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What is Rock Gate (a.k.a. Coral Castle)?

Rock Gate - later known as Coral Castle is a stone structure created by the Latvian American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951) north of the city of Homestead, Florida in Miami-Dade County at the intersection of South Dixie Highway (U.S. 1) and West 157th Avenue. The structure rises numerous megalithic stones (mostly limestone formed from coral), each weighing several tons. It currently serves as a privately-operated tourist attraction. Coral Castle is noted for urban legends surrounding its creation that claim it was built single-highhandedly by Leedskalnin using magnetism and/or supernatural abilities.


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    Ed Leedskalnin - rare vintage footage

  • have you ever seem the first castle ed built? he didn't move the whole thing. most of the castle is still there .ed only moved some things look it up!theres much more plant life there and one person lives there now and its gated, and locked
    Unfortunately I've never been there.. :(
    It's little bit too far from here.
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  • The world's only modern megalithic structure...

    Around the 8 minute mark is especially interesting:

  • I recently found this one too...
    I bet ed wished he died ten years later...
    Anyway, its surprising how much film of CC is out there, if you know where to look

  • @poughkeepsieblue :) :) :)

    BTW, what was the location of original CC?
    And also, what happened to the space where Ed quarried the stones from?

  • The adress of ed's original castle site, or 'Ed's Place' is,
    18900 SW 352nd St
    Homestead, FL 33034

    although this is closer to Florida city, thats the up to date mailing adress
    It's a private residence now, fenced in, but if you search it on google maps, it'll take you to the lot.
    I have a file with a google placemark, which will take you right to it on google earth, but I cant upload it, or I would. There is also a monolith still standing on this location, and ed's ADM sign was originally left behind by ed at 'ed's place'. The second owners of Coral Castle had it moved and placed out front of CC. I dubbed the lone monolith the Agnes stone, because ed used to say he left his sweet sixteen in Florida City, and that monolith he never moved.
    As for ed's first quarry, I have no Idea. I assume it would be a low spot on the current property, unless someone had it filled it. Ed's quarry at coral castle, of course is still on the south side of the walls.
    An interesting note, if you go into google earth street view, you can see how dense the vegetation is on ed's old lot. Perhaps it's just lack landscaping, but everything there is either blocked from sight to deter tourists like us, or grows more vigorous than the rest of the neighborhood.
    Another interesting note, in street view, if you go to the road just south of ed's old lot, and look through the neighbor's yard who lives just south of there, you can see the top of ed's old tower in the top of the trees, take a look and you'll see the telltale cobbled stones in the treetops.

    And all credit here goes to my friend P.B., who reverse engineered ed's directions, and located the lot. I just knew of it, and since you asked...
  • Many thanks!
    That's exactly what I was looking for.
    My intention was to "have a look around" - virtually.
  • This is the best thread for this movie?

    As you know I am not persuaded by the hype but by the facts that are empirically demonstrable.
    Moving blocks by frequency or resonance is well known, but not applied by our construction industry, because it does not know how.
    Recently constructions in order to remain standing after an earthquake have applied this anti resonance principle. Many constructions in order to remain standing have to consider resonant frequencies.

    Despite the + and - signs being arbitrary , tied in with eds individual substances he called individual north and individual south magnets , and cross referencing with Gilbert's magnetic monads ( single element or substance which concentrate at the poles of a bar magnet) we may see that so called positive electric tension and negative electric tension ( Faraday) or positive fluid or charge and negative fluid or charge are what Ed refers to as individual magnets.

    I have used the term plasma to refer to these fluids , but I am not using the word as currently defined by Plasma Physics. I am using it as Ed defined it as indicated here.

    We know that so called electrostatics holds many strange behaviours that we are never told at school. In addition Magnetostatics is never taught in school and never taught in university. You have to join the Guild of Magnet makers to get any idea about Magnetostatics, and most of that is obscured by electrodynamic theory and the " electron" . Replace the electron by a magnetic monad and we get the profound change in paradigm Ed is talking about. We do not split Electricity off from magnetism. Magnetic monads become the sound magnetic base.
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    Watch this video but replace electrons by magnetic monads. See what happens to the issue of lifting heavy objects!

    This electrostatic theory is really talking about magnetic effects. Forget about atoms and electrons, just think about magnetic monads that attract each other if different but repel each other if the same. I prefer to think of these as fluids or plasmas.

    Do not get deceived by the Maths jargon. It is all relative. In the old days everyone had their own units so it was toss a coin to choose what numbers you got!
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    Imagine now , that electrostatics is describing magnetic behaviours. Imagine that the charge is the individual magnetic substance. Think: why do we earth powerful circuits? What is coming from and going into the earth?

    Why is the lodestone crystal , from the earth called a magnet, but kaolin platelets called electrically charged?

    Watch the video

  • On Kegans site I found this video.

    Kegan and I both love " spirals" as fundamental structures in our conscious universe.

  • This very interesting demonstration video shows the EV Gray concept devices, lifting heavy loads by magnetic discharge.

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