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The Way Electricity Runs In A Wire



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    I wanted to note the analogy of the radiation emission(E x H) of an antenna to the toroidal belts ( Van Allen belts) around earth, Saturn andJupiter.. All three have a noteable magnetosphere and a so called plamasphere in dynamic motion within a driving solar magnetosphere called the heliosphere.

    A spherical antenna design is not usual but we can note that the Van De Graffiti generator generated a huge "electro static' region around it with arc discharges to ground or from ground , these fields , like the plasma ball toy will be a radio frequencies with huge amplitudes .
    The observed toroidal belt around a dipole antenna indicates that an orthogonal radiation delivers the most energy by radiation , this makes sense if a rotating magnetic field is propagating in an alternating cycle along the length or major axis of the dipole. As in a bar magnet, the Bloch wall is where major dielectric rotation occurs while the poles exhibit what we call magnetic polarity but in my theory these would be nodes where the rotational pattern sum to zero creating non dynamic space that is moved away by the more dynamic pressures around. Clearly increasing the dynamic in a space expands that space!

    So astrophysicists are baffled by the sun and earths source of a magnetic field and why it moves.
    Ultimately no one can give a cause for primitive elemental behaviours, but what we can do is establish a sensible causal chain of primitives that appear logical to our perceptions. Thus our theories are not founded on ultimate truth but on utility and explanatory power.

    I believe that prior to the entry of the electric parlour set, philosophers were leaning toward magnetic behaviour as the first cause or first primitive in that chain.

    We find magnetic patterning is universal by all instruments used to measure near or far. We do not find gravity to be universal.
    Thus Faradays insight into the cause of " electric" force in a conductor/ inductor is significant and orders our perception. We should be asking for the cause of the huge " electric" regions within the magnetic envelope of the sun earth and planets!
    Of course the answer is the variation in the magnetic patterning around the planets! .

    This variation is implicated in many dramatic events and effects, including solar heating and induction, in short our suns fiery appearance, to the auroras and huge radio transmissions from planets.

    Many connections between sun and planets , moons and planets demo strate the power of these variations.
    The electric field that exists around the planets as double layer layers is an arrangement of magnetic layers that step down from violent relative variations to relatively calm ponder able magnetic behaviours. We live in these double layers and experience little sensation of the magnetic dynamic until storms and thunderbolts disturb our cellular activities.

    But some humans and many animates are sensitive to the slow movements of polarity toward a reversal , which is part of a large natural magnetic spiral dynamic we observe principally on the sun. It s this polarity shift that indicates the magnetic dynamic that is generating both the electric fields and regions around the planet and the radio signal of the planet. Of course ths is undeniably coupled to the solar dynamic and one presumes the sun is coupled to local galactic magnetic dynamics.
    When the magnetic patterning is at visible frequency then we see the light! Otherwise the patterning is invisible and sensible only to other senses we may become aware of within our sensory system. .

    I am setting out a rotationa model sufficiently complex and dynamic to model these observations ,
    But I will return to heat or thermo dynamics and pace it firmly within the context of magnetic pattern behaviour.

  • A bit to gue in cheek but essentially a magnetic current explanation of the universal disttribution of materiality and material properties.
  • Thought I would provide three simple electric charge characteristics.

    - Charged particles have an electric field at all times
    - Charged particles create an magnetic field when moving at a constant speed.
    - Charged particles create an electromagnetic field when accelerating or reversing

    Half wavelength antennas (Dipoles) at resonance have characteristics of a capacitor in that the current leads the voltage by 90 degrees within the antenna. Standing waves of voltage and current occur and each form their own half a sine wave over the antenna whereby the current is maximum whenever the voltage is minimum. The ends are voltage loops and the center is the current loop.

    When a reversing current interacts with a resonant antenna it allows part of the antenna's collapsing electric field lines of force to be isolated from the antenna and loop on their self and be propelled away from the antenna by the antenna electric field since the fields repel each other. The newly isolated moving looped electric field lines of force create magnetic lines of force that are in phase and has the same sign of magnitude. In the electromagnetic field the electric and magnetic fields are combined and in phase but 90 degrees apart or perpendicular to each other in space.

    The local antenna electric and magnetic fields are called near field which along with properly timed new incoming charges allow for this creation of electromagnetic radiation. The voltage versus current 90 degree phase relationship in the antenna and new charge timing allow this radiation to occur.
  • @Onkel_Ken that's a nice explanation! Liebe gruesse...
  • It is a nice explanation based on accepted particle physics theory. However a particle is assumed whereas a corpuscle is semi defined . Charge is assumed as an entity that differs from magnetic behaviour and magnetic charge though theoretically used is rhetorically quashed to avoid confusion of concepts. It is assumed as an inherent particle property where mass is not!
    The steady and accelerated motion of a particle is assumed to create/ generate magnetic behaviour only if it is inherently carrying or infused with this undefined entity called charge .

    The phase and differences in measurements are not explained but observed as characteristics of agnetic measuring devices called ammeters, galvanometers, and specifically voltmeters and amp meters and their modern equivalents.

    What I propose is that rotational dynamics is inherent in an aether which ay or may not be materiality. From these trochoidal surface dynamics become measurable as a pressure we call magnetic behaviour , thus magnetic behaviour is assumed to be universal and complex . Phase, frequency and amplitude of magnetic behaviours in these complexes then are used to define the mechanical vibrational system through to the electromagnetic vibrational systems. Distinctions are then arbitrarily imposed on a universal complex spectrum of behaviours which are fundamentally magnetic.

