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The Secret Revealed



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    I do not understand. "24 Hz -> 24,74 Mhz" Why? If you divide lentgh of 24Hz by 2 some times rationally length of antenna will be 17,87 meters or 8,93 and then you need coil to "catch" 24 hz right? I don't know maybe im wrong. I just watched few videos on youtube
  • Don't worry @BetweenStars He didn't find no secret, he's probably still trying to make it work like ...though it was a good shot. But Ed's art is different.
    If you want to understand it, meditate on the symbols. Even Manly P. Hall said so.
  • The hurtz is cloudng your mind. Think simple, he made the stone one kind magnet. Point it East, East is up, the writing is lined UP so you will be looking east. The wheel generated both poles. One kind magnet going out the top, the other kind out the bottom. Find out what hemisphere your in. They built the pyramids where they are located based on the stars, the energy grid. Moon energy is key, the moons magnetism is so strong it can move the seas, rocks slide across the desert because of the moon. The universe really is all magnets, the Stars turn on a wheel just like the flywheel
  • @Apollo222 Did you really built 100KW generator from this scheme? :)
  • Heh! No...FCC would be all over me. This is just a 'general' schematic of what I think EDL was doing, but on a much smaller scale...He was tapping into his 'magnetic river'...which is more accurately a he's represented in his King Stone.. :)
  • I do not understand. "24 Hz -> 24,74 Mhz" Why? If you divide lentgh of 24Hz by 2 some times rationally length of antenna will be 17,87 meters or 8,93 and then you need coil to "catch" 24 hz right? I don't know maybe im wrong. I just watched few videos on youtube

    Hmmmm, I'm not sure. I multiplied the frequencies to get within the HAM range, since it was known that this device messed with AFB communications, which magically, work in exactly the same ranges that would likely be used to study this phenomena. I know to some this may sound 'crazy'...but this isn't really 'new' tech...this has been around since before the Egyptians...and Tesla was well aware of are companies like Visiv and those now developing wireless energy transmission. Part of Tesla's secret wasn't that it just transmitted power, but it AMPLIFIED the earths own power, 'synced' with it. However, earth power does NOT come from nuclear processes as they would have you believe (this is my own personal belief, after 20 years of Geology and Electrical Engineering). Plasma from the sun and the cosmos and the HUGE voltage gradient that it produces is what is driving earth (and all cosmic) processes. There is no gravity, only magentism...and magnetism and electricity are the same force, in different dimensions. Magnetism travels at the speed of light, down to the speed of electricity, which is about ~1/100 of light a tank circuit these are intrinsically connected.
  • Good to see you are still alive.

    You are right the FCC would be all over you like flies on stink.

    Voltage doublers.

    Why I never understood how 12 volts produced 700 volts with no transformer's.

    2KV diodes cause my germanium diodes would blow out.

    Aluminum foil, parchment paper, plastic wrap, and mineral oil. Lots of pressure. I used zip ties and a zip tie tensioner. I am sure hose clamps would work just as well to compress the layers together.

    I call gravity static cling.

    Some of this stuff is hard to explain when you cannot see it, but you see the effects of it.

    Like dust in the wind. You can't see the wind but you can see the dust.

    Actually seen a dust devil last week. And as normal it was a time I forgot my phone at home and could not record it.

    I know with the rainbow picture someone showed me, I educated them on conditions to see the rainbow.

    MIT Lewin lecture of rainbows.

    He was right you will never look at rainbows the same as before.

    So I showed the girl with the image how above things are dark, below very bright.

    Without looking is red on top or blue on top?

    With a double rainbow I knew as a child it would cause interference on the CB radio.

    Didn't know why. Just knew it would.

    So if +/- is day then -/+ is night.

    I think the diodes I used had a switch speed of 100mhz.
    I know my capacitor's were way to small.
    Why I started thinking of how to use five rolls of materials and a heat press.
    Foil, oil, plastic wrap, oil, parchment paper, oil, foil, oil, plastic wrap, oil.
    The parchment paper you can tension the most.
    Foil and plastic wrap will distort under tension, but not under pressure.

    The more pressure the higher the capacitance.

    a device for wringing water from wet clothes, mops, or other objects.

    A slotted rod to hold the paper. And put a crank on the rod. Put a tensioner on the feed roll of parchment paper and and run the 5 layers thru the wringer.

    What I realized is the direction around the slotted rod. CW and CCW. One is day and one is night.

  • When he said thing the bell twice, he meant the sun rotates around the dome over flat Earth. It looks like a bell. Take a pic of it he sun at 12 o clock every day for the entire year. It will make an eight. Bigger at the bottom, when the sun is circling the bottom of the bell, then smaller at the top, the when sun is circling the top part of the bell.
    The universe is a square box, top and bottom separated by a firmament, the top is white light, bottom black. The light is being sent to the bottom thru a portal/sun the light the bottom half. The Stars are on the center firmament, turning like a wheel. Then a smaller wheel above that one. That's how the universe was made, magnetic wheels. The sun is not needed, the moon is key. Genisis tells you exactly how the universe was made but no one interprets it correctly.

  • This is where I noticed Edwards box of tools at the top of the tripod.

    One wire only works when the voltage doubler gets over 200 volts. Basically make a full wave rectification from the PMH leads. And those two caps with a diode on one junction of each cap then a third cap bridging the other side of the primary caps.

    The speaker was connected to two diodes that each one went to a cap.
    +S to -
    How I became blood brothers with a boy named "SiouX".
    And write contracts in blood.

    The bigger the wheel and handle from the center axis the longer the stroke.

