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Rock Gates And PHI or the Golden Mean



  • I am doing fact checks because the pic I used for the west iron door was in perspective. I found another pic and this is the result of the pentagon and how the internal circle isn't inscribed quite:

    So, I am going to ask a friend who is headed down there if he can give me exact measurements between center of 3 circles.
  • Here is also some HUGE finds involving the PHI and the King's stones. I have known since back in 2005 that the triangle of the chevron that is missing was cut out and put at the top of the Polaris Eyepiece. I just got around today to figuring out what sort of offset it has from East to West.. as it must be important I figure. I found very interestingly that it's the same distance as the square of the King's stone... 124".. so it completes the next 124" square next to the King's Stone. I've also known since then that the golden ratio is on these's stones.. at the bottom.. yet they slant towards the top for some reason and are smaller at top.

    But for the first time today, playing with the center of the golden spiral in the golden rectangles.. I found that this imaginary point connected by a horizontal line touches the peak of the eyepiece triangle. And if you extend 2 of the diagonals as shown above, it touches the peak of the Chevron above the King's Stone. It's all very beautiful and I can't believe I didn't figure it out long ago. The center of the King's stone hole is 62".. and I believe the eyepiece hole for the Polaris Telescope is that height as well. There clearly is a relationship here between the two holes and alignments.

  • This circle to the top of the chevron hole that was moved to the Polaris Eyepiece is centered on the King's Stone hole and seems to show why EDL cut the stones on the side pieces at an angle vertically. The stones at the top are meant to be at the tangent line of this great arc/circle. It MUST have some VERY important geometric significance I surmise. VERY IMPORTANT! Just have to figure out what it is.
  • Your drawing reminded me of this (notice how male & female are located in the center) - I guess that's the "centrum in trigono centri" from the book I mentioned in the other thread:

    About the iron door: why would ED write RING BELL in addition to RING TWICE on the plate on the side? What else would anyone do with the chord if not ring the bell? And also: why would Earth's circle be the same size as the SUN (5UN), and use sloppy typography? And why would he use an iron door when he was handling rock like wood?

    I think rather that the iron door has to do with a missing piece of the flywheel: when i first read RING BELL I took it quite literally and looked at the bell's ring which has 4 holes...and the clapper has a peculiar shape that just aligns with one of the holes. And I personally see the circle in the middle of the Sun as the Earth so as to signify that Earth moves across the sun, not around (because it's within the Sun master-vortex).

    So, also..if you draw the Earth's path on the CC end up in Ed's living quarters...where those numbers were engraved. So the 21 could rather be part of the numeric key for the cipher (if there's a cipher at all).
  • @royalblue
    The number 21 could be as Michael Kohler suggests..the 21st Greek letter PHI.
    It can also be Dec 21, March 21, June 21, and Sep 21. .. the general dates of the equinoxes and solstices. I believe that circle in the center of the sun.. isn't the sun. but rather the earth in front of the sun.. as if you were stepping back on another star or planet and zooming into the earth's analema path. .. and seeing the places where they align. The circle in the "SUN" I think is the 2 equinoxes.. one on front and back side of sun... and the other 2 are the summer and winter solstices.

    21 can also be AB in Hebrew for FATHER. These numbers are also 2 of the first 3 letters of the torah.. BRA.... 2,20, we might be needing to look for a missing resh or torah.. "the head". About your pic.... can you explain more.. as I'm not familiar at all with that geometry..other than the fact it's likely a golden traingle of 36,72,72 degrees.. which EDM likes to mention in his book.

    By the way, I noticed here in my pic there is 3 squares with a distance spacer identified by the slant of the sides of the outer stones. This reminds me greatly of EDL's copyright logo in ABIEH. 3 squares with 4 spacers.. totaling pi..when each square is 1 unit. Notice that the overall triangle I showed that has the apex at the peak of the chevron is constructed by connecting each side King stone diagonals... which mark the vortex points of the golden rectangle spirals. This large triangle is 63.6 degrees at apex with 58.3 at each base angle. The triangles that EDL has in his bowtie copyright are 53,63,63 rather than this one that is 63,58,58.

    Anyway, Gardener, can you explain the alchemy? I get lost with alchemical symbols.
  • About your pic.... can you explain more.. as I'm not familiar at all with that geometry..other than the fact it's likely a golden traingle of 36,72,72 degrees.. which EDM likes to mention in his book.

    The image is: Emblem XXI from the book "Atalanta Fugiens" (by M. Maier, 1618)

    I really don't have the key to it, I just posted it cause it seemed correlated. It's related to the Royal Arch symbolism, the Alchemical Door (ADM 10c hexagram stone), the Philosopher's stone, Seal of Solomon, and all that jazz. Phi & proportions...and always the same story: finding the isolated male & female energies and letting them water, presumably, from this book.
  • @royalblue - I'm also curious about everyone's view of astronomy (space, orbits, etc.)?
    @everyone else

    I was caught up trying to find a bunch of f-holes, how was it made? the triangular pieces for the bridge? Those f-holes confuse me.


    View on astronomy? Since we are on Atlanta Fugiens, Emblem 31
    Tropic 21 of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer 21
    The Red sea situated beneath the Tropic of Cancer, there are magnets in this sea, and therefore not safe for ships loaded with iron passing through. The ship would sink by the magnetic power. - talks about magnetic anomalies

    Eds door speaks of the shift of Magnetic Current based on the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer

  • One of the videos that Jehovajah posted showed the magnetosphere that always reminds me of the Egyptian Blood of ISIS Tet. It showed the positive and negative halves. So, it makes sense that when the sun moves above and below this dividing line between the two that the zodiac could be represented accordingly. The moon as well.
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