    Standing wave to phase dynamic systems define regionality in materiality and radiation in materiality.

    It is now apprehending trochoidal dynamics that is necessary to make this proposal " work" , and to find useful applications that are accessible by technologists, mechanics nd engineers.
    In the mean time you will have to make do with the accepted theoretical model .
  • Jehovajah,

    Thank you for your response here and also in the other thread. It is always a joy to read the informative responses on this forum.
  • "NOTES ON RECENT RESEARCHES IN ELECTRICTY AND MAGNETISM " by J. J. Thomson published in 1893 is worth studying by those of us trying to develop a good general background of earlier theories and how they compare to those you may consider today. I think you will all enjoy the read!

  • @Onkel_Ken
    Ah, such a beautiful prologue! . Thank you for finding nd posting the link.
    You can see immediately how distant we are from thinking like the pioneers who established industrial complexes on these methodologies!
    Faradays tubes andvMaxwells lines of force through vorticular objects are worth investigation . The concept of a dielectric and a variation in polarization also are critical to apprehending the scientific or at least Maxwellians notion of a luminiferous aether . Faradys notion of the natural Powers in space modelled by electrostatic tubes ( of charge or force) is clearly more useful than the later mathematical concept of the electron. And in fact such tube like structures appear in rarefied gas discharge experiments. These are p,asma tubes and so an electrostatic model is clearly inadequate, and electrodynamic model would be better. At the time Ampères electrodynamic concepts were not well understood. And the principle notion obtained from them by Maxwell was that of onducting currents! That is " courantes" whatever they were were conducted or guided by the wire paths within the dielectric . It is these tubes inndynamic interaction that is the basis of electromagnetic theory.

    Ampère did not specify the nature of these " tubes" as electrostatic. He started from an electrodynamic principle. Whatever was flowing in and around a conductor produced or was associated with a magnetic dipole swing. He posited this electrodynamic entity to exist at the small scale and to be the cause of electromagnetic effects - at the
    Wire scale. . And then this electrodynamically generated or associated magnetism to itself be in a rotationl dynamic around a wire and this dynamic to produce or associate a larger magnetic behaviour within a solenoid.

    The pattern steps up for systems which are coils made of coils etc.thus despite the modern statement of electron flux or electron wave mechanics, derived from electrostatic tubes Ampère modelled his theory on a mysterious flux which could be proto magnetic flux or a plasma flux..
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    The way that magnetic current flows with a conductor inductor
    First arrange the conductor so it lies east to west , parallel to the earths Bloch wall in the earths magnetic current. Arrange the battery so the terminals are east to west.

    To show that a magnetic current is around the wire , create needle magnets on the conductor.
    Now you have established a magnetic force induction around the wire , aligning tomthecearths magnetic field. Switch the battery round so the terminals lie east to west in the opposite arrangement.
    Repeat the creation of needle magnets.

    We can not see so called electrons flowing in the conductor, but we can observe magnetic induction force surrounding the conductor , changing with the attern terminal.

    It is a first approximation to adduce individual magnets( mono poles) coming from specific terminal.

    In fact we can not divide magnets or electrics like this. Both exist ina double layer ipole structure.

    When one pole or layer s moved far away we may think a monopole is created, but in fact an intermediate pole is created, to maintain the double layer. The Bloch wall that defines the layers is dynàmic , so that as the other pole moves further away the Bloch wall moves to the dynàmic equilibrium centre.

    When a conductor connects the 2 poles redistribution of the inducing force is what is observed as a magnetic current. The material of the onductor or inductor s diamagnetic like copper which leads to a conflict of induced polarities or paramagnetic like iron which leads to a harmonising of induced polarities. Magnetic current flows if fervently around ferromagnetic materials than around diamagnetic materials.

    We have adduced that in diamagnetic materials the Bloch wall centres on the conductor nd the north dipole meets the south dipole there, but the dipole pair itself rotates around the conductor . If the terminals are changed the rotation is changed relative to the conductor orientation. ..
    In a paramagnetic material the dipoles align with the orientation of the conductor , increasing its magnetic induction. , less surrounds or rotates around the conductor path.

    So what I am proposing is not 2 opposing magnetic vortices intertwining but one dipole vortex with Bloch wall centred on the conductor and rotating for diamagnetic materials, but for paramagnetic the material becomes magnetised axially with the Bloch wall in the central cross section of the conductor.
    Some stray dipoles will rotate around this magnetic core weakly.

  • We se here the gyre of the magnetic current broken down into its cross sectional rotation( the pancake spiral) and its helical progression( the solenoid) . In both these cases the rotationa dynamic is forced into a specific behaviour so that the Masing cavity is obvious. What is not explained is how these geometrical cavities create only a part of the general dynamic through coherence/ resonance. A particular frequency dominates , or a broad range of frequencies are constructively combined but differentiable . These are magnetic currents interacting with materiality in different ways.the diamagnetic Interaction is the o d we more commonly associate with the term"electric" current. The paramagnetic interaction we associate with transformers and transmission line dynamics. But within every voltaic cell is stored the magnetic current dipoles which we call "electrostatic " despite the clear dynamic when a conducting / inducting path is allowed to dissipate the magnetic current into the environmental magnetic flux.
  • Ferrocell under the microscope

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