'father of change ringing' Fabian Stedman, who wrote 'Tintinnalogia'. But that's still not what's interesting. Look up Stedman, he was a member of the 'Scholars of Cheapside' who practiced bell ringing at the cathedral of 'st Mary Le Bow'. Cheap, check, bow again, check, even better, cockney's know what it means to be within earshot of the bell of Bow. Cockney? Doesn't ed mention Roosters somewhere in ABIEH? You can't make this shit up... well, ed could. And if you want to keep expanding, permutation math can also be represented in braid theory models, which has mathematics that spill over to fluid dynamics, pun intended. Keep expanding, edm talks about weaving on the last page of his hidden pages. Latvian belt weaving...
    back to the copyright page, If yours is still together, mine is not anymore, it's next to the Author's Preface page. Did you catch the Greek here? the Tau in Author, or the gamma's that make up half of the capitol T's. I repeat myself?
    Interesting Gamma has a Greek gematria value of 3, and tau has a value of 300, ed drops zeros sometimes, i mean, they are nothing of course.
    More important is the theme ed is running with here, boys and girls, first and second, gree(k), and black and white. So let's take ed's advice and 'COuple' up the 'COpyright page'. I don't know if boys are even numbers or odd numbers, so let's just couple them up as pairs.
    CO PY RI GH T, 19 36 ,
    There's py, uh pi.
    But, we cant have one fella's girl next to another girl's fella can we? Nope, so lets 'send them off' so to say
    CO RI T, 36
    PY GH 19 ,
    Corinthians? Corinth?
    PYGH? Pythagoras? A stretch for Greek? No way,
    first Corinthians 3:6 "I have planted, Apollo watered: but God gave the increase."
    Apollo, one of the Greek Gods who survived Romanizing name changes. And what if ed doesn't count the commas as part of coupling up?
    I didn't mention 36 yet, or 6^2, anything squared or cubed should be a flag.
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    "edm talks about weaving on the last page of his hidden pages."

    Did You pass the "cross test" of the last page ? :) .....hmmmm I wonder how
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    poughkeepsieblue it's really great what you found! I'm not so good in math, but everything has a good argument and make sense. :) i'm very interested what comes the next:)
  • Some Symbolism
    3 4 5 triangle and the all seeing eye - ancient hebrew/pythagoras/egyptians
    It relates to the 47th problem of Euclid
    Using the numerical value(Hebrew) of A.U.M. is 47

    47 is a number refering to the 47 degrees from cancer to capricorn, the Garden of Eden. Depending where vegetation is situated on the planet, grow at an angle of 23.5 degrees or 47 degrees

    I find it interesting Ed put this in the copyright page, is it a clue that the male and female producers will provide a product? The coupling of a fresh boy with a girl giving the appropriate result? 3 4 5
    I know you are right poughkeepsieblue, lots of math
    Nature and its laws
    Great posts

  • So, we left off with seeds and greeks, squares and cubes, circles and dimes, the bible and stars of david, bows and triangles.
    David Bowie? nah, but on second glance... does tie into my favorite book.

