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taco1981 "Jacob Adkins" Your Voice Is My Future



  • Anyone know gardener? I showed him some work I have been messing with and ever since then I havent been able to talk to him. I dont want to say what it was but I think he might have had a heart attack lol.
    well, no heart attack yet...
    I have work during the day and trying to get some sleep during nights.
    If there's some time left in between, i have to spend it with kids and family.
    And THEN... if there's some tiny bit of time left, i can poke around forums and stuff. :)

    Those numbers don't say to much to me (so far) and i also wanted to know (for that one small set) how exactly did you come up with them, but the answer was not quite sufficient.

    One notable thing - when i do some basic stuff (simplifying) to those sets, it gave me in almost all cases numbers 3, 6, 9, 1, 5, 7 and i guess there was also 2.

    But unless i get an idea, how do you get a "set of your numbers" i have no idea what they might represent.
    It could be everything and nothing.

  • @taco1981 I mean things might be more clear if you answer some of my questions posted above.
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