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Ed's bicycle

A while back I got curious if a rope/cable could be used for a wheel.

FYI PVC pipe makes poor magnets.

My current joke is I have a 3 foot spider residing in my house.


  • The wheel in the wheel.

  • Figure it out, not hard.

  • I honestly can't remember who mentioned the rocking motion. With both hands you can rock the bottles causing a high pressure low pressure pulse on the end of the pipe drill. The weight hanging from the hexagon frame acts like pendulums. Get a rythm and this is the result.

    The water vapor locks Inside the pipe like a playing card on a glass of water upside down. The iron oxide sand is heavier than water and muck.
    I know Edward cut stone softer than hard granite. I know I showed somewhere the muck made by a water clock dropping a iron weight into a puddle of virgin olive oil.
  • So I got my tools out and laced a bottle.


    The audio is hard to hear with my water fountain running in the background.

    This week the bible reminded me there is a difference in the word "KNOP" and "KNOB".

    You'd be surprised how few "chapters" discuss "chapiters". Many accounts revolve around king Solomon. I strummed the strings like a harp because you can hear it out of center.

    I used a Left hand rule on a Base 12 frame like a clock and I STEPPED by 19. So the line almost makes 2 full turns around the square bottle. Step 23 and Step 29 is the closest you can get to 2 full turns. The diameter of the rope/line doesn't add up like your typical thread count. No Dr Pepper isn't paying me to promote formula #23.

    Knops are the lobes on glass bottles. I use that lobe to prevent the line from slipping.
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