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Why not all eyes are seeing the same thing ?



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    is it an orange cat with black stripes, or a black cat with orange stripes
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    "1, is it an orange cat with black stripes, or a black cat with orange stripes?"

    You can see Jack Schitt --- the black stripes on the tiger is a writing === "the hidden tiger" --yes?
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    me thinks you get my jokes too
  • Yes, a tiger cant change its stripes, unless theyre painted on.
    You know I got it brother, me thinks you get my jokes too, good good...
    You know nothing... really?
    me thinks u joke too
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    Since none of You done these experiments .....

    "I can see tiny lightning in my eyes if I dose the eye lids and give a side push to the eye ball from the nose outward, but I could not do it every day. When I keep eating more for some time then I can see the tiny lightning while my eyes are open. All that I have to do is to turn my head from one side to the other side. This shows that we have in our body the same kind of magnets that are making the big lightning in the sky."
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    Here's an interesting take on those floaters. It was sent to me and Dave back in 2010 by a researcher named David Nicholls. Like Dave, he seems to have fallen off the radar, but I don't he'd mind my sharing...

    I am sending this e-mail to both of you for your perusal. I have found your site,, to be most informative. I have also found the fact that you said that Ed had the knowledge of the serpent, to be…a synchronization. I have also been perusing this knowledge. Knowing what is good and what is evil has become my life quest, and I am finding little pieces of it scattered everywhere, your site included. My thanks to you; for getting your information out. You may find some of the information that I give to you hard to believe, but, I will give it to you just the same.

    I, like Ed, have read some books on physics and electricity. The conclusion I have come to is the same as Ed’s. The powers that be regarding these disciplines have gone and made these disciplines so complicated that it is impossible to understand. I side with Ed, nature is simple not complex. The concept of reverse engineering the concept of electricity makes perfect sense. Instead of using mechanical energy to propagate magnetic energy, use magnetic energy to propagate mechanical energy. Helically circulating magnetic currents; Marko Rodin and his coil also show promise with this regard. Have you tried using one of his coils in between the poles of the PMH of Ed’s? Perhaps even the concept of a single right hand wound coil intertwined with another one, the intertwined serpents sort of speak, with the current going in opposite directions for the two coils, and have spherical magnets inside the coils that will rotate when current is applied. Then see if the interior magnets will keep rotating when the current is dropped, whereby the interior rotating magnets induce a magnetic current in the coil, which in turn induces the interior magnets to keep rotating. A continuous loop for both wires, where going to ground is the wrong thing to do. Something like a superconducting magnet at room temperature. Maybe even submersing the whole assembly, outside of the initial power source into water.

    I realize that your site has shown that a spherical magnet placed in between the poles of the PMH will induce a current, I was wondering if you had tried it with a helical wire coil, and a spherical magnet inside the helical wire coil. That’s just some thoughts that are going, obviously helically through my mind. Ed had the knowledge of the serpent, in more ways than he and anyone else could imagine. Ed could not see chromosomes inside of his eyes; what he saw in eyes, was the serpent, and it is evil. What Ed saw “in” his eyes, doctors today have explained it away as normal???? Everybody sees what Ed saw, and this is why it is called normal, I can only deduce that it must be abnormal to not see that stuff in our eyes. Medical science calls what Ed saw as floaters, which is debris floating around in the eye that will cast a shadow on the back of the eye, giving us a dark spot in the field of our vision. Doctors further state that these floaters are caused from the vitreous fluid in the eye solidifying into strands. No medical in-vitro experiments have ever gotten this fluid to do this, despite this, what I have just explained has become common knowledge. It is a fact based on theory, not scientific methodology.

