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Demagnetize and magnetize a neodym cube



  • @Magnetic_Universe I have magnetized a 5" steel fishing wire and this is what I got.

    The magnetic poles in the wire appear irregular. To my understanding, this would be because.
    1. My copper wire across my box is slightly larger than 1/8"
    2. I may not have measured 5" perfectly
    3. My battery may be irregular or possibly the placement of my clips with leads coming from the battery should be shifted along the 18" copper wire till I find the correct balanced spot.

    Ed starts us out making a magnet with a 1" steel wire. Since a magnet has to be divided by half S+N at the ends that tells me that each magnet end should be 1/2" but then we have to subtract 1/8" from the center for the copper wire which is also the neutral space between and we should have 0.375 or 3/8" left on either side.

    He says the South side is 1/16" longer than the North side on his 36" Horisontaly hanging magnet, so the imbalance on the 18" copper wire illustration that should only be half of 1/16

    Now my thought is. The PMH bar is 36" long. There should be a 1/16 imbalance. If you can do the math, you could probably balance that out using different amounts of turns for each coil or sliding one up and the other down the core to the perfect spot. So that 1 magnet starts at the left side of the crossbar, the other starts before the right turn. If you observe the sideway lines he draws on the PMH illustration, you will notice the center starting point is not centered it is more to the right of the curve. The lines don't continue through the crossbar. I think the crossbar is South and the U is North the Neutral connecting the two is sitting under the coils.

    PMH could be only half a magnet. North to South. You would need another one South to North possibly at 90 degrees and share the same crossbar for your neutral.

    My guess for the box on top of his tripod was a perfectly balanced magnetic device. The center of a magnet. If you know the size of your center the magnetic poles should be a calculated distance on each end. The measurements in EDS magnetic current give you all the pieces to build the device in the box.

    We only get light from tricking the system. It's all a magic trick. We will only find what we are all trying to discover by understanding how it works than finding a way to manipulate it.

    I can't math but there is a pattern with all EDS measurements. Trying to figure out the 6" coils I calculated that you would get 16 turns of wire per inch. So 16x6 = 96 turns a row. 1500 turns divide that by 96 = 15.625 approximately 16 rows of wire. That means you have 250 turns per inch. If we are looking to deduct 1/8 from every inch for the imbalance on the other coil, how many turns is that?
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