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ED M. and The Enigma Machine



  • thats interesting.
  • It is interesting and I know him well from the Code 144 forums but it is an absolute no doubt message that I would like to see before I take time using the enigma machine...
  • Thanks for posting the link, I hope it helps someone out.

    Ones, if you want to see the message, you have to play the game.
    Finding the enigma settings is just the beginning of this game ed plays with us. AG is merely 2 punches in an enigma machine, and the answer to the riddle is another 2 punches (at least for this first riddle) I have entered over 80 punches into the enigma machine, starting with this simple riddle. If you want a tangible message, play the game… ed will make you think, but he will reference other works, other people, and even make you look through his own books to find the answers he wants you to give. And along the way, he’ll give you the rest of the steckerbrett settings, and teach you how to begin to read and use his methods.
    I’m happy to offer any advice to anyone who wants to attempt this, but I don’t wanna give away the answers, its much too rewarding to find them yourself…
    A lot of people think Ed Marlinski’s book is a bunch of crap, he gives you a set of enigma machine settings, without much explanation. But in reality, he’s just trying to get you to find them.
    I’ll give y’all this… an explanation.
    On page 41, of ed marlinski’s book, the first set of enigma machine settings he gives us is GYOU RYOU UC W123.
    Where can we find this? And why is the first set he gives us? Because, they can be found right outside the door of Rock Gate, you don’t even need to step inside…

    You will be
    Seeing unusual

    Ring Bell

    That’s all you need, if you know where to look…. Read it like this

    U will be C
    YOU will be see in G
    R, in G
    Ring be ll (ring be 12,12... Ring be 12, 1+2... Ring be 12 3)

    The walzenlage of the enigma machine is sometimes called the ‘rings’ and the R setting is known as the ‘ring settings’ Anyone care to hunt for the other ‘Mystery Settings‘?

  • Have you found anything in that points to this in A Book In Every Home?
  • Yes... in ABIEH ed says 'a brand new one', which edm tells us means a virgin enigma machine, brand new out of the box... in his hidden pages, he shows a method of beginning with the second half of ed's naturalization numbers... 6105195... or FAXEAIE, which will yield EDR WOLK. By swapping out the R and L in the stecker, and reentering the same letters after clearing the machine, it will change to EDL WORK... I havent done much work with these settings... but they are the beginning to another riddle game from ed...
    Good luck...

  • More for Y'all...
  • I've been reading your work... very interesting stuff, I cant argue, it's a solid theory, I havent tried it yet but its on my list. I had an acquaintance tell me that grounding one side and forcing the other was key, but youre the second to mention it...
    Another thing I noticed was you mentioned that ed drilled holes, placed an iron rod, and wrapped the stones in flat wire... I have a friend who swears by the significance of the holes and their placement, and there are alot, probably more if you saw the stones from the sides that are hidden, if ed was a good builder, which he was, he would have hid the holes best he could... but then again, like in the king stone, the center was the best place for it, and its still there.
    The wire flattener... check... agreed, and good thoughts on it, I wanted to ask though... you think the wire was silver? Ed was collecting silver, which I mentioned before, and AG make EZ, plus silver is a fantastic UV absorber, if ed was using the planets, and the sunlight reflected from the moon, you think silver would be good to collect the push/pull magnets you were speaking of? I say because copper is easy to flatten yes, so thats a possibility, but gold, you mentioned gold... now if I could get enough gold to make flat wire out of it, I'd be pretty well off, ed was poor, thus, I think the silver collection, and the silver coinage of the time was easy to melt, as the copper content was 10% then, I've seen it melt before, not too hard, and with ed's HHO torch (assuming he had one, theyre easy to make, and you said ed used batteries, which he speaks of, and batteries power hho torches)
    So anyway, alot of what you are saying makes sense, and I'm still sorting it out, remember theres lots of thoeries on ed, so we have to look at all of them objectively, but I dont rule out any, and yours is one of the absolute best, simple like ed said...
    Its good work far as I can tell, and perhaps if someone has the time to test it, i'd like to know the results. Myself, I'm not set up to build pmh's yet, not good ones, the 2 I built do the job for simple testing, but they're not exactly as ed built them either, so my testing ability is nil at the moment, but I would be interested to see the results.. I like so far.
  • :) are there any examples of the shape of magnetic field around a V magnet?
  • Yes, thanx for the links. I know how the flower of life looks like, but where do you overlay the V magnet on it? :)
  • edited December 2013
    @Gardener I researched this a few years back and can't find the source material. You might have to do some digging, but I think it's from Russian researcher, RG Sigalova. This is becoming cliche at this point, but I have in my notes that his experiments with Ʌ-shaped and Y-shaped conductors suggested the need to revise the foundations of electrodynamics - a conductive phenomena based on this shape specifically that doesn't' fit the standard paradigm, yet still observed and illustrated from what's clearly a classically trained perspective. If this were a field magnet, the apex of the V would be the ideal point of induction, that is, if your looking for equal polarization. Certainly an angle that sharp would kink or damns things up in any scenario.

  • @ironshades @magnetic_universe thanx! that looks nice.
    ...and i can even read that ;)

    In the black oval at the top it says (left to right), something like "direction of current/flow", "force on the shoulder" and "resulting force".
    The resulting force is at the V bend.

    Those two containers with white content it says "electrolyte" (inside).
    The container at the V bend says "water" (inside) and "supporting floater".

    The battery connection is obvious.

    Ok, so something similar happens in a magnetic way, you wanted to say?
    I found this image in internet, but it seems to me, that ironshades means something different.

  • The Enigma machine has 159 Quintilian combinations. quin•til•lion (kwɪnˈtɪl yən)

    n., pl. -lions, (as after a numeral) -lion, n.
    1. a cardinal number represented in the U.S. by 1 followed by 18 zeros, and in Great Britain by 1 followed by 30 zeros.
    2. amounting to one quintillion in number.
    [1665–75; < Latin quīnt(us) fifth + -illion (as in million)]
    quin•til′lionth, n., adj.
  • Hi to all, I´ve noticed that in EDM´s book, where he is uses the enigma machine, there are lot of mistakes with results that he got. Same goes with the "hidden pages".. of course they are there on purpose, but I just wanted to tell if somebody haven´t noticed.
  • Yes, Julli, I have noticed it as well... I don't know what they mean yet, as I have been preoccupied with the setting I found and persued.
    But yes, I can confirm they are off... in the book, and hidden pages as well...

    Thanks Matt... in perspective, thats tight odds... I love it...
  • @poughkeepsieblue Do you have a copy of the book you could send me?
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