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Can that be true?



  • I said "If he wanted". Why are you twisting the statement?

    As you told it was piece of art, so are cathedral roof is just only piece of arts because it looks nice? You may not know but if you electrize metal sheet with high voltage it will start to harvest even more charges from the air. So it's not art only. It goes same schemes this metal ring was roof which was harvesting waves. Tree's leaves harvests sun energy by chlorofil.
  • Hello ElectricSpirit: Back to the antenna photo
    Where is Ed standing? - outside the wall
    When was the photo taken - because the wall is very unfinished ( not really there)
    This is a very early photo where Ed is young long before he started his electric research ( he is more involved in building his building )
    So: Not even close to being an antenna.
    Whatever that building and antenna thing is - It does not exist today -
    Or maybe never did. ( That is unclear )
    there is nothing in the court yard in that location big enough to be what is shown there, It is some form of optical allusion ( That looks like - but can not be a building with a round metal thing on top ( It is just not there )

    Point being ( Research what thing in photo's really are before saying what you think they are - because False information is Very Bad - it is Telling people
    you do not know what you are talking about once they find out the real truth.

    After you show you don't know what you are taking about you can not take that back from you're lack of knowledge on any subject.

    food for thought: for you for the future. ( Research the subject first before saying anything - much Smarter - And you don't look like a fool -

  • Oh it's not antenna because he is very young and he wasn't work with electricity yet... What a logic. So you know when he started to work with?

    Yes optical illusion that's what flatearthers tells everytime.

    And you forgot to write that you are photoshop master to and you earned million dollars by selling your photos... like fences before.

    It's funny how you try to gain credibility by commenting what kind of engineer you are... By the way why you just not start you device with hand if it creates more energy than need it should rotate by itself? Simple like combustion engine.
    Maybe you sell it and earn another million dollars...

  • Well: ElectricSprit, The best part about everything is you can believe what you want too.
    If you do not want to believe anyone else that is totally your option;

    I had just made a statement on what I believe to be true. you do not have to believe a word I say, That is your option.

    you can be as mean as you like and say all the mean thing you think
    Again that is your option.

    On the other hand I do not have to believe anything you say also.
    that is my option.

    But I will only say things that can help you, not to be mean, just to be truthful.
    If you want to take things people say as mean things - that are trying to give you good advice. Well: that is your option:

    Believe what you like and live a good life, there is not reason to answer any more comments from you,

    fare well. ES
  • Clever escape.

    Simple logic. Im so mean because i see antenna that you don't see...

    "I have lots of money that is better than you trolls on a forums" - not so mean
    "Good luck - Dummies - This Technology is not for you after all" - not so mean

    Just show how your engine works.

    So stupid thing, to belive magnet(created from electric energy) can create more electrical energy then spark gap(wchich is electrical energy itself).
    It's like belive that electrical engine connected to the combustion engine can create more energy than explosion is combustion chamber.

    Then what technology you tell about?
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