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U shapr



  • Since I can't find the clacker thread.
    I will just post this picture here.

    @Magnetic_Universe have you ever tried this?
  • @Magneticus_Attractus
    Can't say that I have from the looks of it. Whats it do?
  • It rocks like a bell clacker. After I realized I told you how I made my switch completely wrong. Well i got playing around with magnets to make the array i had on my old wheel switch. 2 magnets with the same pole pointing towards the iron. This makes the iron pretty much a monopole. That pole is attracted to the iron of the PMH.

    I was too lazy to remove the bar on my small PMH so i just grabbed a U shape piece of iron. To show the iron bar hanging like a bell clacker.

    So N\S|Iron|S/N. This sends south into the center of the coil cores. And north passes the outside of the coils. So when the iron rocks you get pulses of current from the coils.

    My guess is saw tooth waves.

    I don't have the equipment to test. But I am sure it would work.

    I know you have a bigger PMH with coils. Not sure how many magnets you will need to get a heavier iron bar to hang from the U. But pyramid stacks work to fully saturate the iron bar with magnetic flux. You can tell when it is saturated cause the magnets get hard to stay put.

    Funny how the strangest stuff gets my creative juices flowing.

  • Little things I have learned from the mini PMH.

    Just showing off.

    If I center tap them, one needs to be positive at the pins and the other negative at the pins. As this will make the prongs one pole and the U shape the other pole. Thus the two north prongs attract to the 2 south prongs. Not sure if they will latch but they should.

    One flash of current makes 8 magnet poles.

    As far as spinning a magnet between the prongs, how do you cancel the torque required to turn the magnet?

    These came from water pumps and it is hard to turn the magnet by hand. I will try a keeper later but I doubt it will have little effect.

  • Just thought I would share the double rings concerning bells.
  • edited December 2023
    royalblue said:

    @CONSTITiTION what is exactly the discovery Marlisnki made, and/or where can it be found? Furthermore Consti, can you share your opinion on the numbers 7129/6105195? Are they important? Do you think they represent words? Or...?
    More generally, where do you see the encoded/encrypted messages in ED's works?

    I’ll show you what I think those numbers are. Music of the universe. Here you go. Sweet 16 or 1/16 in there as well somewhere. Doesn’t ED say something about magnetism alignment is square along the wire?

  • If I magnetize a long steel fishing line I get magnetic poles just like the devisions in the monochords in the image above

  • Also found this

  • 2/1 on the red door. If somone wants to read the link about the Geometry of music linking to science you can find it here

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