    But enough fun, back to Corinthians.
    Corinth. A Greek city, known for having a temple of Aphrodite, and Apollo. The ruins of the Apollo temple still stand on the acropolis of Corinth today.
    Apollo has a twin sister, Artemis/Diana. Speaking of twins... edm speaks about MC and MVAL as being twins. On page 17 edm mentions much of what im rambling about, twins, greek, square's and roots, and golden geometry. Then again on page 63, 'YOUXTWINS' Edm talks about 'MAYLIGHT', and the month of May, also astrology. Page 17, 63, and 64 are some of the most confusing pieces of literature you will ever see, but they will make more sense in a minute.
    You still have that tarnished silver dime? With Hermes on it? err Mercury. Mercury/Hermes is known for possessing the caduceus, which he was traded by Apollo for his turtle shell lyre, because Hermes was a cattle rustler. Now I was born in May, and im a Taurus. Cattle, lyre, caduceus... May, sound, and opposing intertwined serpents. There's a symbolism building here. 64, which we all know is how old ed was when he passed... allegedly... also mentions the ROD, GOD, and the beginning, the book of genesis.
    Dante, you just posted above about the garden of eden, 47, Hebrew, bravo my friend, you hit the nail on the head. YOUR post is great. I just learned that the Garden of Eden in genesis is directly related to 'All Matter' in the physical universe. But that's not my find, therefore I cannot elaborate, but keep on the right path, and you may find what I mean. Start with the 4 rivers.
    I said I would get back to Corinthians, so here goes. Counting the commas
    CO RI T, 36
    6 squared is 36
    but like I said, does ed count the commas? lets see if it matters.
    CO RI T1 6
    so many interesting possibilities, putting CORI to the side gets T16
    and on page 25 of edm's book, his typo reads 'view a t as a b o ok'
    otherwise T(20) can be 2 or b, by dropping the zero. Zero is nothing, and nothing does not exist... err, exists as nothing.
    so CORI 216
    red flag, 216 is the cube of 6, most know it as the number of the beast 666, or 6x6x6, did we talk about 432? and 216 as half of 432, or that ED(54) x 4 =216.
    Let's throw 108 in the mix too, since multiples of 54 are fun. Want some more fun? go over to page 108 of edm's book, we were just on 25 mind you, discussing 216, and 54.
    Look down at the last lines
    Frozen ..... ... .... 25 Hug you..... ... .....54
    Dante, you might be interested to know, if you count the dots between these words and numbers, you get
    frozen (48) 25 hug you (46) 54
    there could have been more after frozen, right? why 48 and 46, because of 47 between them, bravo again.
    Now since you cant resist, go over to page 47, there's that damn integral symbol again, and edm talking about the center or equator of MC.
    Now since we are 2 flips away, and discussing triangles, halves, US currency and the copyright page, look over to page 50, and 51. First, everything edm shows you works with his book, as well as edl's books. So, the golden triangle trick, try it on edm's cover, in the black box, you will absolutely love the result.
    Second, notice the yin yang on page 51. Double 51, and go to page 102. There's the yin yang, on the same page as the date of his advertisement. Remember this for now, as I will visit it again later, when the real fun begins.
    CORI 216, again...
    let's poke around the book of corithians and see if ed is still leading us, he is, and I'll show you what I think means the most.
    BTW, I always use the KJV, mine is a 1611 version, if you saw my second i think enigma vid, Youve The Fst KJ.
    Corinthians 1 2:16; "For who hath knowen the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ."
    What about COR 12:16? Again as per previous instructions, ed uses the capitol "I" as a number 1.
    Corinthians 1 12:16; "And if the eare shall say, Because I am not the eye, I am not of the body: is it therefore not of the body?"
    I've said, the yin yang is an eye, but fuck that, look at the great wordplay... when we compromised I as a number 1, we found "I am not the eye (I)".
    Again, lets look at CORIT 16. You may read all of it, but Paul mentions Macedonia, and Ephesus. Ephesus having once been home to the temple of Artemis, Apollo's sister.
    Once more CORIT 16
    perhaps COR2 116, ed reverses things consistently.
    2 Corinthians 1:16 mentions Macedonia again.
  • Where do we go from here? So much information for a short copyright eh?
    You want something origami? Or something golden? Or perhaps some seriously interesting mathematical circle and square properties that I never knew till ed showed me? All without leaving the page at hand.
    On Level 3 of edm's hidden pages, he states;

    "The three paths that you can take: (Why three paths? If you look at the cover of EDL's little book, 'A BOOK IN EVERY HOME', you will see EDL holding a book entitled, 'A BOOK IN EVERY HOME', but with a different cover than the one you have. The book he is holding contains a picture of a house with three gables and three main openings or paths you can take. Two of these openings are windows and one is a door with two sidelights. We are going to start with the door and bring in the two sidelights as we go.)"

    I copied and pasted that.
    Nothing new, we know ed uses this theme of 3 over and over, staring at the yin yang long enough, you can see it as well; like I said, it's ed's bowtie, bow and arrow (artemis) bow compass (golden) bow to the king (otone) And heres more stuff copied from edm. From his hidden pages, level 4 this time.

    "Let's now do something that will first appear to be a waste of time but in reality is going to set the stage for a substitution we will soon make.
    • To get MAGNETIC CURRENT to read as MAGNET we needed to add three folds to his page 3."

