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Three Ton Gate BLOW HORN ...Why?



  • @Gardener
    I mentioned it a couple of times but nobody cared. This 'technology' that we're trying to understand here has been passed down through the ages from the time of ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt, or maybe earlier. However, in 5000 years nobody has ever revealed one bit about it, and all we have is symbols & allegories. Have you ever asked yourself why?

    I'll tell you why: because it's been used to fight a war that destroyed half of the world. The traces are everywhere: in ancient sites (like Puma Punku, Baalbek, etc.) or ancient texts (like The lament for UR, the Bible, the Vedas, etc.). All ancient civilizations carry myths that say how their ancestors have been wiped out by a war or otherwise catastrophic (magnetic) event. But the religious books are only a reflection of this: religions with their ever changing gods & rituals, (and freemasonry from which they originate) were created to make sure that this knowledge stay hidden through the ages.

    Ed didn't write books to chant the glory of God, right? Instead he wrote about the structure of matter, life and energy. He said that the N/S magnets are atoms and that electrons don't exist and he said that if you manage to separate the magnets into two streams you can put them in orbit and they'll run indefinitely (PMH). What that means is:
    1) splitting the magnet is essentially "splitting the atom" (as Fulcanelli said: you can destroy a city with a few grams of highly purified materials)
    2) we're dealing with infinite energy (nuclear resonance)
    3) we're dealing with the very fabric of matter (read: transmutation, that is nuclear reactions)

    Draw your own conclusions.
  • @royalblue Ak ok.. i see what you mean.

  • Anyways after hours of shocking a can full of pond water and a pinch of salt. I noticed the surface has a crystal growing where the + is hitting the surface.of the water.
    After 3 battery charges my wire spring burned up. The other thing I noticed, was a shock wave on the surface tension of the water. Not going to bother trying to catch it on camera.
    Now to rig another spring. Wonder if a metal clothes hanger will bend like I need it to. I'll figure out some solution to this problem.

    Anyways, once I replace the reed of my switch, and make the tuning fork for adjustments. I will show what a horn sounds like connected to the bucking reed. Funny ripples in the water, make and break the contact. Not enough water in the vessel the + can't reach the surface. Too much water(liquid) and the = just shorts out. The speed of the switching also increases.
    A few things I noticed about the switch.
    1. Length is important, the longer the reed, the more responsive it is to small magnetic changes.
    2. The color of the spark on the reed to contacts. If it is glowing bright white, the transformer doesn't spark. Also check the spacing of the contacts.
    3. Make sure the reed cannot contact the electromagnets. They will stick to the iron with magnetism.
    4. At the right frequency, crystal production is increased. (At least with a pinch of salt slowly added)
    5. Notice the sound of the spark.
    6. Notice the color of the spark hitting the water.
    7. Notice how if you turn it off, the old crystal pushes away from the + contact.
    8. Notice the crystal becomes charged like a compass. Only one end will attract to the + lead.

    Some of the tests I will not be able to do at home cause my neighbors might get upset if I start pulsing a horn for any length of time. Not sure if my 200 watt speakers can handle pulsed 18 volts.might add some resistors just to be safe. I know my old fosgate amp was outputting 100+ volts AC current. Found that out when I got shocked by the output, then stuck a meter on it. My other fear with using speakers is only driving them one way. I will either hyperextend the basket, or completely bottom out. Neither is good for speakers. Debating on using one speaker on each side of the tuning fork, so one pushes the other back. I guess a tuned port would help.

