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The Geometry Behind "the darkness" and "the light"



  • This shows what I believe is ED Leedskalnin's geometry problem on bottom of page 5 and top of page 6.. Magnetic Current. It's his "a little northeast" statement. I show his problem on right.. in relationship to what I found in Hebrew Gematria. There really is NO ARGUMENT to be found here. All this stuff .. well.. it just is what it is. It's all pure facts. Now, whether any of it in real life acts as a valid model to any physics of light or SOUND.. I have no idea. I just present here what the mathematical values of the words are in the Torah.. and juxtapose to EDL's geometry problem.

    Side note:
    In EDL's pamphlet Magnetic Base Sound Base.. the section called "SOUND BASE" starts on line 106 and finishes on line 148. You see both these numbers in this diagram. Whether it is a coincidence I don't know. I just know that for some reason.. he centers that section in code with the word ECHAD in Hebrew.. 1,8,4.. in both directions... up and down.. and in Hebrew the word for VOICE or SOUND qowl.. .is 136. qaf, vav, lamed... 100,6,30. It's a bit interesting that in these 2 images, we have 106 and 130 for the radii of the circles.. and you can get both by adding either vav or lamed to the qaf. .. q
    qaf 100 + lamed 30 = 130
    qaf 100 + vav 6 = 106

    I'm not aware of any relationship of 106 to 130.. and I am also not aware of what the physical phenomenon of 130 miles is. However, my gut and experience tends to think it's related to the yin and yang lay lines on the earth. But I have no evidence of that yet.
  • Well.. the above geometry is not wasted by ED Leedskalnin himself.. and I can prove it. Anyone can prove it too .. as all they have to be able to do is count lines up to 333. That's it. Skip the page numbers.. and then don't skip the page numbers.. look at both results:

    I'm actually now in last couple of days can tie in all of it.. the heavens, the earth, the light, the darkness.. everything in the Torah and EDL's works.. I can tie into the diameter and semi-circle arc relationship. I'm starting to truly see the "cohesive message" that RL Poole says he can't find. And the beauty of this stuff is NO ONE can argue with it. It's simple math.
  • This "cohesive message" is not only found in EDL's written works as seen here.. but also in the design layout of his Rock Gate as well.. especially his altars.
    This shows the equator at page 11 with the various line number schemes starting from different places and some skipping page numbers and some not.

    I've highlighted the LIGHT numbers from the Hebrew language.. "light" = 207
    "the light" = 212.

    Now, below is the two page numbered lines between 13/14 and 8/9. What's the odds that the numbers would cleanly end between the pages and be divided by the page number lines?

    I've shown above in this thread that the 333 is the arc of the semi-circle and the 212 is the diameter.

  • This marks the same alignment of Altars on ED Leedskalnin's Rock Gate / Coral Castle South Wall: (shown in black are the locations of the altars).

  • The fact that there is 22 stones and that there is 7 stones or 7 pages in each "the darkness"... then this shows ancient pi.
  • Well.. the pic below shows the relationship of EDL's written works and his works in stone..and to simple math of counting stones.. and line numbers. It then ties into the Torah/Bible math/gematria of words involving things in ED Leedskalnin's plain written works.. like LIGHT..and COSMIC FORCE or DARKNESS and some that are not..... like EDEN. You find the whole thing is centered around 2 EDENS..or two halves of ONE EDEN.

    Let me ask.. for a cohesive message... does RL Poole's "discoveries" of astronomic alignment relate to anything other than a snapshot in time? Is it mentioned at all anywhere in his written works? Why didn't EDL carve the date in stone? Is it a secret? He carved many other things in his stone? Why take all the time to hide the date 9/7/1923? He carved "1940".. he carved "Moved 1936".. and many other things. It's a theory based on faulty logic and no evidence...VERY flawed all the way around... with a hollow conclusion that is meaningless.

    Yet, what I show below has great potential to mean a great deal and tie into MANY things. But, if past is indicator of future.. it will ALL go unread and uncommented. Poole says I am on here shooting in the DARK and hoping you all told me I hit a BULLS EYE. I feel it's the opposite. I feel like I'm hitting closer and closer to the BULLS EYE every post.. and NO ONE CARES! I'm not looking for a pat on the back here. I KNOW what I've got.. but I guess a tad bit of acknowledgement and appreciation some year down the road might be appreciated on my end. What I mainly want is someone else to take it, recognize it, and build upon it their own finds. That's all. But really have NO expectation of it EVER happening.

    You'll see above the same relationship in stone that he has in Magnetic Current lines and page numbers.
    Page numbers = STONES
    You will also see that the line between stone 10/11 (pole of PRIME EDEN) is the Sun Dial gnomon and the line between 15/16 (center of INDEX EDEN) is the Moondial GNOMON. The line between 19/20 is the Electric Generator that ALL the magnet heads obsess over..yet don't understand it fits at the (pole of INDEX EDEN).