    Again, I copy and paste. What he's talking about is what you will find on page 9 of edm's book, where he folds the T's together, Mad Magazine style. He continues to talk about folding into page 10 as well.
    Wouldn't it be a coincidence if ADM on ed's entrance sign unscrambled to MAD, oh it does. Well wouldn't it be a coincidence if the center mark was some kind of clue... it is.
    Lets look at the 10 C (cents/center) did we consider it binary yet? Keep it in mind.
    Just as a quick coincidence, check out page 10 in ABIEH, there's 23 lines, and line 12 (ADM?) is the center line. Drop below one line, and you read;
    "lowed to associate with the boys, they are"
    Very interesting.
    Also says 'primary' on this page, and ed loves prime numbers, 11, 13, and 23 are already pointed out on this page. In fact, the 10th prime number is 29, and the center primes between it and zero are 11, and 13. Ed loves primes.
    Now I'm gonna give it right up, ed wants you to focus on S and T and 19. 19, another prime, 8th prime, half of sweet sixteen, err in primes (16 being 53).
    What ed means is 10 is center, meaning it's polar ends would be 1 and 19.
    We know the 19th letter is S. Now consider I've been going on and on about that integral symbol, that's shaped like an S, edm mentions the 'stylized' integral on his cover, and again edl left us 3.
    Might as well look on page 19.
    Creases, creases, eyes... looks like things are coming together aren't they? No? Well, I am being vague, and repeating myself. I said I would repeat myself.
    But I didn't copy all that crap about folding for nothing, as you see, the creases matter, edl tells us.
    S is letter 19, but we're on the copyright page, which is notoriously Greek, so what's the Greek S, Sigma, M,E,W,3, depending how you twist it. But that's getting away from 19, but it turns out the 19th greek letter is T or tau. That's interesting because edm creases MC on the T's or Tau's to get MAGNET. In fact if you half a Tau letter you get a Greek Gamma which is 3. So by Halving 19 you get 3.
    Now like I said, everything edm shows you works, somewhere. He says above; "for a substitution we will soon make"
    well, let's substitute MC for ABIEH. Of course, page 3 of ABIEH doesn't look much useful, but page 3 isn't really the 3rd page. The 3rd page, printed, is the Author's Preface page. Remember the Tau's in the word 'Author' there are 2 of them, although the lower one has no Capitol T, but there is one in 'The'.
    Go ahead and fold the page in to the spine, right up the center, it's okay, I'll do it too. If yours is still stapled, life will be easier now, but if its not, its ok, you'll just have to line things up nicely.
    So now you have a fine crease up the center, ed would be happy youre using the book. See how it goes right through the center of the S in AUTHOR'S PREFACE. Go ahead and fold it over the copyright page, it centers on the yin yang/eye.
    Now take edm's advice, and turn those Tau's into Gamma's. Here's what you'll get.
    Beautiful, isn't it? "Why 3 paths?" Remember that door with 2 sidelights? You get the theme here.
    If you fold the outer creases over, they line up exactly with the outer lines of ed's bowtie too, try it, like this, and you'll see ed's 'seed'.

    Now you probably see it...
    follow it down and 'opinio' reads, with some creativity
    odin i o u, remember that lonely eye on the copyright page? We'll make it look like an eye more soon enough, but trust me, it's an eye.
    so now lets fold it together, Mad Magazine style, and you'll see ed's message about his 'thin little book'

    I'm not sure if ed called me a 'gold ace' or he's simply saying 'ay, you, ace' but whatever, I'll accept his compliment.
    "If'n you don't like the thin little book, I left just as mused"
    Don't forget about the seed, we'll have to water it to make it grow. Since we're talking about S and Tau and 19, I'll get back to the math next time and prove sengA wasn't lying when he said, you can always add 1... to 1936. It's very 'revealing'.

  • Did you see the LIGHT, next to the seed, seeds always grow toward the light... keep it in mind.
    Interesting how ed's clues lead to a Mad Magazine fold up... Mad Magazine wasn't published until 1952, and the fold up art wasn't started until 64. Must be a coincidence. Unless you consider this...

    go to 1:39 and you'll find the old film footage of ed
    He seems so happy and smiley doesn't he, not the serious guy in all his pics. I bet he loved to laugh, and have a good joke.
    But what's really interesting here is at 2:15, ed's close up.
    I've watched that clip hundreds of times, hundreds, and the way ed does a double take at that camera, like he recognizes the film, sends chills down my spine.
    Anyone else find that smile and nod and double take, a little odd, a little contrived? Watch it a few times, something about the way he looks at that camera...
  • I'll throw out an extra too.
    We've all seen this...

    And if you've read edm, you'll have seen WHY HOLY WAY BE LIPS?
    So confusing isn't it? Not so much... look at this, you may have seen it before.
    It's called "The Gate of Eternal Wisdom" by Heinrich Khunrath
    he was an alchemist, and a disciple of Paracelsus. He did so much more, but ed uses this as our visual clue.
    Interestingly enough, if you poke around reading some, you'll find this, I copied it.
    "In the winter of 1570, he may have enrolled at the University of Leipzig under the name of Henricus Conrad Lips."
    Just clearing up some more edm mysteries, which only lead to more.

    ok, more visual references
    remember these

    well, I keep going on about the US and freemasonry...