    I guess nukes would solve the 7 trillion dollar debt George Bush caused in 2001. Due in 2053. I bet he is dead when that debt comes due. Your children will be debt slave's, just like so many Americans. I got offered 2% on what I spend for a whooping 29.74% APR. So you charge me 30 cents on every dollar I spend, and offer me 2 cents in return? Are you nuts? Want to borrow my money at a 4% APR? Granted I'll break your legs if you don't repay, then forgive your debt as you are unable to work.
    Like trying to get 7 trillion from a dead man. Isn't going to happen.
    Look how much money is stolen in unrepresented tax each year. Your lack of common cent's is the reason, the government has a big black budget. $X.xx9 find that in your wallet. Not to mention the theft that happens when you Phillip at 76 degrees and drive at 66 degrees. Your right it is a very petty amount. That petty times billions each year adds up fast. Sold gas for years and no one asks for exactly ten gallons to make that .009 become .09 and I have pennies to cover that. This is what is called tax breaks. If done correctly, the business owner reaps those fractions only paying the nearest penny at tax time. 8.25% and 12 customer's spend $1 each. $0.99 is due in tax, yet the owner collected $1.08 in tax. If I had 16 customer's I would make a easy dime in tax.
    15000 a dime at a time is only $1500.00.
    We all know a barrel of water weights more than a barrel of oil. They make hand pumps to move liquid from a barrel to a tank. Like a two stroke motor. Try pumping water with the pistons on a 4 stroke motor. :) good luck moving the piston with the cylinder full of water and both valves closed. Where reeds come into play again.or simple check valves. Pull the valves out of a 4 stroke motor and put a check valve on the intake and a second on the exhaust. Now every down stroke it pulls water in, and on the up stroke pushes water out the exhaust. Yes you can link the output of a running motor to a pump motor except the pump motor has to turn slower than the one running on gasoline/ethanol/methanol. Those ports are too small for large volumes of liquid to move fast. Granny gears on a transmission would drive a pump motor. Never forget my father buying a 1948 international dump truck in the early 1990's. I thought what a waste of money. So after weeks of oil down the spark plug holes. He tried the starter.thing hadn't been started in almost 20 years. Sat parked in a barn. Next he checked to see if the plugs were firing. They were. Next came the fuel pump. After sitting for years the fuel line had become gummed up. So he bungees a gas can to the grill and runs a clear hose to the pump. Pump worked and truck started up. He put it in the lowest gear and that motor pushed that dump truck with both front tires locked up from rust almost 20 before both tires started spinning. I no longer doubted his stories of driving and loading the truck at the same time. Brick on the gas pedal and bungee from steering wheel to under the seat. And that truck would load up he called when it hit a hay bail before just climbing over can hear those old motors grunt under heavy load. All that iron is hard to slow down once in motion. Then came testing the hydraulic lift. That worked just fine. I no longer seen it as a waste of money. Not running it was worthless. My father seen the potential of that old truck. I think he sold it for a profit. Only paid $800-900 for it. Fuel pumps work off of cam levers. Spring pushes one way and cam lobe pushes back. Up and down on a diaphragm. Just like a speaker on the end of a pipe with a rubber membrane. I guess I should reveal how to drive the speaker back and forth. Maybe save it for another time. Like Ed said ring it twice. So far I have only shown half the switch. Same coils drive a + switch on the opposite side. The ford buzz coil is only a quarter switch at best. When you switch both the +&- at the same time. Right now I have mine wired so one is a north and the other a south. I will have to pull the coil from a microwave fan so I have a matched pair. Got to love standardized parts.

    Just cut the thick copper wires and remove 2 screws. And all the extra iron peels like a onion. These don't have the thermal protected switches on them. Exhaust fans around the house do.

    Notice "this is a line" on line 34
    And "a line is this" on line 49
    See the nail? Or are you a snail when it comes to nails.
    His nail site
    Why I used a 2x4. So I can move the nails along the lines. Also need to add capacitor's on the switches. I heard that helps keep them from sparking as much. Anyways I'll keep you posted. Well unless I accidentally electricuit myself. That spark sounds like it would be painful.
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    The key is in the length of the rods and in their orientation (and possibly in the number of turns of wire). Examine the map of these locations:
    - Royal palace of Versailles
    - Schonnbrunn palace
    - Royal palace of Brussels

    From the map you'll notice there are always two roads (rods) that intersect in a point, and one is always longer than the other (many other locations follow this pattern).

    Now check photos of the 9 ton gate at CC.

    Notice the two stones on the side of the triangular stone: one is longer than another and notice the orientation too:
    • one is the Sun/male rod and goes towards Taurus (the Moon Fountain)
    • another is the Moon/female rod and goes towards Leo (the Sun).
    The stones on the sides of the 9 ton gate are the feet of the Masonic man (check my Symbolism thread), you'll see the orientation too.

    I suspect that if there is a spark gap, it must be in Leo (since the heart beats), and from that point (Leo) the circuit must connect finally again in Taurus....because Mithras (and many other characters related to the myth of the Sun) is always represented covered by the head of a Lion attacking the bull.

    The hiding has ben going for a long time.

    When you experiment with plants, consider the following:
    • lilies => for female energy
    • pomegranates => for male energy
    • cucumbers => for the androgynous energy (the triune son/sun)
    It's all in the internal geometry of the plants. Corn will not react until you assemble the right type of energy.

    I'll pass you more information as I proceed and receive assistance from my guides, if I don't fry myself before that.

  • So fan #2 is dismantled.

