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The Geometry Behind "the darkness" and "the light"

There is ONLY one argument to these geometric/gematric facts presented above... and that involves the fact that
PI is an irrational number.. the mainstay of mathematical debate for thousands of years. In other words.. the "333" is actually 333.00882128 and that is a number that extends to infinity without repeating. But for the mind that considers 22/7 to represent PI.. which is a difference of 0.001264489 compared to only 3.14159.. then this difference compared to 111x that number is pretty darn good in comparison.

Edward Leedskalnin's A Book In Every Home is 681 lines with the last line being "world.". If you stack a tetrahedron of triangular layers of stacked spheres.... you'd have a 15 layered stack with 680 spheres. If you continue 7 more layers you'd have 22 layers with 2024 spheres. This happens to be the total number of lines that all 5 of his published works contain.

Now, the Torah also shows that the "firmament" or raqiya divides "waters" "from waters" or 90,120... totaling 210. Now.. the sum of 1 to 20 is 210. The sum of 1 to 15 is 120. If a person counts the stones on ED's south wall from SE corner towards SW corner.. you see that there is an altar spanning the 15th and 16th stones..with a sculpture of eyeballs from seashells and a "spiral staircase" cut into the stones between the 15th and 16th stones. Now.. that may seem a total coincidence that the firmament is between 15 and 16. But then consider summing the first 15 primes you get 328.. or Choshek gematria.. "darkness".
1 2 1
2 1 2
3 3 3

We have a 1,5 play here somehow to the numbers that the Hebrew added as the prefix meaning "the".


  • Seems I'll have to create another website if I ever have hopes of finding someone who gives a damn. Lol
  • @CONSTITiTION I appreciate your research and I always read your speculations with interest as I admire people's ability to connect invisible dots, always.

    But at the same time I ask myself: what's the value of trying to decode any supposedly 'encrypted' messages in the booklets when the man himself discovered whatever it is that he discovered solely by looking at the sky and making experiments?

  • rb,
    Let me stand you up to look in your own mirror. If he just found something with looking into the skies and experiments.. then why didn't he just write it down like every other scientist does? Why aren't you looking at his experiment logs? Why did he leave only what we have for us? If you do the same as you think he did.. NO MATTER WHAT you find.. you will NEVER be able to say you found the same as he did... unless you can show somewhere somehow and prove that he in the very least said he found it. We know he claimed to find the secrets of the ancients and how to lift heavy stones with primitive tools. Even if you found something similar.. you can't say you found same thing he did.. can you? You HAVE to prove some way what he found, when he found it, and how he shared it... or hid it. for you to find it.

    If you found someone with a super power to lift stones with thought and nothing else. You can't say ED L did the same thing. If he didn't leave this sort of record in plain sight to read.. or in code.. then it is lost forever to link to him. EVERYTHING else someone attributes to him.. is projecting their finds on him.
  • rb,
    I personally find it odd that you come onto a site about Edward Leedskalnin and quote ancient egyptian hieroglyphics, but find it a waste of time to examine further the works of the man himself. Why didn't he preserve his experimental and astronomic finds in hieroglyphs? If he did, show me where. . ..and I dare you to show me a way to prove it's not your thoughts projected onto his lips.
  • How many different words are used? How many times is each word used?
    Are=1,different=1,each=1, How=2,is=1,many=2,times=1,used=2,word=1,words=1..I used nine words. Is "Word=word" NO ,"word><word". Myself I would first have the bot remove characters like periods and comma's. Maybe rewrite the file to break at every period. Then delimit by blank space " ", or reduce double space" " to a single space, then delimit. UBound the array+1, then as the bot reads each word, it adds to the list. If the word wasn't used already, if found on list then +1 on data of word key. I bet there is close to 8000 different words used. Maybe not.
  • Who knows.. maybe it's a coincidence..

    "And God saw the light that IT was good.."
    So.. in Hebrew.. "the light" is equal to "212".. and there is 212 lines below "it.." with the extra half-swatstika drawn in.

    If you look at the line numbers that EDL put his dots... and learn Hebrew gematria.. and how consecutive sums work.. you can start to maybe get an idea how EDL thinks.. as it's his works.. unless someone else drew in the dots after he died.
  • g11...
    I've got the database of all his works.. I've got it in txt format.. csv format, excel format.. divided by words, sentences, paragraphs, characters, and any other way you want it....forwards and backwards. Why I need to just start my own website again. Just haven't cause wasn't sure what year the copyright runs out...if and whomever thinks they own it. Should be soon... 2021 is 70 years after 1951 death. I could tell you how many times any character or word is in EDL's works .... in any particular work... the ones misspelled.. and the ones containing any particular letter... like "Q,J, or U".

