The Way Electricity Runs In A Wire



  • I have sketched out a magnetic version of gravity, a magnetic version of the electric force and that just leaves magnetic nuclear weak and magnetic nuclear strong force versions.

    Since an electtical circuit current is not the analogy I am using. I posit standing vortices, in any defined spatial region e.g. an "electron" region . The two types of vortices are opposing each other in propagation and consequently in rotations.

    The vortex shells as equipotentials are dynamic in a way we call magnetic, and create implosive or explosive pressure, repulsion and attraction . It also phase and frequency shifts in a way we call,electricity.
    At the supposed scale of the nucleus these forces are orders of magnitude greater. That is the nuclear strong force.
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    Have you heard of one David Tombe? If you have, what do you think of his theories? If you haven't, I highly recommend his works. You can find them all collected in one place: Papers written by Frederick David Tombe.

    The most insightful paper I have ever read about the pristine version of Maxwell's Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field – which was butchered mercilessly by Oliver Heaviside after Maxwell's death – was written by this guy.
  • @Barau_R_Tour
    I have heard of but not studied his papers.
    Regarding Maxwell that is a great story rarely told! Yes his work was butchered by Heaviside, but also by Hertz ! there were a few " Maxwellians" including Helmholtz who grasped the ideas he was trying to depict mathematically. Unfortunately Maxwell was academically challenged by Kelvin who threatened to bury him if he did not renounce Sir WilliammRiwan Hamiltons Quaternion algebra with its " imaginary " quantities .

    The first butcher was thus Maxwell under coercion from Kelvin and others .
    Attempting to rewrite his ideas in Kelvins ( Gibbs was his protigée) vector notation he lost his way a bit. Not to mention his fall out with Faraday!

    The issue as always was over straight and curvilineal/ trochoidal forces! Quaternions somewhat unnaturally deal beautifully with both, but in Maxwells day he was perhaps the only academic outside of Ireland willing to publish a major work using them! To be sure he did not fully understand them and neither did Hamilton! It was Grassmann who alone grasped how to use these complex arrangements of quantified magnitudes in a coherent way but he was a nobody in Gauss's era.
    Gibbs took advantage if this and tried to create a vector algebra of his own, based on what he could understand of Grassmanns work. It suited all at the time to rubbish Grassmann, except Hamilton, who believed Grassmann was a master to emulate! The latter part of Hamiltons life work was an attempt to generalise his ideas beyond the quaternions in acknowledgement of Grassmanns most general treatment !

    So For almost 2 decades after his death Maxwells theory was ignored because of this. It really was the work ofthevMaxwellians that lifted it out of obscurity.
    Yes now we have students willing to study his Original ideas , and to make a case for them, but academia is still fighting a turf war over electromagnetism !

    For me as you know, the essential intuition Maxwell had that fluid dynamics was the paradigm to work in I wholeheartedly embrace. The methods of investigation and mathematical modelling I am wary of, due to inbred reification of certain force and line concepts, so that is why I have developed my own intuition based on trochoidal / rotational dynamics .

    Here in this forum I found the freedom to conceive of a different or magnetic explanation of the fundamental dynamical relationships and thus the chemical and biological patterning based on them
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    Just before reading your reply, I was browsing the 1873 edition of "An Elementary Treatise on Quaternions" by P.G. Tait - one of my favorite natural philosophers. I am afraid it is not so elementary, though.

    Regarding "magnetic explanation of the fundamental dynamical relationships and thus the chemical and biological patterning based on them", here is an interesting documentary that relates to it: THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

    Disclaimer and Warning: Heavily loaded with political fluff, especially towards the end; viewer discretion is advised.
  • Thank you for the links @Barau_R_Tour .
    Unfortunately elementary in academic circles means from first principles! Quaternions from first principles are a mental torture usually. However I think Norman Wildberger does a fine job in presenting them in a geometrical context, based on his previous expositions of vectors etc.
    What I find fascinating is both Hamilton and Grassmann recognised their applicability to electricity and magnetism.
    I findvGrassmanns method based on LaGrange LaPlace And Eulers ideas very intriguing , but currently I am in a hiatus on inspecting and translating The Grassmanns works.
    Hope to return soon .
    Did you find a way to Dropbox that Russian PDF you mentioned?

    I have read that paper by Tombe on David Ickes site I think , but your link is very handy. The free electricity and centrifugal aspect of magnetism are interesting fluid mechanical analogues, and of course Tombes is right only a handful of students have ever studied Maxwells original mathematical theory, and Einstein was not one of them Neither was Bohr! The daring do of Lorentz is legendary but unfortunately not revealed to physics students who might otherwise lose all credibility in modern physics!!

