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Can that be true?

Simply telling. I belive that we live inside the earth. On the I found this second pic and literally first thought after was this magnetic wheel. I dont know why they think that pyramid is in core of the earth. But this quadrupole is same as magnetic wheel rounded shapes. I don't know of any phenomenon where a 1/4-circle curved strip of metal would significantly affect the rest, but the builder did it that way and I assume it matters. For example, if we look at vertical path of the feet at walking, it will also leave a trace resembling 1/4 of a circle.


  • Those 4 bolts are sitting in a neutral zone they shouldn't be magnetized. Those 1/4-circle curved strip of metal, I'm not certain but I think they should be a single pole, the other half of the pole should be a layer on the underside
  • A question: What if that were true?
    In Florida there is a place called Fort Lauderdale in and about the same time as Ed's magnetic and electrical experiments were going on,
    At fort lauderdale not that far from the coral castle was a high output power antenna for long distance off shore stuff from 1930 - to the 1980
    It does not take much to make thing turn static charged being near this type of antenna powered output thing.
    What if Ed's thinking was his experiments were real and the real was only static from the local air and sea government based antenna making everything not grounded electric charged making sparks on their own - magically -
    I know this type of long distance antenna can make things like cars, tractors, and anything that is not grounded become static charged enough to knock you on your butt when touched.
    So: The big question? Was it Ed's real world or the next door antenna making the real.
    shocking results of Ed's world.
    maybe if you get a U shaped bar and get real close to a high output antenna.
    and let it take a static charge for that Antenna
    You may get the same effects as Ed was seeing, or not,
    Didn't anyone else think of this in the 13 years this forum has been going on?
    Thanks - The antenna thing is true , (believe it or not)

  • 21.910391,114.131388

    @Magnagravity ever consider he might have been causing interference on the radio?

    I noticed people lose interest in your electric motor when they discover 14 volts at 6 amps input for "Magnet On" and Zer0 volts at 0 amps equals "Magnet Off"?

    You claim to be a engineer Tom, watt will break first on my AN10NA? I know nylon slips like warm butter when friction occurs. I think the nail will cut the line first.

    I could never figure out this wave.
  • To them that have sense let them think, for them that have reason let them have common sense, for them that are willing to learn let them have wisdom,
    I never take test, because the true answers are all not true - people have been given the answers that are not true and they believe them to be true.
    ( People loose interest in most thing they do not have the common sense to understand, or wisdom to learn the concepts of understanding, or Sense to get the understanding before they open their mouth and present themselves a fool. not understanding the concept of watt is and watt is not present the question of why? make a comment on the subject of lesser understanding if you be so lacking in the smallest about of information to make a comment sense reason on a subject out of the range of your abilities because it is easy to present yourself a fool than to present yourself a person of wisdom. That would not make a comment that does not apply to the true event.
    But that is OK no one here is testing you on your IQ.

    An Engineer - and a Millionaire and retired so I can do what I want and when I want to do it on my own time. - It does not matter what people say about me because - I have lots of money that is better than you trolls on a forums.
    So: I don't care if people are interested or not in my technology: I am the only one that matters to know it works for me alone- all the rest of the world can go to ---- you fill the blanks if you are smart enough. Hell if you are not.

    I always laugh at all you dummies that think you are so smart and don't have two brain cells to rub together - When the energy runs out in your lifetime you deserved being in the dark and no food to eat, and the gangs of people that will have the guns to take what they want will eat everything in their path.
    and kill everyone that is in their way. People of the future - Very smart thinking -

    Stay away from the people like me that have made you an offer to not have this happen - Very smart thinking on your part -

    Good luck - Dummies - This Technology is not for you after all -
  • @Magnagravity We're interested in your tech Tom, but Vinyasi looks smug and his voice don't match his face. You're confident and rich, which makes you smart and I like that, but we're all dummies. Love the lamp BTW
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