    If you wonder the method in the madness of why those 3 letters.. it's very simple.
    Do a Caesar Cipher shift of ROCK GATE:

    +16.. of course


    anything larger than 26.. subtract 26 and wrap around the alphabet



    And HE SAW "212" that IT was "QJU"..........??.. maybe..a little... possibility?
    Anyone else see a flippin' theme emerging here at all?

    Take the first 3 caps of Magnetic Current.. "TFF".. now caesar cipher shift -1...
    "SEE".. now also look at "TFF".. as the last "F" paragraph is divided into 1 indented line and 5 lines........


    Ok... 20,6,1,5.............

    Now transliterate to the Hebrew alphabet..

    Resh, Vav, Alef, Heh..
    and read from left to the Hebrews do:

    He - OWR

    he = the
    owr = light

    "THE LIGHT".......

    But maybe you're right.. learn what EDL thought about by staring out at night in your telescope in your city back yard. Spin your magnet wheels. SEE what he tells you that way. I'm going this way myself. Used to the lonely paths. Only time I know I'm going the right way.

  • @CONSTiPATiON, I love the way you are confrontational with everyone (no idea why you hit @RLPoole that hard, lol :lol:) cause it means that you really believe in what you're doing. And I didn't mean to diss your work either, in fact I clearly stated that I like it. It's quite stimulating.

    Sorry for not explaining myself well, I'll have another try.

    See, I do have a multidisciplinary approach like you but do you know why I prefer to look at Hieroglyphs rather than Ed's writings? Because I know that Ed deliberately hid his knowledge. This piece of information, rather than being negligible, should be quite fundamental for everyone's research: it's what traces the line between 'observation' (what you would do by looking at the sky and making experiments) and another activity more akin to 'crime forensics'. In fact you'll surely agree with me on the fact that understanding the symbols of an unknown language and searching for an obfuscated/encoded message in an english text require two very different types of mental activity and disposition altogether.

    In other words - borrowing from RL Poole's discourse on 'shooting in the dark' - we all in our research have a "compass" that tells us whether or not we're shooting in the dark and how far in the dark we can shoot. Whenever I get too focused on Ed's writings my compass takes me away from them and reminds me that Leedskalnin was nothing but a semi-illiterate opinionated paranoid selfish little prick who never smiled, with obvious personality/ego problems -- sorry Ed if you're reading from somewhere, but this was long due. If all the real scientists of history hid their discoveries like he did we would be still hanging in the stone age (ironically enough, lol).

    I have a quick theory actually: the man could have acquired his knowledge with quiet observation practiced in loneliness, what is referred to by Yogis as Samyama. The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali clearly states: "Samyama on Polaris gives knowledge about the relative movements of the stars".

    Also, quite frankly, in India there are temples apparently built with Ed's same "technology" which make him look like less than amateur at his own precious discovery - just have a look at these if you haven't already:

    Hoysaleswara Temple:

    Vittala temple:

    I hope you understand what I meant now.
    Let's all collaborate more! :smile:

  • "Leedskalnin was nothing but a semi-illiterate opinionated paranoid selfish little prick who never smiled, with obvious personality/ego problems"

    And that is the false myth that history keeps perpetuating about who ed was.
    I can find written accounts to contradict all of those statements. Read other people's accounts of ed, he was a jovial man, who loved guests and children. He read everything in sight he could. His opinions, I presume you mean his opinions in ABIEH, are code. He wrote that AROUND the code of ABIEH. If it sounds opinionated, it's because he had to make sentences fit the 'skeleton' of the code, so he filled it with body. The more I feel like I understand ed, the more I feel all of what you said is wrong. That's what ed wanted people to think. He wasn't always honest. That, of course, is my opinion.
    Here, scroll to 18:24 into this video, and you'll see ed smile. There is very little film of ed, and in this one he happens to smile and chuckle. He also double takes the camera, which is suspicious looking to me. Anyone else find that suspicious? Kinda like he recognized the moment, and couldn't hide his reaction...

  • In 1934, Ed stated that he was an engineer. - newspaper
    You would think the current owners of Coral Castle would polish Eds reputation a bit better :)

    " He also double takes the camera, which is suspicious looking to me. Anyone else find that suspicious? Kinda like he recognized the moment, and couldn't hide his reaction "

    The smile he has was a trusting one. Flattery was present, and excitement.
  • " Do a Cesar Cipher shift of ROCK GATE:

    +16.. of course


    anything larger than 26.. subtract 26 and wrap around the alphabet


    HE SAW QJU "

    Interesting results, I wonder if QJU was a noun
  • What was the top three used 'words' ?
    How many different words were used?
    Dyslexia makes it easy for me to read right to left. I just don't understand Hebrew.
    "Lo dragon, angels worry"
    My Tom Riddle.
    My point is why do it the hard way. When automated scripts could do it a fraction of the time. '$A'=1 to 26. $ equals string. '#'s equal 'letters'..'$A'+16, if '$A'>26 then '$A'-26.
    You need a string compare to see if the number was already used. 16/26 will repeat before using 26 characters. This is where '$A' -/+1 then continue.

