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taco1981 "Jacob Adkins" Your Voice Is My Future

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  • Hi Taco, I understand. I'm listening. I look forward to more of your informative posts.
  • If we can find a place I can teach people what everything is, how it works, and how to build the tech I would be beyond happy. I just wish I could get every person on this site to understand whats possible and whats at stake.
  • How about if The Place would be just here?
  • Most of us here have the " eyes to see, and ears to here "
    Campaigning over a multitude of subjects with the same message doesn't get your point across any further.
    Try and be diplomatic taco, there is no honor in blasting a message repeatedly
    You've shown you are quite political
    You have asked for help, people are listening... now help us out
    This doesn't need to end with tragedy

  • @taco1981
    ...also usually, members of any forum are doing some other stuff too, like going to work for example and they need some time to answer a forum post.
    You just need to be little patient and you will get responses for sure.
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  • Sorry to be ranting. I shouldnt be getting upset. Im not asking you to make any changes. Just ask everyone to discuss where is the best place for me to move and best people for me to contact about keeping the world safe. Im stepping away from this site till thursday to see what you come up with. I shouldnt expect anyone to act outside what normal human nature is. Im sorry guys. After all this site helped me learn how to levitate and make free power. I owe you and the creator of this site alot.
  • Is it to much to ask to find somewhere that people could go to learn and grow? We are willing to go to college and end up in debt. Is it really to much to ask people to help me find somewhere I can move to where at which I can teach people for free? Is it to much to ask for people to try and live/work together in a community for the sole purpose of learning and finding ways to advance mankind.
    I believe, that is the reason why this community, right here, was created. Except, we don't live together. Instead we use advantages of internet to communicate across the whole world, without borders and boundaries.
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  • I have to convey this. If you put a disk in a drive and spin it extremely fast it will fly apart. If you put a balloon on a line and sink it to the bottom of the ocean it will colapse on itself. Remember this when your doing your experiments. Dont over shoot this or you wont like the outcome.
  • I see your starting to get what electricity your trying to harness thats around us. We can make it or we can use whats there. Making it isnt nearly as efficient but it takes less work when you dont know how to grab it.
  • The trick is to show the educated people that what they believe about electricity is not true but don't just talk about it show it as well. Something which I've done repeatedly form the magnetic field around a Bar magnet to how electricity can both come from a positive and negative terminals source on a battery even along with generating AC currents from an none alternating 6 pole magnet rotor arrangement (nnnnnn).

    Understand it is like a broken Electrical Chess game where the components are the pieces and our goal is to move the pieces around in a fashion that goes against their ideas on how they should function. My Dual PF LEGO battery box is a good example of this at work. There is even a thread about it here (Link:Proof is in the LEGO) where I go in to more depth then I will do here.

    But for your sake I've done extensive research into this Dual LEGO battery box combo seeing if this was done by someone else and to my surprises people have talked about doing it but always in an educating manner talking themselves out of it saying that LEGO is not designed for 18 VOLTS and the voltage coming from the battery would just burn the receiver up. Your stupid for even thinking that what you saw in the video should work. Now I will say that this Power functions LEGO product has been on the shelf since 2008 and why is it till 2012 somebody (Which is ME) goes out and test to see if it does work or on the other hand burn up and release the magic smoke.

    Now why is this important. First its important for several reason not just one. One reason is that LEGO as a product is distributed everywhere around the world. So its not something I only have access to in some dark room it but its out in the light for everyone to uncover and see for themselves. Second reason is the internet. All over the internet people are typing ideas and their beliefs out about how things should work like electricity. Its our goal to not just prove their wrong but also to show where things are right too. Third reason understanding what is the problem is and why educated writings believe their notions. This is not fault finding but more along the lines of pointing out where the damages/repairs are. Forth reason for your sake. Self explanatory. Fifth reason working together. Sixth reason keep calm and make more reasons. Its that simple.

    Its easy to talk but when you have something to grab and test yourself to see if what indeed is being said is true or false. Things get interesting. It took me sometime to gather an understanding how the Dual pf battery box that I made works and to see if this is something of common knowledge for electrical understanding, which in ways it is but here how I connected it up with the LEGO IR receiver is not. For a long time we been giving a free pass on how we thought about how electrons in the battery are working when connected together in series. I believed what Ed said about electricity regardless how other around thought. It was a very exciting for me to have built this but understanding how I would present this lead me into another difficult challenge in showing that indeed the negative and the positive voltage must be working together for this to safely work at 18 Volts and not only the negative end of the battery is providing power. Once on the component level we can see that the maximum voltage limits on the motor driver is 11 volts and so with out a doubt that a -9 and a +9 volts must be there safely powering the motor. Now it interesting to point out that some electrical beliefs to suggest that the negative and positive should cancel out giving us nothing but here we have something to quote ED.
  • I have almost no income and have lost everything in this pursuit. I want to show people but after ive lost everything I don have enough money to build anything anymore. The best I can do is show how it works and hope you guys use everyhing correctly. If I post how it works will you please use it wisely?
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