    Look at the short strokes that gas engine uses. Now look at the stroke Edward used. Now go rock a chairback the distance distance the handle travels.
    Better yet attach a fish scale and pull back on the chair back and let me know how much force is needed to travel half the distance of the handle. Now one flywheel is storing energy in a second object. I just keep thinking all the old tech that is hard to find like sewing machine trendles. Foot pedal turns the flywheel by rocking on a lever.

    I have said in the past it is like pumping up a bicycle tube. You will not in flat the tube on the first stroke of the piston in a air pump, unless it is one huge piston.
    But the piston will travel slow because the valve stem is a bottle neck.

    Which that always makes me think about bandpass boxes with SPL subwoofers.

    It is hard to explain how both speakers push/pull against each other in a sealed chamber then are ported twice. One port goes from one speaker to the other speaker then a pair of tuned ports to the outside on each speaker.

    When done correctly the sound waves couple and amplify.

    This version is crap in a SPL system.

    This version will bounce the windshield wipers off the window. Granted there was 2000 watts driving 8 twelve inch subwoofers.

    I have known guys to use cement inside the floorboards to give the vehicle a solid base.

    Spray foam will squeak like crazy if you do not put fabric on the plastic panels.

    I have heard stories of cars coming apart at the seams from sonic vibration.

    If I had the magnets I could show you how the earthquake machine works. Three ring magnets on a shaft and 2 coils. Place magnets on shaft with N/S then a coil then in the middle that magnet is S/N the other coil then the last magnet N/S. The center magnet must be free to move. I already showed how to make the switch above. Just use your imagination on how to use the moving magnet to turn on and off each coil. Now remember the copper cylinder that makes the sealed chamber will slow a magnets travel.

    I can share the volume of pipes and say a tube has a inside diameter of 1 inch 25 millimeters. The magnet has a outside diameter of 24.5 millimeters. Now to move that magnet in a sealed chamber, one side is creating a vacuum and one side has positive air pressure. Now you can vent one side to the other with a smaller pipe.

    Air and water behavior. A compressed gas has more resistance to change.

    I mention automobiles ofTEN cause I know somewhat how air pressure changes can be seen all over a car.

    What's stopping you?

    Hydraulic fluID. FrICTION. Resistance.

    For a long time I did not understand how the carburetor works with the brakes. Like a vacuum advance on the timing of ignition. The down stroke creates a vacuum in the manifold. This vacuum pulls the lever and changes the time it fires. You will find springs holding things back.

    I wrote how to use the magnets and air pressure as the springs.

    I mentioned the bicycle tube as pressured air that has a flexible chamber.

    Like @Forrest said once you figure it out you do start wanting to build on a larger scale.

    For months I keep saying I am going to buy a sixteen pound digging bar to show how to drive it into the ground using a car battery. Which is on my shopping list.

    I can show you how when I have the parts I need and a place to operate them.

    Can already her Martha nagging "what do you need that for?"

    See if my brother from another mother will let me borrow his heavy plate's.

    My giant's low gear should easily turn a 500 pound flywheel.Ok maybe not at first. But once in motion it becomes easier to accelerate. Once up to speed engage the magneto and the battery can charge or discharge.

    Why a simple test with alternators is see if the tip of your screwdriver sticks to the shaft. If it does not, the field coil is bad.
    @Gardener anyway to make a visible counter of X out of 5000 characters used?
  • @Magneticus_Attractus remaining chars visible would be possible, but i’d need to find some time to do it.

  • Speaking of time...
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    I just love mechanical machines :)
    A friend of mine once had such a mechanical calculator, when we were kids. It was just amazing.
  • The answer you all seek!
  • What was diameter of antena at top of the tower?


    Rather than relying upon the wiggling electrons in the wires of the large half-wave antenna to generate EM fields... what if we used use a power supply instead? If an antenna is 1/10,000 wavelength across, we should be able to force it to behave as if it's huge; perhaps 1/3 wavelength across. We simply have to drive it hard with an RF source. We must drive it at the *same* frequency as the incoming waves, then adjust the phase and amplitude of the power supply to a special value. At one particular value, our transmissions will cause the antenna to be best at absorbing the incoming waves.

    Take a loop antenna as an example. If we want our little loop-antenna to receive far more radio energy than it normally would, then we need to produce a large AC current in the antenna coil, where the phase of this current is locked in synch with the waves we wish to receive, and is lagging by 90 degrees. The voltage across the antenna terminals stays about the same as when an undriven antenna receives those waves. However, since the current is much higher in the driven antenna, the energy received per second is much higher as well. This seems like engineering blasphemy, no? How can adding a larger current increase the recieved power? And won't our receiving antenna start transmitting? Yet this actually does work. Power equals volts times amps. To increase the RF power received from distant sources, we increase the antenna's amperes intentionally.

    This sounds really silly. How can we improve the reception of an electrically small antenna by using it to *transmit*? The secret involves the cancellation of magnetic or electric fields in the near-field region of the antenna. The physics of the nearfield region of antennas has a kind of nonlinearity because conductors are present. In the electromagnetic nearfield region, it's possible to change the "E" of a wave without changing the "M" (change the antenna's voltage without changing the current), and vice versa. Superposition of EM traveling waves does not quite apply here because the ruling equations for energy propagation near conductors depends upon V^2 or I^2 separately. In addition, V is almost independent of I in the near-field region. If a very small loop antenna (a coil) should happen to receive a radio wave as a very small signal, we can increase the received *energy* by artificially increasing the current. Or if we're using a tiny dipole antenna (a capacitor,) we can increase the short dipole's received energy by applying a large AC voltage across the antenna terminals."

    I'm not sure but. Antenna on tower was set perpendicular to earth's standing wave. So that's mean if Ed was rotating wheel, maybe 2 turns/s to force S and N send 24 Hz AC into coil and this coil was attached into antenna. And then antenna was entering in earth's resonance. And that how it was powered by itself.

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