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edited August 2015 in Decoding Ed's Writings
Using several versions of Eds Book.. A Book in Every Home, I have been attempting to find his hidden words or numbers
I have taken photos of the numbers or words that are visible to the camera. Reflecting light on Eds oldest known version also brings up a word written in cursive which I cant distinguish yet and a number resembling 1995(top right corner of front cover)
This post shows the newest version(marked) of the front cover, and the oldest known front cover. In the older version you can see more the tree(red circle)
Here is what I found

In one photo you can see a few letters or symbols followed by the letter w with a line through it and the number 9. However with Eds work it can be rotated or flipped

In the last two photos another layer shows the word austro(south or southern) ? anyone who recognizes this word in another language?
It looks like the word continues austroasia ( 20 percent clear ) but im not confident with that yet
Perhaps an anagram, tauros a greek word meaning to steer(animal), bull, or meaning Taurus Constellation
This portion is still visible in the newer version of A Book in Every Home, but the top portion is cut off or missing


  • Loads!
    There are at least six words in this picture
    and at least two images/symbols. If you find it, do you recognize it?

    Remember to reduce the size, it all becomes soo clear.

    This picture is from the oldest known version of A Book in Every Home, bottom left corner, upside down.
    Thoughts anyone? I would really like to discuss these images/words.

  • sohsoh
    edited August 2015
    Austro also looks like "sun" but upside down.
    Ed invented 'captchas'.
  • There is a picture with Ed sitting at the top of the Florida table in his EZ chair it is the one that says "ED" right on the chair, there is so much stuff in there ...through the years quality has sent me on wild goose chases, so many of the old overlays are innaccurate because back in the day high quality pics could not be found let alone very much at all on Ed or his Master pieces.... So I have learned before going to deep make sure you have the highest quality pics possible.. the ones above are of good quality btw I'm just saying some of these paths have taken up a lot of my time only to find out later i was following more digital arti facts rather than Ed's facts........ Being there is very possible words numbers letters we need the pattern to string them into sentences i think and that pattern has been rather elusive... on a side note the pictures at Ed's place were probably taken by Ed himself with his box brownie ..the pictures taken at Rock gate were taken by others... Did Ed have his own darkroom? if he did then that opens the path and imo I do feel some of the pictures were altered the ones at Ed's place seem to be anyway.. I am hoping Ed's original Book In Every Home is going to show up somewhere and also some more pics of Ed's Place, that video on in search Of has been edited so much, i would like to see the full footage ...Anyways perhaps the words are sign posts of a sort and are the beginning to the letter number path? Perhaps each word corresponds with another word placed in the same spot on a different picture? I will post that pic (Ed at Florida Table) and then you can see what I mean but the problem I have is the quality like i said ..but there is so much cool stuff in there.... so it seems Hmm... I can't locate it at the moment I will post it later
  • I can see sun as well, still clearing it up.
    With some of the sub pictures Ed placed in his photos, he had to have made them in a dark room... the way to make big to small
    The oldest known version of a book in every home has the most hidden writings in it. There is a photo with his front door, the bottom portion translates to God is Gracious

    The next version has one of Eds post card photos at the back of the book, that photo has at least 12 words, 20 letter/number combination and sub pictures of a "being"

    The front cover is the beginning, Ed numbered sections for a reason.. 3, 4, 6 have been made visible.. missing 1, 2, and 5
    Im trying to find everything in his photos, and then string the meanings together, it will take a while.
    Looking forward to the picture

    - red circle points out where this word is from, foreign, thoughts?

  • Interesting photo, was it from a postcard?
    I have another clear version of that photo where the words and numbers are in different locations
    That opens the door to other possibilities
  • Word or coincidence?
    This one im having a hard time with... did Ed write between his words? and inside the gaps of letters?
    There are at least 20 "words" on one page
    Thoughts are welcome
    - From Magnetic Current
  • The photo is from the news paper it is the only one I have seen with "ED" printed there.. Most of the photos I believe now were taken by the newspaper.. still working that out :) That would have been in 1932 taken on a Saturday.
  • dante, here's a tip, since the subject is optics... take ed's pictures out into the high midday sun, in full daylight and give them a good look. The way the rods and cones in your eyes work, will bring out color in black and white pictures in bright natural light. Ed gazed at his pics from his ez chair and his reading area, and these chairs were oriented so the sun was always on what he was reading... the bright light combined with the complicated computer cameras of your eyes, can produce interesting effects. Also try looking through the pages, like you would one of those 3d computer prints, as your eyes focus through the page, different elements will overlap, revealing more letters that were previously not visible. Ed knew the power of illusion, and because the eyes focus as a pair, he knew how to exploit that as well as the power of perspective. He also likely understood art composition.
  • I get the best results in the morning using my prism from direct sunlight. Dividing light.. especially near indigo brings out more of Eds works or images. The trick works with indoor lighting but takes a several tries.
    Ive been trying to use cameras and computers to share these images, not only to share with others.. but to ensure my sanity :)
    In magnetic current there are dozens of words between the lines, exciting
    The genius of Ed is unending
  • edited September 2015
    A different perception on the bottom right corner of the oldest known version of magnetic current
    to name one
  • I have been doing research into the book Ed is holding in his hands
    -You will need to flip the image as it keeps loading upside down

    At this point from what I can see, in one corner is the yin yang symbol, and the other shows a globe with a ring around it
    On the bottom are codes, four to be exact, letter and number combinations
    two are in the rectangles at the bottom, and two more at the bottom of this symbolic temple.
    Ive enhanced the photo to show one side of the image
    --Hope everyone enjoys tonight
    Tonight is the first day of the week - Sun-day.. 9+2+7 = 18(sun)
    A symbolic event, super ecliptic blood moon
  • The moon was fascinating! Never seen such a moonbefore.
    On the east (opposite) there was interesting combination of venus, jupiter and mars
  • Yes, the moon was beautiful last night! I need to learn more about planetary alignments, just installed Stellarium. How do you think the alignments played into Ed's work? Also, could it be emoonbefor?
  • Ive been studying several books on astronomy, astrology and the history of the horoscope for a few months now. It is remarkable at how alignments, groupings of planets and stars have an impact on events and people on this planet. At this point im not 100 per cent confident writing Eds alignments.
    Comparing peoples charts from the past you can find Nostrodomus and Sir Francis Bacon ( loads of code ) who have almost identical charts.

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