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Why not all eyes are seeing the same thing ?

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Got something to do with the brain.



  • sohsoh
    edited March 2016
    I like your thinking.

    1. Central figure = nose of shakespeare's uncle
    2. Musicians facing each other within the faces of the elderly couple
    3. Too Escheresque to describe in words.

    Do I win a prize?
  • Yes, it's in the middle and it's probably not the Holy Grail.
  • Last year I did a test with ten people I knew to see if they could notice images in overlays
    Six out of ten could not see them until after being told where and what to look for, interesting
    Leonardo da vinci is said to be dislexic, not proven, had to deal with his mirror writing
    It is all in the brain
    Why is a fixed percentage of the population left handed
  • 1. artist drew both images he saw looking through a glass window at the bay
    2. I'll always see you for the one i fell in love with
    3. queens in defense

    Your eyes can only give you a picture, but your mind will give you the whole story when you stop looking for what you think youre supposed to be looking for.

    I think black is winning...
  • @dante
    ...It is all in the brain...
    Well it's actually not really IN the brain. :)

  • edited March 2016
    It' as simple as left to right, and right to left :)
    Or is it
  • How about the figure on the left of the tree trunk ? ---Is it a person in dark robe or a larger face ? [pic #1]

    The hand drawn tree in the in the middle looks like his "yoke" in the "at work" pic ? [pic #2 /#3]
  • In the the " temple of man" structure in Egypt
    The layout represents a human body
    In the portion that represents the head(which is split in two, left and right hemisphere) there are inscriptions on the wall on both sides. The inscriptions are meant to overlay each other in order to form the entire picture
  • edited March 2016
    Or ED. [ double foot ] and a face right after the second foot ? --- an inverted "A" for "V" in LATVIA ?
  • What's Ed holding in his left hand?
    I don't see the foot alignment
  • What's Ed holding in his left hand?
    I don't see the foot alignment
    Don' know ---the foot alignment is ED.L\_

  • I've posted some other pics you didn't notice above your post.
  • He always seems to write or draw above his head
    He writes in the trees often
    In at least two of his photos 3H03
  • I did notice, but where are they from.
  • I did notice, but where are they from.
    Where are they from what ?

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