    George Washington laying the cornerstone of the US capitol. A mason of course, and you may or may not know how important the cornerstone is to masons. Also, corners are always laid from the NE corner. The NE corner of CC is the mars stone, which is interestingly shaped like a 1/4 wedge, a corner. And opposite, SW is the cornerstone of ed's tower, or ed's corner pivot point. Ed loves to mirror and reverse things.

  • Am I confusing you yet? Or making things clearer? I can't cover it all, I mean, ed spent 40 years preparing this for you/us, but I'll try my best.
    Warning, I'm gonna start talking math again. Lots of math. Circles squares perimeters areas radius diameter pi squaring the circle constant phi, and fractions of all of the above.
    All of the same clues still apply, we're just looking at them differently now. Since it's math, we're looking for squares, numbers and shapes, cubes, same, and also prime numbers.
    For this all we need to see is
    COPYRIGHT, 1936,
    which I already read as
    C (see) O (circle) PY (3.14) RIGHT (right)
    C (as 3/4 of a circle) O (circle) PY (3.14 as 3/4) RIG (rig?) HT (height?)
    u get it, or u dont, the copyright is absolutely brilliant in every way
    but the numbers 19 36
    19 is a prime number
    36 is a square number 6x6
    6 is letter f
    19 is letter s
    Got a King James Version around? I mean a 1611 version, where the s's are sometimes f's. But thats no matter.
    woah, bright red flag
    we're on circles and squares mind you. 360 degrees in a circle, but if you just add 1... and add a 1 to 36 for 361...
    shit, sengA was right, you can always add one (1)
    Do you have a copy of slater's telegraphic code book?
    add 1 to 1936, get 19361, look that up in slater's, it's awesome as well
    but that's not the math im looking for now.
    I'm interested in 19 squared, or 361
    and since ed's number clue is so perfectly tuned to include the 360 degree circle, I'm gonna presume since im still on the greek page, ed must mean squaring the circle.
    Go over to the statistics page, remember mason George above, and his cornerstone, I think ed mentions, yup
    "United States"
    "famous works"
    Keep going down...
    "South and West Walls"
    SW, where ed's tower's cornerstone is laid.
    The mason's symbol, a square and compass... square and circle...
    Ed just gave us the square 19x19, with an area of 361. Now lets find a circle with an area of 361. Get a Casio or a T.I. life will be easier for u that way because time is precious, no such thing as free time...
    And start at square 1
    a square 19x19 with Area 361
    the Area of a Circle is A=pi(R^2) area is equal to pi x the circle's radius squared
    if you look at the COPYRIGHT, it's kinda hidden inside
    C O PY R ight
    what is pi though? I ask because edl's and edm's clues are hinting to the circle
    pi is traditionally known to be the ratio of a circles circumference to it's diameter
    this is what they teach us as the introduction to pi, but because pi is a transcendental and abstract infinite number, and the circle is kind of an abstract thought as well, we 'approximate' pi as best as we can describe it, as fractions really.
    If you ever saw level 2 of edm's hidden pages, he spends an AWFUL lot of time going over the DOS version if the enigma machine simulator he recommends. It's a long confusing winded print, that I'm always inclined to skip over. But you may remember him going over and over about C and D. Drives of course, but at the end of the page, he makes a note, pun intended, of mentioning that CD Music can still be played while using the SENIGMA software. Without rambling on more about C, D, Music, and S(enigma), I'm simply gonna note that edm makes a BIG reference to C(ircumference) and D(iameter) and music hoping you'll get the connection when you dig deeper mathematically and scientifically.
    So back to approximating pi, how do we do it? We approximate it as proof by inscribing polygons inside a circle, with more and more sides, approximating closer and closer to pi as the sides of the polygons increase and fill the space, calculating their perimeter closer and closer to 3.14, such as the fib series approximates phi, the farther and farther we get from zero and 1. We approximate using fractions as the circle exists yet does not exist, so as an unknown we can't just say pi=C/D, because what is C and what is D? So if pi isn't the calculation of C/D, because C/D is not a valid variable, what is pi? As an infinite series of calculations, approximating closer and closer to the true value of pi, we get a beautiful formula that looks like this, using that beautiful integral symbol that I keep going on and on about..