    Then to do the shift because computers don't see letters as numbers. In ASCII code 122-25 122 is z.
    Remember I've seen Ed's Light's. I still find it interesting that 11 volts at 800ma makes L.E.D's light when they come in contact with the iron. Actually just close and they will light off the electromagnetic.
    How many pages have the dots in the same place?
    Hold them to the light.

    Hanford Washington. Ed talks about mineral's.
    I do believe he left a message or two.
    Edward didn't live very long. Tesla did.

    Although silver can form both +1 and +2 cations, the +2 is so rare that we usually name Ag+ as silver ion, not silver(I) ion. Ag2+ is named silver(II) ion. We will assume that all of the metallic elements other than those mentioned above can have more than one charge, so their cation names will include a Roman numeral.

    $10&$100 have something in common.

    Neither were presidents. A $2 bill will float six quarters. If you add 2 cents it will sink. Take four boat's, they will make a baby (cub)e. If one side is folded to point the opposite direction. That pyramid is hard to crush, if it is fresh money.

    Interesting the effect when you increase distance between the mirrors.

    He saw qju.
    Quash Jew.

    reject or void, especially by legal procedure.
    "his conviction was quashed on appeal"
    synonyms: cancel, reverse, rescind, repeal, revoke, retract, countermand, withdraw, overturn, overrule, veto, annul, nullify, invalidate, negate, void; More
    put an end to; suppress.
    "a hospital executive quashed rumors that nursing staff will lose jobs"
    synonyms: put an end to, put a stop to, stamp out, crush, put down, check, curb, nip in the bud, squash, quell, subdue, suppress, extinguish, stifle; More

    a member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their origins through the ancient Hebrew people of Israel to Abraham
  • A non-ciphered non-rhyming poem I wrote special for my online friend:


    That's the only way you can have a hope at getting someone's true secret thoughts. I'm a poet and I know it.
  • HE SAW QJU "

    Interesting results, I wonder if QJU was a noun

    I'm so happy about the grail curve/f-hole/sphere breakthrough you provided me.. I'll elaborate on one answer I found for your question that I find interesting angle.

    If you take the Hebrew to English phonetic transliteration of QJU... similar to what EDL seems to do with "YHWH"..which numerically is really "JEFE"... then "QJU" is
    in Hebrew mirrored.. "UJQ"... 21,10,17.... shin, yod, phe...
    When you take the generic phonetic transliteration you get "SHEEP".

    Now, I followed up on that idea a bit and looked on the back of page 3.. which is page 4 in Magnetic Current and found possible references to the Arabic "GOAT".
    So, you see .. it's very possible in my mind that EDL was talking about separating the 1224 sheep from the 8000 goats. ... Now.. this is about the ONLY reference I've found thus far that seems to tie into the cipher code I broke from ED Marlinski about "BREAK SARAH" and "HAGAR START"... or vice versa.. as EDM puts the code of page XIV caps on page 15 and vice versa. The perrenial conflict of humankind seems to be at the epicenter of Abraham's two sons.. especially at times like this ..with the developments of Jerusalem Capitol.

    Don't get me wrong.. I don't think EDL was pro-Hebrew and anti-Muslim or vice versa. But I'm virtually ignorant on that subject. Now, if ED Marlinski had views .. I too am ignorant. I don't want to break a few ciphers and pretend I know a man's heart and works. I rather think EDL likely saw cause and effect and polarities in all things.. magnetic relationships... and maybe coded that in reference to the sheep and goats.. as the Bible did.

    Anyway, it's just an unfinished lead or thought I had. Your question jogged the memory.
  • Dante,
    It's weird as I read back over my last post.. I made a subconcious "error" that jogged a new idea. " I said "PHE" instead of "PEH". This reminded me instantly of EDL's "U.shape" and "U shap" clues on page 13 and 14. .. where I speculate that the 3 letters represented by the 3 periods between "U S A" is "E H P"... I wondered a bit at the time what that could be. I knew that EDL is a caesar cipher shift of "PHI"... but not familiar with "EHP" or "PHE". Then this reminded me it could also be "PEH"... this is the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. .. which is everywhere in EDL's works... and EDM's.

    There also is a similarity between "SHAPE", "SHAP", and "SHEEP".. .right? And I speculated that the words in Magnetic Current that contain a "Q, J, or U" are the "SHEEP" that need to be separated from the Goats. This "U SHAPE" could be a further indication of this. Thoughts?
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