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Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Anyone notice in most pics he's standing on a box? I think the box is important. It's to separate yourself from the earth. No ground. I think it's part of his magnetic radiophone. I think he accidentally made one. It was probably like one of those moments where you shock yourself accidentally if you're working electronics. I think the box allows magnetic energy to flow through you like a light bulb filament. If you face east, the magnet flow is from your left hand to your right hand. North to south. I think if you become the "filament of a magnetic light bulb" so to speak, you use your location on earth to create a magnetic hot spot, or pole on the sphere of the earth. I also think a pool of water with, a hill in the center is important too. The water is effected by the magnetic field. Many magnets will run through you, and the magnets are all connected to the sun, the moon to the sun, and the sun through the cosmos. Your mind is projected with all magnets, anywhere. It's like a radio since you'd be able to either communicate, or hear communications through the cosmic force.
I think the hand crank wheel generator was the same as the crank on the old phones. It's purpose was to prime the line for current.

Am I way off, or what?


  • You mean crank the handle to ring the bell to get Mabel on the line at the switch board?

    The rotary dial didn't come till later.

    Then push button dialing.

    Now like Nikola Tesla said, we can see images around the world by simply being grounded to the earth.

    One day I might make a small fish look big by hanging the fish from magicians string while holding the end of a weighted rope farther away than the fish close to the camera.

    What does "standing on a soap box" mean symbolically?
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