    Isn't that pretty, pretty confusing. Of course, that's how COMPUTERS get us closer and closer to pi, because they do the work of a man in the blink of an eye. Calculus is merely 'expressions' of how we represent lines, curves, numbers etc, but the real calculations are done with a machine.
    So for all intents and purposes, pi is that... or pi=C/D
    I probably just could have just said, 'looksie edm nd edl mean circles... yuk yuk'
    And, oh, that's not all... more math, if you wanna keep looking. I'm an amateur, I don't remember half the stuff I've taught myself about geometry, and I'll forget more of what I learn as I go... people make careers out of learning math, and I already have a career.
  • Okay, square 1
    19x19 with Area 361
    Area of a circle is =pi(R^2)
    sqrt 114.90986=10.71960
    so circle 1 has the same area as square 1, with a Radius of 10.7196 and Diameter of 21.4392 it's circumference is 21.4392x pi = 67.3532
    It's not so interesting is it..
    before I move on though, I'll take ed's advice and "C to O"
    so let's divide the the circumference into 4 quarters
    1/4 C of circle 1 is 16.8383, and 3/4 C of circle 1 is 50.5149, again, not so interesting, but remember that 16.8383, we will see it again soon.
    So that doesn't seem so interesting then, huh?
    I'm not nearly done.
    We're still on the 19 circle/square, so lets turn 19 into a circle instead.
    A circle with a diameter of 19, that fits exactly in square 1
    I'll call it circle 2 (as square 1 and circle 1 have the same area)
    Area of circle 2 is = Pi(9.5^2)
    A of c2 = pi(90.25)
    A of c2= 283.52873
    and to find a square with the same area = sqrt 283.52873
    sqrt of 283.52873 = 16.8383
    so we'll call this square 2 is 16.8383x16.8383
    woah... bright red flag
    Isn't the side length of square 2 = 16.8383 the 1/4 circumference of circle 1?
    it is...
    So what does that mean?
    By finding the size of a circle equal to the area of a square 19x19 and taking 1/4 it's circumference, we can know the side length of a square with the same area of a circle that has a diameter of 19, and circumscribes inside the original square of 19x19!
    Isn't that amazing! Just from COPYRIGHT, 1936, and all the clues are there...
    and you can keep going, in both directions...
    for example... circle 2 has a circumference of 19xpi= 59.69026
    therefore, before we do any math, we can know the side length of a square (square 3) with the same area of a circle with a diameter of 16.8383 (circle 3).
    Let's find out anyway.
    Circle 3 has a diameter of 16.8383 and circumscribes within square 2 (16.83x16.83)
    it's area is pi x (16.8383/2)^2
    pi x 8.41915^2
    pi x 70.88218425
    so a square with the same area is = sqrt 222.6829493
    or 14.9225651, square 3
    that is just pretty fucking cool, and if this property is known or not, concerns me none, because i learned it from ed alone, and from nothing more than COPYRIGHT, 1936,
    Getting smaller and smaller takes more math, but growing bigger and bigger, that's easier, much easier really
    square 3 is 14.9225651 on each side
    so a square 14.92...x14.92... has the same area of a circle that circumscribes a square with the same area of a circle with a circumference that is 4 x 14.92....
    and we can test this
    14.9225651 x 4 = 59.69026042
    59.69026042/pi = 19
    of course we skipped 16.8383 but we can find it easy because it's a circle diameter equal to the area of a square with sides 14.92... OR it's a square with an area equal to a circle with a diameter of 19
    as a circle we find the area of a square 14.92...x14.92...
    222.68/pi = 70.88...
    sqrt of 70.88... = 8.41... x 2 = 16.83831158
    OR like we did already find the area of a circle with a diameter of 19
    Area=pi x 9.5^2
    90.25 x pi = 283.52...
    sqrt 283.52.. = 16.83831158
    so making it grow skips a circle/square combination, but the growth is faster, one into the next, successively , so you can see where the 'seed' comes in, to make it grow, and maybe where the integral would make more sense...
    so again 19x4=76, which should be the circumference of a circle with the same area as a square that circumscribes circle 1 from above with a diameter of 21.4392
    so 76/pi = 24.19155135 (circle zero)
    24.19... /2 = 12.09577567
    Area = pi x 12.09^2
    area = pi x 146.3077892
    Area = 459.6394756
    sqrt 459.63... = 21.4392... (square zero)
    it works so lovely... and looks even prettier on paper

