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What is Rock Gate (a.k.a. Coral Castle)?



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    While watching this video listen carefully what it says @ 20:00

    My research shows that the Great Pyramid was a geo-mechanical power plant that responded sympathetically with the Earth’s vibrations converting that energy into electricity.
    If true, that basically means that ancient Egyptians already had some knowledge of the technology Tesla was trying to implement in Colorado Springs at the beginning of the 20th century with his Wardenclyffe Tower project: wireless transmission of power via vibrations of Earth's magnetic field, which one can tune to and tap anywhere on the globe - just like one tunes to radio waves.

    You can find a lucid explanation of how this technology works by means of simple mechanical analogy in section III. The Singular Misconception of the Wireless of Tesla's 1919 article Famous Scientific Illusions; scroll to the bottom and see Fig.10.

    Perhaps that's what Ed was also doing: using his magnetic flywheel in the woodshed as energy transmitter (Ed's "Wardenclyffe"?) and tapping into that energy via his radio tuner and using this power to induce somehow very strong opposing magnetization in both the coral block and the coral bed thereby making the block to levitate.
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