    The inductor/ conductor alternative I derived from Maxwells early definition of conduction in certain materials but the full extent of the notion of dielectric aether and luminiferous aether in his terms I have still to learn .

    Evenso, I do maintain that vorticular molecules or and particle terminology are distinctions of patterned trochoidal dynamics within a wholly fluid aether which however is not incompressible or therefore of uniform density within any specified region.
    The dynamics of aether i feel, must be complete, even if we model it only partially .
  • Jehovajah said:

    Did you find a way to Dropbox that Russian PDF you mentioned?

    Yes, you can download it from my dropbox: The last secret of God

  • Xxx Thankyou so much @Barau_R_Tour . I have it now: Poslednyaya Taena Boga .
  • Ken wheeler is a radio enthusiast who has written a book on magnetism. I am a poorly educated mathematics student who believed the secondary level text books regarding electricity and magnetism
    So terms like dielectric, antennae, radiation waves etc were seriously disconnected.

    So the way electricity runs in a wire could more revealingly be put as the way electricity runs in an antenna!

    But then one is lead to restate it as the way electromagnetism interacts with an antenna, and then to the way electro magnetic phenomena exhibit in a long transmission line!

    Ivor Catt enlightened me to the capacitance that is described around a transmission line antenna as well as the magnetic inductance that is equally there. Both these are understood to be in the dielectric medium associated with an antenna !

    So the simplistic idea that a current runs in a wire is akin to the story of Santa Claus! Pablum for the masses! Give me my Porterhouse steak, so that I might not grow up undernourished!

    The Leyden jar was perhaps th first capacitor, from which we derive the notion of capacitance. Clearly it was primarily thought of as electric because of the spark! It was a version of Voltas battery ideas and so has a related symbol.
    Voltangave annexplanationnbased on atmospheres around corporeal bodies/ materials, but his peers preferred n Alchemical corpuscular description. Thus the direct none tin to the environmental influences on Leyden jars and voltaic cells and circuits was lost. Ōrsteds philosophising was simply puzzling to his peers, but was in keeping with Voltas broader view.
    Then Ampère introduced the model of circuitous running things or currents within the wire, or at the surface of materials , and the notion defaulted to plumbing analogies!

    Ampère by coining the concept of lector dynamics hoped to innovate the staid electrostatic community for whom the Leyden jar was a capacitor holding an mount of static charge!!

    WhatbIvor has demonstrated is that static charge in a capacitor isolated from a driving capacitor( battery) does not exist! A reciprocating voltage is demonstrated innthevWakefield experiments which has capacitance , and magnetic energy or inductance.

    For a radio enthusiast this is where they start from in antenna design!

    Ivor declared the death of current in a wire . ForrestbBishop taking his ideas showed current is an unnecessary complication . Those who design antenna are trained to put it in their calculations, but in fact they don't need it! They use the capacitance nd inductance directly and intuitively.
    The moving signal is all yjat is required, and Catt endeavours with his colleagues to show this.

    For me the most radical model is based on a fluid medium capable of supporting trochoidally dynamic pressure surfaces, which in common identification is a patterned magnetic field dynamic .
    Think of the old fashioned magnetic tape. Spreading out such a magnetic pattern so thinly is akin to capacitance and a capacitor discharging into a magnetic tape reader head!! The tape holds its charge over an extended period, that is its discharge time is orders of magnitude over a capacitor of a different material and it does require moving mechanically, because the material is not chemically or characteristically as active as common capacitor dielectric materials!

  • Longitudinal perturbation is a rotational behaviour as is transverse perturbation. The rotational basis of surface pressures can be modelled by Quaternion Fourier transforms .
    Thus a mode of magnetic behaviour is light , as well as electric.
    Capacitance , the amount of rotational behaviour stored in a volume of a fluid/ aether / space time.

  • Some alternative mechanical models of dynamic force surfaces
    CCW and CW is too imprecise to clarify what he is trying to explain
    Energy is a construct that is unexplained.
  • An interesting effect I found. No idea what's happening here.
    Seems pertinent though.

  • All forms are conductor/ inductors of magnetic induction. The question is at what frequency, and what amplitude.
    The amplitude or power factor is expressed in units of Voltage. This is associated with electric power, but that is a mode of magnetic oscillation . For high power the frequency creates stable or unstable rotational dynamics at all frequencies from sound to X-ray . We of course see the visible frequencies .

    Pointed regions project these oscillations as nodes into the surrounding space.

    Theseveffectscare completelybscakeable, so a pyramid firm with the right capacitance will oscillate in the great atmospheric dynamics we call the ionosphere and other active regions.

    The magnetically induced discharge will be of great power but not always in the visible spectrum
  • royalblue said:

    An interesting effect I found. No idea what's happening here.
    Seems pertinent though.

    Nice! It looks like some kind of a standing wave to me...
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