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  • edited October 2015
    This post pertains to the back cover of an older 1950s+ version of Eds A Book in Every Home
    There are three photos on this version, the middle photo is taken at a distance of Rock Gate from across the Highway
    The photo contains over twenty(so far) different hidden symbols
    I took a cut of the road out and enhanced to show some of Eds hidden words/picture
    I can only confirm a portion of the photo, which is visible ( circled in red )
    AURTYRAN is what I can see, perhaps someone can see something else?
    The " word" can be broken apart... AUR TYRAN, AU RT YR AN
    Aur means gold for example

    In the photo, the blue arrow points to what I believe is a crooked circle with 5 in the middle with lines coming from it?
    Off the top of my head a nickel? 5 cent coin
    The 1866 version has similar rays coming from the 5. A connection

    After 1938 the nickel changed to Monticello(Chiswick Origins), in some ways the middle portion of the building looks similar to the photo where Ed is holding A Book in Every Home.

    It is important to zoom away from the photo to get a clearer image
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