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The Secret Revealed



  • @BetweenStars i don't think it's silly. It's rather interesting..
  • I was grateful for the info, so glad 16 refers to frequency and not gauge of wire. I was overwhelmed by the idea of the expense. Totally digging how Magneticus described making caps. I'm new here so pardon me, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this thread.

  • Thanks @Jessica they were hard to make but worth the effort.

    I decided to make a crap video on the process of making caps.

    Still laughing in the video I say Seran wrap and grab a piece of foil.

    And the smooth side should be out not in.

    And I didn't have mineral oil which hopefully I remember to get at the store.

    Need Epsom salt as well.
  • Thanks so much!! I see you write crap video and I misread it to say cap video. Got it smooth side out. Don't worry, we all misspeak when we know the camera is watching.

    I don't have mineral oil but I did have a wild thought about trying .... lanolin.

    Salt? To make it battery itself?

    Funny I have been saving every 3rd paper roll knowing they have to be useful for something. Ahh but I do have a rolling pin!

  • I saw this the other day, as shown by @Magneticus_Attractus in one of your earlier posts on this thread.

  • The Epsom salt is for this project.

    I honestly wouldn't use a toilet paper roll unless it was filled to make it solid.

    My old secondary had probably 20 pounds of black iron oxide for a core.

    Hopefully here in the next few months I get to return to my honey hole and obtain more. Maybe even get lucky and find a small nugget of gold. I know I find trace amounts when I sort the sand.

    One of my friends experiments. Which it was nice to see someone else seeing the strange effects of high voltage current and this oxide.

  • @Jessica since you mentioned it. ;)
  • I hope Apollo doesn't mind we've gone so far off-topic, but all in pursuit of the secret. I can't exactly tell what you are doing in the first video. Making light or magnetic metal cooker?
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