    if you follow it, you can see how the 'jump' between circles and squares goes 2 steps in this 'growth' process
    i find it even more interesting though where 3 'jumps' in the growth almost, but not quite meet in the diagonal corners of the squares and the curved arc of the circle, you can see where square 3 almost touches the edge of circle 1
    but they don't touch exactly, in this example the diagonal length of square 3 is 14.9225651 x sqrt2 = 21.10369395
    and circle 1 is diameter 21.43920417
    with a difference of .3355102248
    and because the lengths are taken from center, we split the difference and divide by 2 which is .1677551124 that's the difference in space between this particular jump, the difference in the next jump is between square 2 and circle zero
    the diagonal of square 2 is 16.83831158 x sqrt2 = 23.81296861
    and circle zero is 24.19155135
    a difference of .37858274
    divide by 2
    we get a 'gap' of .18929137
    and the difference from this gap to the last gap is .0215362576
    so it stands to reason, as we grow from square 3/circle 1, up to square 2/circle zero, the gap would grow in a ratio proportional to the gaps from one set to the next
    the size of the 'gap' between the square and circle of any step is 1:1.015898175 proportional to 1 being the diagonal of the square
    in other words, if you take any example from above 21.10369395 x .3355102248 = 7.080505101
    and 21.43920417 x .3355102248 = 7.193072211
    and 7.193072211/7.080505101 = 1.015898175
    and thats proportionally the same for any step as well....
    and im not sure what any of it really means yet... it's beyond my google education

  • No geometers here eh? In that case, I won't start in on the integral, I'm sure you can just find it all on wikipedia anyway, if I left out something you didn't already know.
    So back to ABIEH. I guess we'll start all over again, here's something else to think about. ABIEH was published in 1936, about 9 years before ed ever criticized JJ Thomson for his "non existing electrons". But ed makes a reference to them in his puzzle book ABIEH, in his vague 'you gotta figure it out and make the thinking connection yourself using your slick google skills' kinda way.
    On the cover is a 4 in the back wall triangle, yeah yeah... square number, red flag, so let's go to page 4, shall we.
    "...he touches her like dead flesh."
    Well, isn't that a pleasant thing to read.
    One day, a long long time ago, all the mediocre stories start this way, my wife was reading a book on particle physics. And she happened to remark to me, paraphrasing, "did you know that electrons were originally called corpsicles? But other scientists didn't like that, so it was changed to electrons."
    I laughed and said something like, "Corpsicles, sounds like a frozen dead body..."
    In that instant my brain made the connection, "dead flesh"
    "Oh shit!" That's usually what I say when the light bulb over my head goes off.
    Turns out she actually meant "corpuscles", but the wheels were already in motion. I had read it somewhere before, but damn man, I can't pull it all out of the memory coffers all at once.
    Let's read on and use our wit now, there's so much ed wants to teach you to teach yourself, and this is how he does it. It's not about getting in ed's head, it's about knowing you don't know shit and allowing ed into your head.
    "sixteen or seven-
    Two things here, red flag, sixteen is not just Agnes, it's a square number. Also ed could mean seven, or seventeen. They're both primes, seven is the 4th prime, and 17 is the 7th prime. So does that make 444? Or does it make 4^3, or 64, the age ed died? Or instead of squaring numbers, are we doubling them? 1x2 is 2, 2x2 is 4, 4x2 is 8, 8x2 is 16, all numbers that fit this pattern, or one of the patterns here.
    The second thing to look at is 'nursery', this is interesting because 9 years later, ed wrote about electrons, and how they came into existence.
    Oh, in his ADvertisement by the way, and I'm pretty sure I started this journey at the ADM sign at the 'beginning'. Just like ABIEH is the beginning of ed's written works, and remember, in the beginning God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.
    "Thomson invented an imaginary baby (he called corpuscles mind you) and called it an electron. Rutherford adopted it and now the men with the long hair are nursing it."
    Ed seems to be making lots of baby and nursery references here. Family too, as he mentions the electron's lazy brother, the proton.
    But go back to ABIEH now and check out page 16.
    "That is why I want to point out the neglects and defects in this little book."
    He's still talkin' smack about Thomson, me thinks.
    Ed mentions "too big creases in the side of your mouth and third," well, I already showed you the 2 and 3 big creases. But also remember ed's 'repentance corner' looks like the '2 slit diffraction experiment', also known as "Young's experiment", and Thomas Young influences wave theory. Getting the connections now? I'll get back to diffraction in a moment.
    While you're here, perhaps take notice of "gums" written 3 times in a diagonal. When ed wants you to see something, he puts it 3 times for you, following in the first 2 verses of Lewis Carroll's 'The Hunting of the Snark', which go...

    "Just the place for a Snark!" the Bellman cried,
    As he landed his crew with care;
    Supporting each man on the top of the tide
    By a finger entwined in his hair.

    "Just the place for a Snark! I have said it twice:
    That alone should encourage the crew.
    Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice:
    What I tell you three times is true."

