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  • Once again.. post with no references or explanations. In this case a picture isn't worth 10 words. Big deal I say. Another version of a compass rose on the CIA headquarters logo. Yeah, and about CAD.. our world would be screwed if we were still drawing by hand. I've done both as a professional draftsman of all sorts of engineering and architectural firms.
  • @g11 awesome, I was just reading about this yesterday in a book from around 1250 A.D. (Guidonis Bonati Foroliuiensis mathematici de astronomia tractatus X).
  • @rb,
    How in the world is someone on this forum supposed to know that is some image from a book in 1250ad. And how would they know it has anything to do with astronomy? It's BS man. You just "happened" to be reading about it yesterday?
    I went through the online book and saw no image at all.. but lots of large caps like ED Marlinski's book:
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    Four squares, 22.5 offset, makes a 16 point star
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    Royalblue the image of male/female in circle of pyramid.
  • @CONSTITiTION the reason why I was reading that book is that in Orthodox Christian symbolism the four so called "fixed signs" of the zodiac (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio - represented as an Eagle long ago - and Aquarius) are used as companions of Christ. Christ is often depicted standing in a Vescica Pisces with the four signs at the corners (or four angels, representing those signs). The figure that @g11 drew is exactly the way in which the ancients split up the sky, assigning a "male" and "female" side to the sky (and to the signs) and writing their observations about the behavior of the Sun. From the drawing of @g11 it's quite evident that 4 sun signs are "alone" in their own arc on the zodiac circle, and that's possibly what makes the Sun's energy more stable in those seasons which deems those signs as "fixed" (let's not forget that Sun energy is just North-Pole & South-Pole individual magnets swirling with more coherency). I was intrigued because I find a connection with the 4 points on ED's flywheel, and with the Tree of Life symbolism from the Kabbalah. I'll work on making another post that connects more dots for our confused freemason friends.

    @g11 speaking of trees...excellent observation. Trees are indeed magnets. I guess that the twig & the roots are like two dielectric inertial planes (flywheels), and each of them catches the counter-rotating magnetic energies that come respectively from the Sun and from Earth. At the point where the two energies meet (in the trunk) the magic of nature takes place and the energy is transformed into new mass. About the angle, there is indeed an angle involved in Ed's discovery but I'm sill pondering. But...think about it, if he was working at night the Sun/Heat and cold water are not likely to be involved in quarrying.

    Btw, tell me what you think about the following videos please of this guy who built his own flywheel.

    Here he shows how the long pipe next to the flywheel could contain the long coil-pipe that's hanging on the wall. He shows how driving up negative individual magnets from the ground can result into free energy :anguished:

    Here he shows a coral rock being magnetized by the motion of the flywheel and attaching perfectly to the MRA. He has another couple of videos where he shows different rocks becoming perfectly magnetic by exposure to the flywheel.

    However, in his last videos he seems to be making more discoveries about how ED used static electricity to float rocks (perhaps after magnetizing them).

    I'm still trying to make sense of it all. The implications are serious. I think I will build a scale replica of the flywheel and try to spin it under ferrofluid or inside a ferrocell to understand what exactly is going on.
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  • OH GEE,
    First off I built De'Pew's machine and you're off..and fishing for me to bite and tell you how it's done.

    Second of all as I said, I learned long ago that you can experiment from now to eternity and invent a million new things that do amazing things.. even give you free energy, talk to aliens, lift rocks, cut rocks.. anything you can imagine. However, that will NEVER prove ANYTHING about ED Leedskalnin and what he discovered. I figured out that the ONLY way to find out his thoughts is if he coded them in his works. ED Marlinski swears to me that he did. So, call us "bookworms" ALL you want "magnethead". I'm going my way and you go yours.

    On another note.. I'm the one who told you magnethead shit is my weakness. I had originally hoped you could help.. but then learned your teaching style sucks for me. I'm planning on picking up a PMH that Matt is making for me in a week or so. Maybe I'll use it and maybe I won't. I follow my gut.

    About BOOKS.. how far back do you have to go? Well.. EDL himself said that books are found to be wrong and thrown away every 25 years. So you tell me how that math works out as you go back.
  • OH GEE again,
    Have your MagnetHead HIGHNESS even been to Rock Gate? Have you measured it even once and drawn a scale drawing of it? Have you ever once stared at one of his creations in real life and asked yourself what the heck does it mean? What's he trying to say? And how the heck does it relate to that over there? Well.. I have done it 6 times. .using my professional CAD skills that you don't trust.

    This shows one of my survey maps overlaid on a current satellite image of Rock Gate.

    I know where the holes are. Do you? Do I have to be a bookworm do know this? I 've spent 14 years studying the measurements, the geometry, the archaeoastronomy, the symbolism,... and yes,, .. I've looked into everything Egyptian already. My journey with EDL has taken me into so many corners and dead end streets I couldn't begin to list them here. I just know you CAN"T sum me up with the word "BOOKWORM". So, try again to nullify my life's work.
  • I've been down and stood in his well up to my waste and looked for hidden tunnels in the middle of July. Have you?

    By the way, I learned more from that guy in RoyalBlue's shared video than I have listening to anyone else. I like his teaching style and I can grasp that... whoever he is. He's honest, humble, open, and covers the basics before going on to show what cool stuff he can do. No cloak and dagger secret hold backs there.. which is the norm for most.
  • Funny. The only one here who seems to be extremely advanced in electricity/magnetism matters is the gentelman who writes in the Sound Rotational Dynamics thread. But he seems focused on his own research.

    @CONSTITiTION what is exactly the discovery Marlisnki made, and/or where can it be found? Furthermore Consti, can you share your opinion on the numbers 7129/6105195? Are they important? Do you think they represent words? Or...?
    More generally, where do you see the encoded/encrypted messages in ED's works?
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    Magnethead is a good description.

  • Notice the lower branch has many new growths, while the one above has very few and much smaller.

    Not sure if you can see it.
  • I'll upload the other video later showing the double ring. The movement of the paperclip Transfer's to a string line attached to a rock hanging in a tripod. Interesting the sound the tripod makes.

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