    I was able to remove the blades from the shaft. Got thinking I could hang a iron flapper over the magnets connected to the shaft to allow it to pivot back and forth. The heavy wheel should slow it down considerably. I will let you know how it works out. If it works at all. I'm sure I can construct something that will last longer then three charges of a battery.
    I didn't have java on so I lost what I typed earlier in response to bulls and lions.
    And long and short roads and angle of the cross.
    A line is this.
    This is a line.
    I set his nail.
    His nail site.
    a line is this.
    this is a line.
    i set his nail.
    his nail site.
    Printed you can run a ruler and see the line on periods is not straight.all the same anagram.
    I know one has one less space. But why is the length different? Capital letter space.
    All lower case 3/4 line up. Funny robots don't catch that though. 100% repeat of the same letters. Yet rearranged each time the robots don't see the repeating.
    Trick I taught my Facebook robot years ago. That and randomly selecting targets by number. Every account is a number. Mark zucker is #4. Newer accounts start with 10000##########. Had huge database's of number/name files. Set the teatimer at a random time between 5 and 10 minutes per post. It will be hours before the Facebook capcha is triggered.
    FYI don't fry device's from Fry's electronics. Warning labels say it must accept outside interference. Why my neighbors know to let me know if something is acting strange in the neighborhood. I'm not trying to harm my neighbors devices. I just accept I may affect the performance of their devices. A flashing UV blue light will cause the remote to not work. Discovered that years I am thinking 2 lights connected making V.P. with the lights. Both lights slightly over lap if both on at the same time. The two lamps.
    Getting my bible out cause now I have to reread while I think of rereeding my switch.
    What do I have that is expendable.... My burnt offering. ;)
    Oh...the blocks by the triangle blow hole is sound reflector's. Why a large and small block is used. I'll find my spinning pyramid video later. YouTube did it no justice cause you can't hear the sound change as the pyramid was spun while a radio played inside.later I discovered how the air would circulate inside the corners. I left the top open. The sides I used a 1x16 to fill the gap of the corner's. The base is 2 feet by 2 feet.

    Then I realized the double bell ringer.

    My neighbor came over and helped get my light to come on. Figuratively.
    I showed him the above text about something expendable, as I noticed the length of guy wire with 7 strand's of magnetic wire.
    So I showed him your post about the roads meeting and one being longer than the other. And showed him how my coil around the nail one end is longer.(moves the center of gravity). One coil +/N will make the far end of the wire +/N. Then attracting to the coil -/S
    Ring the bell twice.comes to mind. One tine hits the contact in the center, while the other Tine hits the glass(the bell). So the tuning fork contact must fit between the cross roads.
    Anyways @royalblue thanks for helping me remember my dreams.
    Now I wish I had some of the old parts still around.
    Like I told my neighbor, I'll think of something to make a tuning fork out of. The ropes holding them make sense. I'll show this maybe later. (Not sure where the hot glue gun is, or any wax)....I'll find it later.rope insulates the metal of the tuning fork, and you can wrap the rope with a metal band connected to each side. To cause the N/S shift in magnets.
    1 AM and listening to AC/DC "who made who", who turned the screw.
    Copper windings on the soft iron at the contact point's. Anyways be safe. I got work to do to make this bea
  • @g11 sound reflectors? How? Did you at least decode the numbers on the feet of Masonic man?

    Also, I don't see how that equipment can interact with a flywheel (unless you're just using plain A/C from the wall outlet).

