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Three Ton Gate BLOW HORN ...Why?



  • ring bell in two minutes attendant will be here. would become ;
    gate hint enable win it let listen world number
    hint gate it let listen world number enable win

    one or the other , its how it reads without punctuation obviously, I was asked if ed left other messages other than in abieh around the site , the simple answer is theres clues all over and if he wrote them why not! in main the problem with this type of puzzle is perception bias because the item/clue is singular at present whereas the book has stricter rules and help, but the math ie 39 is fine by that .
    so no full text assurance but fun to see
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    I believe know the answer, but I cannot tell anyone yet directly. The 'answer' is very literally depicted in my is a tile from an Indian temple I believe.
    'Blowing the horn at the gate' is a very large clue to the devices operation. The image on this 'door' is similar to the entrance at Rock 'Gate'. What does a gate or door do? They swing back and forth...they open and close. In a sense..a hysteresis....this is Ed's love of rocking chairs.

    Here's another clue...

    What you see emanating from the center of the top of the door 'aka the gate' or entrance are 8 horns (conical shapes emanating from the half sphere)...twice this would be a sweet 16. The center of these horns can be the sun, the earth, or the moon, as all have continually oscillating magnetic currents....line them all up, and there's even more... ;-)
  • @Apollo222 finally someone who has understood that all knowledge has been laid out in the symbols for thousands of years, passed down by (free)morons who didn't even understand what they were drawing, sculpting, etc.

    The cones that you are referring to, and which you also found with the iron filings around the flywheel are the result of the "Q-magnets" design variation that Ed re-discovered: the four fields squashed together form a cone and a dome on top of it. The cone has forces going both ways (the earth too sits in the middle of a cone, a vortex of ether; the forces that act upon earth mimic those of the cones of the flywheel). But there are fields of force that prevent you to liberate any magnetic force from it and you need to understand how to liberate them. Here's a clue for you.

    At the top of each cone a magnetic "dome" holds a flower. The flower is a recurrent symbol in Masonic symbolism: when Fulcanelli describes Alchemy as "the art of opening flowers" he is referring to both opening real (biological) flowers and opening the magnetic flowers: the magnetic flower holds a magnetic monopole at its center.

    And this is not about electricity - that circuit that you posted in the other thread is at most useful to produce energy - the ultimate point of this work is to understand that the electrical manifestations of matter (electrons, orbitals, covalent bonds, etc.) result from resonance within the atom, and that the atom is really a hollow vortex of ether. In reality there is no matter: matter is created as soon as ether is moved (concentrated or ejected) in/from a vortex which is spinning and oscillating with a certain rhythm, giving a certain geometry to space. This resonance is what determines the type of matter that the atom assumes when it binds with other atoms.

    This subject was only partially understood by Ed: learning to control this energy by means of magnetism is the key to the transmutation of matter.
    Learning how to replicate the energy of the Spring (season) and to open flowers is the key to form the philosophers' stone, the nectar of the gods, which gives immortality to the body.

    Be careful.
  • I believe I understand how to 'liberate' and use these; its actually quite obvious when you know the secret...the rocking chair...aka you know the significance of 5, 8 and 24?
  • More accurately, 5,8,16 and 24... ;-)
  • @Apollo222 no I don't know the significance of 5, 8, 16, and 24. Enlighten me?
  • @Apollo222 about hysteresis it's an insight I had too: I've inspected some very large ancient stones and I've come to the conclusion that altering gravity locally involves "organizing space" (possibly around the material or within the material itself) in such a way that favors the transmission of magnetic oscillations. But how the numbers 5, 8, 16, 24 are relevant to this is beyond me.

    The only work I've done with numbers is about those contained in the illustration called "Masonic man" which are related to Pythagora's theory of the universe (so called "cosmic monochord" or "harmonic universe") which correlates the atom & atomic interactions to the apparent distances between planets measured in terms of Earth's radius (measured in meters).
  • I've posted my 'secret' for everyone...hopefully this will help explain some of the numbers. These numbers are 'universal' in that they govern and are exhibited by everything from planets to atoms, because they're a fundamental frequency of the aether vibration from higher dimensions.. :)
  • I was watching Gallagher the other night. That sledge-O-matic always makes me laugh. But then he has a box with 2 six volt lantern batteries connected to a car horn. Now that was some funny jokes right there. But then when you think how that horn works just like the buzz coils on those fords. I tried this with speakers, simple mod of glue one wire to the cone, now connect a battery to the terminals of the speaker briefly. You want the speaker to travel towards the basket. Now if you connect the wire on the cone to one speaker terminal, the other terminal back to the battery, the other terminal of the battery needs to barely touch the cone wire and you will hear it buzz like a horn.

    Pretty easy to figure out if you tinker around a little bit.

    Myself I just run the speakers inline with the wheel. If I need more power I can run speakers parallel. If I want less power I run the speakers in series. You would be surprised what a passive X-over will do.

    With flywheels if you double the mass you quadruple the storage. If you double the speed it only doubles the energy. Maybe it is double the diameter of the mass. That's the reason for the cement around the magnets.

    Never forget the day I placed 400# on that pyramid and rotated it. Nothing but a bottle and a ball. Like I tell people oil floats on water. Fill most of the bottle with water, a few inches of the neck put paraffin wax, heat the bottle in a double boiler till the wax melts, keep adding wax till it reaches the top and place the ball on top. Now allow the bottle to cool. FYI don't forget to oil your balls.

  • This should be interesting when I use a compressor.

    Sometimes that old tube has use.

    SSee later what it sounds like when I dump the tank at 100 psi.

    No diaphragm @royalblue ....
    So I know steam pressure will work just as well as air pressure....

    Only place I have seen 241 was constitution's post's.
    He didn't seem to recognize the number. For the danger it is.

  • @Magneticus_Attractus nice rendition of the universe, especially the flywheel rig.
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