    Notice the 3 J's that start the verses... JJ Thomson perhaps?
    But back to 'gums', I said it before and I'll keep saying it, ed reverses things, he read Hebrew you know, so he could read from right to left too...
    Still talking jive about Thomson?
    Oh, wait you don't believe me that ed was a Lewis Carroll fan, I love Lewis Carroll, and so did ed. Just take his advice from page 4, and turn one more page to page 17...
    "a looking glass,"
    "a looking glass"
    "looking at the looking glass
    "In a looking glass you"
    and backwards
    jesus, ed even signed it for you. When I think 'looking glass' I can't help but think "Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there"
    Read on,
    "mother and father"
    "hanging open"
    Why so much about babies? Because "Thomson had a baby" and his name was George Paget Thomson. JJ Thomson conceived electrons as a particle, but his son won the nobel prize for proving electrons travel in a wave, by diffraction. Told you I'd get back to it. He eventually won the Nobel Prize in 1937, which he shared with Clinton Davisson, who performed a different experiment with the same results. You notice the Davis-son thing ed is still going with here. He's trying to get you to see the connection.
    And now we're into quantum mechanics. I am by no way a physicist, so I will not even attempt to butcher any further explanation past here that I can not understand yet. I will point out again, that many aspects of ed's ABIEH and ed's other writings, make constant use of the 'constants' and variables used in the equations of light and energy.
    f being frequency or s if you follow ed's use of both
    c the speed of light
    h is Planck's constant
    p is momentum
    Greek lambda is wavelength
    E is energy
    besides the math symbols I already mentioned.
    And so much more.
    And why does ed mention 'mother' so much?
    You might not help but notice ed's reference to George PAGET Thomson.
    His mother's name was Rose Elisabeth Paget, daughter of George Edward Paget.
    Reading Paget a few times just makes me want to see it as Page t. I can't help it. Of course, t is 20, or 2. Go over to page 20, and I think you'll see a kudos to George Paget Thomson, and another burn toward JJ Thomson in the last 2 paragraphs.
    But mostly take note of the second paragraph.
    "Girls should take smaller steps than boys. By taking smaller steps the body would not jump as much up and down or swing from side to side."
    That is electromagnetic duality in a nutshell isn't it?
    Edm mentions it on page 71 of his book, there's even a picture.
    You might also note the last 3 paragraph's capitol letters.

    You can slip an A in that empty space if you want and have a chuckle at ed's GAME.
    Or spin it around
    maybe he means ElectroMAGnetic waves
    It's a real GEM dontcha think?
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    Can't say for certain that he was buried... @4:44