  • Trust me they are much louder with tuned pipes. The brown bottle with the longer pipe, the sweet spot is about a half inch below the widest bevel. And about a inch from the bottom of the bottle. The clear bottle using the long pipe isn't as loud or the same sound. I tried a really long pipe but with just air from my lungs I can't get it to sound at all.
    If I had a pressure gauge on my pressure cooker I bet I could get that bottle so loud it would hurt your ears when I released steam from the cooker.I'll try compressed air later to see what sounds I can get at low pressure. Might try the longer pipes with compressed air to see if it will sound then.
    1/2 I.D copper pipe. They don't fit snug so I used a bit of paper. Fold in thirds, then wrap the pipe at least twice maybe 3 times with a little bit hanging past the end of the pipe. Now put the end in the bottle and twist the same way you wrapped it. Once the paper is snug between the pipe and bottle neck, get the paper wet with water. Now twist the pipe the other direction, and you should have a decent seal between the pipe and bottle. Really not sure what is the ideal length of pipe in the bottle. I will have to experiment more with it.
    All my little projects run off of batteries. At least those that require power. Only use AC current to charge the batteries. Why I keep making remarks about my Chevy alternator connected to a bike tread mill and all I am missing is a 12 volt battery to charge with it. My big flywheel years ago would discharge a small 12 battery after a day. It was a tiny one,.wasn't a car battery.
    The heart beat is two sided. First one side fires, then the other side.
    One experiment I want to try is heating the brown bottle in the double boiler. And fill the bottle above the bottom of the pipe with water. And see what happens when the water builds pressure inside the bottle causing water the blow out the top.
    It's spring time so I'm busy with other people lately and will tinker more when I have free time and feeling motivated like last night. Didn't get to sleep until after 4am and was back up at 8 am. Funny I started cutting the pipe for cement batteries, when all of the sudden I had a urge to put pipes in the bottles like Ed's blow hole. My one friend believes it could be heard across the lake it was so loud. Honestly sounds like a train whistle. I was finding the sweet spots by sliding the pipe while blowing. My hearing isn't that great so most of the time it sounds like the same note to me. Maybe tomorrow I will get out the Kirby and try blowing across the pipe with it.
    Reason I can't hear was tuning completion SPL stereo's. Building custom boxes can be tricky cause the wrong shape and the waves cancel each other out. Some bass notes the wave is sixty feet wide. At least that is what I was told. Wasn't till later in life I started learning how to couple sound waves to amplify the sound. Still not that great at it. But getting better. I didn't understand how to use multiple frequencies at the same time. Then one day it was 3 frequencies like 30 hz, 60 hz, and 90 hz. It's not until the 180th cycle you hear how all 3 frequencies combine and sound louder. Start calculating things like the speed of sound. At 700+ feet per second, how long does a bass note take to travel from the trunk, to the windshield back to the trunk? Only a fraction of a second.

    Other than that I don't see anything in the two numbers.

    Keep in mind the flywheel doesn't do all the work.
    My leaf rake and garden rake both rake.
    One is good at some tasks and the other is good for other tasks. Try lifting a scoop of dirt with a coal shovel. Now try with a spade shovel. Something's the tines down is useful, others the tines up are useful.
    The flywheel was acting as a timing gear. It also could generate pulses at different times per second. Like I seen with the sand over the glass in my 9x9x18 video. The sand only marches like the army at lower speeds. To fast and it makes ribs around the circle. That still has me baffled at what I was seeing. Is it simply the magnetic lines on the magnets going the same direction of the wheel?
    Take one step forward and two steps back.
    AC current is good. It travels longer distances. Sometimes the push/pull is better. Sometimes you just want the push, and others you want to pull.
    Why is it, you people show a copper pipe boring into a rock with a small weight on top, yet where is the driver circuit? Why do all the videos just have music playing.
    Why would I push/pull a piston inside a sealed cylinder? Other than to make waves it the water. It takes more force to lift/pull than to drop/push. Light bulbs make great resistors.if it takes 25 watts to lift, why am I driving it down with 50 watts? Maybe I want my tool to bounce back.
    Reminds me of years ago, when I needed a distraction. Apartment water fight men/women. Women had the men.pinned down on the first floor by occupying the second, keeping us from the booze on the third floor. So I daisy chained 5 nextel batteries to a flasher relay and a 12 volt fog light. The large amount of current caused it to have a long delay between flashes. A 1156 doesn't require much current, why they stay on longer before making enough thermal energy to break the contact.the fog light could handle max 24 volts. I wasn't sure if the batteries could handle the load. But it did make a quick flash with a long delay.
    I'm sure you have tired this next experiment below.
  • Take two equally heavy weights and hang them in balance across two pulleys. Making a upside down U shape. Now between pulley A and pulley B put a shaft parallel to the center pins of the pulleys. Now wrap the connecting cable one time around this shaft. The bigger the diameter the more distance the weights will move when you rock the handle on the shaft. Learned this from submarine's communication.
    One armed bandits. Oil pumps taught me how to turn a wheel and get linear motions.counter balance the walking beam. Look at the head on the walking beam. I guess they are called pump jacks.
    Pretty much the the same device except it gets used for cutting rock with cables. One on each side of the cable.
    That is one regret I have is not taking the land when someone on my mothers side died, and not getting the mineral rights from my father when he died. I think what a nice solar farm it could have made. I hated the bugs. All sorts of things that could do harm to you. Fire ants. Wonder how they would like it if I zapped them with high voltage? I know worms hate 120 volts discharged to the ground. Don't stand in the wet spot. Where I got my idea to hit rocks with current. If the current only flows in the wet areas. Some rocks water doesn't work. How to keep it wet? Without getting shocked in the process. Chicken feeder.upside down bottle with a drip line. My neighbor the glass blower taught me how to build a dam around the drill site so water would puddle on the outside of the bottle. Heat kills most drill bits.most drills I seen only push water into the drill site. Nobody reciprocates the water working back and forth. My father taught my how to get a ground rod out of the ground by using water and a back and forth motion. My friend couldn't believe I put a axle shaft in the ground up to the hub using nothing other than water and lifting/dropping and turning the shaft. Really rocky soil he said. Which it was. Not solid rock. Just big hand sized rocks. Someone in the speCIAl forces showed me the power of a bottle because of air pressure difference. I know it takes a fraction of the second for the shockwave to recoil inside the bottle. Synchronized input and you get waves. Done right you get a high pressure wave instead of waves.each material has its own sweet spot where the pipe buzzing like a bee and the water makes mud out of solid rocks. A simple piece of paper will hold water in a pipe in the bottle upside down. Not going to try to fill the bottle upside down with water.if I coil the bottle high voltage will travel from the outside of the bottle to the copper pipe. My dry lines in the tripod insulates the bottle from ground. My drop line carries the spark from the buzz coils. Ground goes to the dam. If you insulate the pipe you can make coils there and drive a permant magnet piston inside the pipe. You have to ramp the frequency. First it is slow then fine tune. Take two microwave magnets.

