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Why not all eyes are seeing the same thing ?



  • Are the pictures from the internet, or from a version of abieh
  • I've got them from the net , but believe they're from abieh or CC museum.

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    #1 -- where is "the hidden tiger" ?

    #2 Ed's wheel ?

    #3 Hand print ?
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  • Charlie,

    Thank you for starting thie most important conversation.

    I have no idea what you are getting at, but I agree.
  • 1, is it an orange cat with black stripes, or a black cat with orange stripes?
    2, must be the new shoes i bought from my drug dealer, i dont know what he laced them with
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    For example --- how many people see or pay attention to the symbol "S" [ kind of] in the middle of yin-yang ? The neutral between black & white .
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    Yeah , ok --.
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    old or young
  • Oh YES! the S ooh, I found the 19 and ed's 3/4 circle! err i mean 1/4 circle 1, 2, 3, mind blown...
    charlie, do you know about ed's 1/4 circle? Did ed discover that property? Do you know exactly what I mean? The math? I've never heard of it, but im only an amateur in math, I may just not have come across it before... my calculator had it accurate down to 6 decimal places.
    I'm finding the copyright to be downright mystical, it's been amazing me for weeks. But the math, do you know what I mean? I cant be the only one who's found it... I'm not, ed did before already.
    I know youre worlds ahead of me here, I presume you know what I mean. If so, please, talk to me friend, I'm really curious. I'll wear out the calculator in the process too...
  • Ed never used a casio.
  • No, he used a german enigma machine.
    When I see him I'll offer him to trade, my casio for his M3... just for you.
    I'll bet he never used one, because he refuses the offer.
    We can trade pencils though, I bet he'll go for that just fine, i have lots of those too, in case my casio batteries die.
    When all else fails I'll resort to calculus with charcoal and rocks. Or perhaps I'll just write in the dirt, like Jesus did when questioned about the adulterous woman.
    Did you bring enough stones?
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    "If so, please, talk to me friend" -- Who ?

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    # 1 is my favorite so far

    #2-3 is good too
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