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ED M. and The Enigma Machine



  • One reason to those mistakes is that EDM want´s you go through those "lessons", others will just read the book and they won't learn anything..
  • Ironshades, I have a copy, but sorry, I cant send it, and for me to scan all 111 pages, and send it, would be gross copyright infringement, and burn my scanner in the process...
    but heres the amazon link, its where I got it... I may have left a review as well...
    if you cant get the link for some crazy reason, just google Edward Marlinski, it's the second link there

    I have copies of the hidden pages, but they're useless to try to understand without reading edm first...
    Agreed Julli... thats exactly why they are there, but of course, there is other meanings to unwrap with them, I would bet on it.
  • I have read much about on the subject, yesterday refreshed myself for hours. No matter how Ed wrote the book code or no code. After years of the study of magnets, what they are, and how they work together in uncountable number. The books are profound , if the mistakes are looked at like mistakes, Then the meaning of the words placement , and contestant can truly come into play. Weather there are .mistakes or not , What Ed wrote about, is not electricity. " A book in every home " everyone should know how to do this and what it is, were, and why. Looking at Ed and everything , did or talked about as a whole. Ed's books are strange in some ways witch gives you personal insight to the kind of person , you would have to be do as Leedskalnin has done, the amount of effort. All of my effort anymore goes into figuring out how to pay the bills. Money is tight. With no time or money to rebuild Eds PMH'S/flywheel. Decoding his works is honorable. Ed's words are clear and simple mistakes or not.
  • Thanks to everyone who stops in and checks out my vids.
    The Enigma Machine is exactly that, an enigma...
    And the beat goes on...
    So here's the next part, picking up where part 2 left off.
    Enjoy, it's my pleasure to share what I know about Ed.
  • Thanks for sharing! Very interesting..
  • edited May 2014
    @ironshades I concur. Eds words in ABIEH have nothing to do with electricity or magnetism. He clearly states what electricity and magnatism is from his books and experiments. I've come to the conclusion that Ed is trying to help those that seek the truth. To be de-fooled from what we call reality. I'm enclined to believe that he speaks to us from the 4th and 5th dimension. Much like Tesla did. Can you imagine going to the 4th grade to learn basic algebra when your knowledge was 16 times that. You would be bored. It'd be like being tought the alphabet when you already know how to read and write.
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