    Now place the two smaller magnets on a piece of iron repelling each other and place inside the copper pipe.

    Now a pair of coils moves the magnetic piston inside the pipe. I need to file my iron and glue the magnets cause one keeps flipping inside the pipe. When I drop it down the pipe.
    Like I was just showing my wife. The magnets alone drop slow. The iron drops fast. Magnets and iron with magnets +/- Fe +/- it is slower than just iron but faster than just magnets. With the magnets +/- fe -/+ it is slower. But faster than just a iron tube plugged will be semi buoyant in water. Still displaces the same amount of water.not much but timing is everything.
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    @g11 I truly have no idea what you're doing. But I'll repeat myself.



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    Great discussion and insights wow!... I still have not figured out how Ed mounted this horn, the horn funnel section itself would have been taken off and noise piece diaphragm mounted directly over the proposed wine bottle that is nested in the Three Ton Gate, I thought? ...Is it possible the horn piece itself is encased in concrete within the gate? I have heard also of a funnel used to lubricate the shaft the gate spins on.... and on ....The screws must be contacts but perhaps not hmmm
  • Notice, no Sun Door, no Ring Twice and also no pulley for the rope that attaches the Bell... It seems these were all added after Ed's discovery/ies with Sun Dial, Telescope Etc. ... The pulley that hold the rope to the side may have even been added after Ed's passing. Ed had a lock for the inside and out side of the door, I assume for when he was there and not, interestingly though there is a complete section people could just walk into... or did he have a fence (wooden, wire) around his original living quarters he brought from Ed's Place? The trees were very thick back then to, maybe they provided enough of a barrier to funnel people to the ENTRANCE.
  • Actually it does look like something pinned up to their Left, could it be Ring Twice?
  • I said use a copper pipe and a bottle.
    Same pipe. One just has been beat flat. Check out lightning rods.
    Really not my problem if you can't see how the same tools have different uses.
    Fill the bottle with cement. Now you have a roller that can withstand tonnage. Copper pipe keeps the glass from breaking rolling down copper rails. Scrap pipe is cheap compared to new pipe but it does wear out. I already knew how some of his primitive tools work. They've been around a long time. 3.14 times diameter tells me how long to cut the pipe to make a rim on the wheel. 8 pound hammer and a iron rail flattens the pipe real fast but the trick is light taps and let the tool do the work.
    Anyways my blower tip is a crap HFT one that got stuck open but around 30 psi it hit a good note. Still sounded down to just about 10 psi.
    If leaking fittings weren't bad enough. That valve sticking open dumping the whole tank of air(small 3gallon tank)
    Will work on nozzles later but it is pretty loud at 30 psi. Just the bottle is a bass sound, but with the pipe it is a ear piercing sound. That's with no horn. I figure make a nozzle with 1/4 pipe to pressure then get a 1/2 inch T and a 1/2 end cap. Drill a 1/4 inch hole in the end cap. And put a funnel in the other end of the T.
    I'll keep you posted on any new findings in these blow holes.
  • The picture itself was taken apparently in 1944 when Ed was still working on his living quarters... The ladies match perfectly to a couple that appear in Darren Nemeths video which is said to have been filmed in 1944 .... So Eds Telescope was already up for Three years and still no sign of his "Drawing".
  • Copper pipe and then insert it in to the bottle? Cool I shall look into that...maybe it did not bolt on...excellent
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