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    Those are some interesting dimensions on your ankh. How were they derived? Here's some good info on Egyptian tuning forks - big ones:
  • Well, those are always interesting... and now it leaves a confusing spot in the thread where newbies are gonna be scratching their heads. I've just had this on my mind.
    So what's the answer?
    This is now an open question to all, especially inviting everybody back who says, paraphrasing; "Ed used (insert your theory), he placed (insert item) inside the stones, and (insert second item) around the stones in a (insert pattern) arrangement. Than he excited the (item 1 or 2) using (insert energy method of your choice) which caused a (insert something technical sounding) within the molecular structure of the (item 1 or 2, or stone), causing it to (insert levitate or reduce weight)."
    What is it? I said I would rant, if you read the opening of this thread... here is some ranting. What's the answer?
    I don't have the answer. I never claim(ed) to. If you're just tuning in, I don't know how ed moved the stones, and I've never claimed to officially decode ed's 'secret message.' What I am attempting to do, is explain how I came to so many crazy claims about ed's code and how it operates, as I see it. Despite I'm sure, a few misses, I AM attempting to trace out the steps and paths I use(d) to make the claims I do make about what I know and what I question, and why I see things in the way I do. I'm doing it for me as much as anyone else.
    So, I officially take the above paraphrased statement with no more than a fine grain of salt. They show up in threads from time to time, and basically any well viewed vids on you tube have at minimum, one person making some such claims. I haven't been doing this as long as most, some of you remember where and when I started, but I have been vigilant. And I can say, I've seen it all...
    Magnetic vortexes, lay lines/geomantics, tuning forks, coil arrangements, aliens, time travel, atlantis, luck, witchcraft, the second coming, radio waves, sound waves, pulleys, levers, gears and hoists, rollers, ratchets, gravity of other planets, the moon's gravity, leyden jars, solar energy, nuclear energy, secrets of the jews, secrets of the masons, secrets of the sumerians, secret passages, secrets secrets secrets... god that word just starts to sound so useless when you say it over and over.
    So I'll rephrase the question before I return to my thread at hand;
    What is the answer? And what steps did you use to get there? How did you come to these conclusions?
    These are the answers that never get posted, anywhere.
    There are exceptions, I'm not talking to the regular posters here, we and you know who you are, those involved in open debates, and a great share of ideas. I truly respect and admire posters like Jehovajah, who are trying to understand and simplify what we know, and are doing it in a manner such as him, a manner I don't even pretend to understand in any way.
    Those questions I am asking, don't get answered, because any resemblance to a question about an explanation to their claims is routinely followed by the age old, again paraphrasing; "this secret information is too sensitive to be out in the open" and POOF, gone...
    You aren't impressing me, and I like to speak for more and say you aren't impressing them as well. But I will just speak for me, and hope someone else out there feels the same.
    Don't get me wrong though, I'm not disputing ANYONE'S claims. I enjoy reading the different theories that others find to explain ed's work and it's purpose. I really do find pleasure in opening my mind to what you have to say, and WHY you are saying it.
    I am not asking you to explain ed's methods down to the machine and it's source. I don't want anything I don't earn, like ed says, I will eat for myself. But metaphorically, I'll grow my own crops, but can't we exchange seeds?
    I'm sharing my seeds with everyone willing to sit and read what I write.
    So I'm repeating the question; How did you come to believe what you believe? How did ed show you? Or where did your revelation inspire from?
    If I ever figure out how ed did it, you can see how I got there, I started here and there. This doesn't seem like too much to ask, does it? I'm willing to entertain any ideas that hold possibility, I myself wrestle with the possibility of time travel, and free mason secrets. Realistically, I wouldn't go around claiming the masons will be pissed and come after me for sharing their 'secrets.' But I do have a slight belief in the possibility...
    But realistically, there's a mason's lodge down the road, if you want to know their secrets, go get an application. If you're a man that is, no girls allowed. Mason's have one requirement, besides pay your dues, and that is a belief in a higher power. No atheists allowed either. So, you have the option of being one of them, or you're so scared of sharing their secrets with the public, join the club, and share the secrets among your lodge brothers.
    I choose not to. I took one oath to my wife, and one oath is enough for me to keep. But I choose that. And within that choice, comes the responsibility not to speculate about a secret club that I have the option to join, so that I can find out their secrets, but I don't join, therefore if I talk shit about them, that makes me an asshole, cause I could just go prove myself right or wrong at anytime.
    Us and Them, right?
    But joining the club just makes them become us, and us become them.
    You can read all about it in Lenin's 'The State and Revolution', it's a matter of politics, social politics, or caste politics, class politics. Ed understood the political mindset we live in socially, and how it shapes our opinions, values, and choices.
    ABIEH speaks of this in it's vague manner.
    Again, I entertain the 'illuminati' possibility, anything is possible, and there's a wealthy, age old machine out there, grinding the gears as it always has for hundreds of years. But why drag the masons through the mud? Sure, lots of powerful people are masons, but they don't recruit like Harvard does, it's not about who you are, or how much influence you have. Debatable, the free mason's gave us the most free country in the world. I said that's debatable.
    I was going to add more, but this rant is long winded enough.
    So now is the chance to speculate on the so called 'answers.' And the ghosts that pepper them across ed's little internet world. What do you think? about those who have the 'answer' but offer us no proof, or any insight on how they got there. I'm not criticizing so much as I'm trying to understand it... trolling? looking for attention? Disturbed and convinced they know because, err they're a little off?
    I could keep going, the side of me that struggles to comprehend human psychology is morbidly fascinated by these slices of naive brilliancy.
    Do a barrel roll, you spoony bard...
  • Gem was a clue for Gematria, in my belief. It also makes sense for gem or game.

    From previous research I believe the ankh is the sun in/over Taurus(bull). Tau ros(latin) rus(greek)
    It also represents when the sun was in the vernal equinox in the distant past

    The Greeks took their language from phonecians. They both have aleph for A. The sound A in Egyptian is the Tau which is shaped like a " T " Google to view it
    A in certain languages represents a bull
    The bull Apis, bull constellation
    These symbols alone in our alphabet wouldn't mean much unless you wrote Tau "T" with A

    The Tau cross with aleph Ed put these symbols in his At Work message
    I believe timing was important for Ed and worked accordingly.

    We know what the ankh stands for, regeneration, eternal life etc. ..
    Did Ed use this light to regenerate and fertilize his property? Or perhaps this light could be captured

    At the end of the day I wonder if all stellar and solar light are the same
    -back to copyright

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