    WHO ELSE anywhere SHOWS anything CLOSE to this!? NO ONE.. unless Marlinski hid it in his numbers. I have yet to determine that.
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    @CONSTiPATiON buddy ;-)), hey speaking about you or anyone know the (real) meaning of the word "HTWSSTKS" visible in the middle of this arc?

    You have superb lateral thinking so I thought to ask on your thread, and it's an arc so it seems pertinent :smile:
  • Dave, when EDM gives his confusing walk through edl's park, he's showing us that edl's code is a "walk in the park". I know his written code is coded in the park too. When going through the enigma machine, there is a point where I think I 'enter' through ed's rotating gate. Later in the code, ed says "come zzz, few make". And that's where I think I'm at ed's beds in the enigma/park "walk" ed is taking me through.
    Again, 2 methods, enigma and gematria, mirroring each other, or better to say, reconverging.
    Now that I think about it, your blue line over CC above the right side one, between 3 and 2, that line goes to the "half sphere" in edl's south wall, that edm talks about on page 28/29 and on page 85, on his "next map".
    He says "you would have to stoop forward, BOW or kneel in a position of atonement to see it"
    BOW, that's the bow, the half circle you found, with the 333 arc.
    "one that will make more sense when we reflect it's meaning onto his paper works"
    Read that sentence again, the apostrophe in "it's" doesn't belong, and clearly, on the other pages around it, edm uses "it is" more than he uses "it's". So not only is it used wrong, but IT is exactly what you found.
    That bow is an upside down U shape, and that chapter in edm starts with U.
    The next chapter is the chapter about the dollar bills, and the 2 U shapes U make when folding a dollar lengthwise.
    Perhaps edm does know what you found. The proper clues all seem to be there.
  • Also, note that Homestead on the FLORIDA TABLE is located between page or stone 13/14...which also is on the edge of one of "the darkness".

    Yeah, that huge indentation in the 3rd stone is near the middle of the 3rd stone and aligns due south of the south corner of the diagonal BBQ pit. You mentioned the blue line between 2nd and 3rd stones.. that is the beginning of the PRIME EDEN that goes from 3 to 10.. and index eden is 12 to 19.. notice these are the pages EDL numbers in MC.

    I marked the blue lines in edges and centers of the 2 edens. Take a look at those spans of stones on the north wall.. and imagine shifting them like toy blocks to the left... where the eyepiece 3 stones span right at 8 stones.. or 30 degrees of earth longitude. Then the 3 king's stone and the Mars Stone stones.. as another 8 stones.. I believe these are most likely representing the 2 edens. The King's stone is 124 inches squared... with a circle radius 62 inches in center of it... 124 inch diameter. Now.. something close to that distance is the span between the two smaller sections of the other 3 stones of the polaris eyepiece. And I also see that the distance on the SW corner by the ADM 10c sign .. the gap by the quarry in the wing wall is also 124 inches.

    So, you mention that half stone. .. that is actually Saturn. The Mars Stone on the corner is actually 1/4 stone... It's spherical on one side and cubic on the other basically. Oh... sorry... I called it the "MARS STONE"... now that Poole cracked it.. shouldn't we be calling it SPICA? lol
  • aRBy,
    I will look a bit at your arc letters. Obviously found the obvious covers stories:

    And I surely recognize this same pattern as the Freemasonic YHWH triangle:

    Right Worshipful Master strikes the keystone once. (•) "The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner."
    Ps. cxviii. 22.
    Right Worshipful Master strikes the keystone twice. (• •) Did ye never read in the Scriptures, "The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner"?
    Matt. xxi. 42.
    Right Worshipful Master strikes the keystone thrice. (• • •) And have you not read this Scripture, "The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner"?
    Mark xii. 10.
    Right Worshipful Master strikes the keystone four times. (• • • •) What is this, then, that is written, "The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner"? Luke xx. 17.

    It's obvious they put the keystone at the position of the Summer Solstice and count every one of the 12 month zodiac to the 20/21st of the month.. which makes great sense to me. My first instinct was that the "HWSK" represent the 4 directions in some language. Then it also came to my mind that it likely could also represent the 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes. The STST.....obviously reminds one of the compass rose..but also a NSNS or SNSN magnetic pattern.

    I will do some study if I can find a language that marks the solstices and equinoxes with words that start with those letters. I'm sure this much I've missed for what little time I've used to investigate thus far though. The pneumonic involving Hiram Abiff I think is just that.. a way to remember it... the calendar.
  • The inside of the arch is obviously the Hebrew Calendar:

    The Wisdom, Beauty, and Strength obviously reminded me of the Tree of Life in the Kaballah.
  • And the "STST" of the nw,ne,se,sw diagonals seem to point to the tetramorph found in the Book of Ezekiel:

    Bull = Taurus
    Lion = Leo
    Eagle = Scorpio
    Man/woman = Aquarius

    These are also marked on the Rosy Cross pentagrams as well for the Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • Dante,
    It just hit me today the joke that EDL could be using with his words that contain "Q, J, or U".. they all contain "U" except 2.



    Pretty good one.
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