    The floaters in our eyes are caused from a serpent, known as filarial nematode worms. Every single person on this planet is infected with a parasitic worm known medically as Mansonella streptocerca. It resides in our skin, this is where it is born, it is part of our DNA, but the eyes, the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and this is where the worms desire to go, the soul. That is the pineal gland, which is found to be calcified in us humans by the time we reach puberty. When these worms die, we calcify them, point blank. The pineal gland is a chakra, just as other endocrine glands are also chakra’s, all part of the soul, and all chakra’s are targets for disruption and dysfunction, but the pineal gland is the most important. Mansonella streptocerca is the piercing serpent as stated in the Book of Isaiah, it is so named because it can pierce its way through tissue. This is how it gets into the eye. The eye is a primary point of entrance for pathogens into the body, as such, it has its own defence factory. The eye produces it own antibodies against pathogens. When this worm gets into the eye orbit, it will be bombarded with antibodies. It does not like this, antibodies are a threat to its existence. Once it gets into the interior of the eye, it has to get rid of those antibodies. There is only one way for it to do this, it must shed its skin, just like a snake sheds it skin.

    This is what Ed saw in his eyes, the skin of these worms, these serpents. On a sunny day, if you close your eyelids and look at these objects they will hold light. Any round objects inside the elongated objects are white blood cells. Those white blood cells were attacking the worm, the worm just sheds its skin to get rid of the attack. This is not the only worm to infect humans, there is a much more sinister one known as Onchocerca volvulus. That worm is very large, Mansonella streptocerca is very small, both reside in the skin, but only the one worm is in everyone. It was put there put he who wishes to be viewed as the creator of humanity. It was put there when he gave us coats of skins before he promptly kicked us out of the garden of eden. As you very well know, creation mythologies the world over seem to point to a genetic manipulation with the human species. We knew this once, we knew what and how the manipulation occurred. This is when we held the knowledge of good and evil, but this became lost to us because of those damn worms. You see, these worms utilize iodine, they take this iodine from us, they rob our bodies of iodine, and this loss results in us losing cognitive function. The worms dumbed us down, and what was once good, is now evil, and what is evil, is now good. That is fairly evident with the current state of our world. Onchocerca volvulus is also known for frequenting the eye, its microfilaria(eggs) get into the eyes, so those too will also cause that stuff in our eyes.

    I call Onchocerca volvulus and Mansonella streptocerca the intertwined serpents, and they have plagued humanity for far too long. How did I come to know these things? I became ill and was diagnosed with Lupus. I investigated the cause of this illness, and I found the cause. You can read my thesis here if you so desire, This is not my final thesis, I still do not have the evidence of an adult worm, I am hoping to change that in the very near future. Discovering these worms and the fallacies contained within the medical profession, are only part of the journey. Real change in this world cannot come from knowing what I know about these worms as truth. There must be more, truth about our religions and about all of our sciences must be revealed as well. This is my quest. It is a profound experience, I do not feel as if I am discovering new truths, I feel as if I am remembering the old truths, through the absorption of the lies. Knowing this, drives me, I want to remember.

    After I had discovered the cause of my illness, the intertwined serpents, all of the creation mythologies began making sense, even though most of the truth contained within them is told from the conquerors point of view. What Ed discovered is important, and your website is important, for it furthers my knowledge of good against evil. It has just struck me, what I said about a double helical coil and spinning magnets in the center may actually be the real phenomenon of superconductivity. Magnetic charge is held in a circular helical rotation in the actual atoms of the material below the circulating outer magnetic current of the superconductor. The condensed inner atom magnetic current repels other magnetic currents because it is contained in the atom itself and it is condensed. Whereas the outer atoms interact “molecularly” to circulate the magnetic across the entire surface of the superconductor. Yes, it is all very important, and starting to make sense.
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    @Magnetic_Universe ---It is a good theory
  • @Magnetic_Universe
    It's an interesting perspective. It sounds like he started putting things together
    Parasitic worms, I've heard this before,curious - looking into it
    Thanks for sharing

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    Posted before, belongs in this category, clevered
    I initially thought it was just two letters
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    Some of Ed's "mirror tricks" are explained

  • It's more fun when you can find them in Eds photos
    There are three photos attached to this post
    The first shows a picture on the back of a book in every home
    Second photo shows the picture turned to the right
    Third the same.. to the right
    15.. or 157?
    157 could be a stretch
    How about 15 and someone beside it?

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